Magento Certificated Developers for Hire

Experienced Magento professionals can validate their real-world skills by earning a Magento Certification. Magento Certification Exams are geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the competition with the ultimate Magento credential. Certification exams are available at 5000 locations worldwide.

ArrowHiTech has setup our business for over 7 years and we are lucky enough to deal with lots of customers coming from Europe, The US, Canada, Australia,… The experience we have gained absolutely is contributing to our reputation and service quality in the market.
We receive a large amount of website development requests every day. Most of them are requiring full website building while the others are in need of debugging and regular maintenance.
Thanks to the latter inquiry, we have unearthed a new service offering Developer for hire option, particularly dedicated for Magento senior developers. It is expected to satisfy the customers who need hourly-based service to amend or update their websites or any relevant tasks in Magento.

Our Magento developers’ skills
Our teams of Magento developers are all well-trained and qualified with Magento Developer Certification. They are experienced in implementing every Magento-related task consisting of easiest jobs and complicating ones, such as:

  • Magento theme designing & integration
  • Magento customization of existing functions or new functions
  • Magento extension development
  • Magento SEO implementation
  • Magento third party services integration
  • Magento Web services API integration
  • ……………

Our rate and payment terms
We commit to offering a reasonable hourly-rate from $US 12 to hire our magento developers. Owing to the flexible policy which allows customers to decide how much time they need our developers to spend on their tasks, the customers themselves can control the cost and time actively.
All you need is to select the proper developer(s) and reserve a certain amount of time in at least one or two days ahead. This will help us to arrange the schedule of our developers beforehand to prepare their availability for your reservation.
Moreover, you are required to pay 50% upfront when you book a slot and the rest will be finalized when the task is completed.

You are ready to hire our magento developers certified, please request us right now