Web Ecommerce Development

Why an online store is necessary
In this modern world, customers are becoming the centre of every business activity and all business results are for human benefits. For a trader, which determines you to set up an online store instead of (or beside) a physical shopping store? There are numerous advantages of owning a webshop that both the trader and customer can take and enjoy the convenience it brings about.

On the businessman’s side, an online store means:

  • Ability to promote your products globally and reach a wider market
  • Cost-saving on original set-ups and operation instead of a physical store
  • Services available to all customers 24/7 all year through
  • Instant support via Phone, Live chat, Fax for customer feedback, questions...
  • Time-saving on uploading, customizing products to best afford the customers
  • Convenient, quick and safe payment transaction and shipping process
  • Endeavor the customers to place online orders with minimum checkout steps
  • Control the quantity of products and stock products precisely at any time
  • Manage the customer list and understand the customer behaviour to prepare for next business strategy and propaganda
  • Review sales and sales report hourly/ daily/ weekly...
  • Positively start any Promotions, Deals without being interfered by unexpected conditions like bad weather, holidays...
  • Cost-effectively on advertising and marketing products
  • Opportunity to get more traffic and ROI on the site by improving SEO

What we do

Understanding the necessity of a webshop, our teams of talented developers, designers and testers are using most up-to-date technologies to deliver sophisticated internet applications and suitable e-commerce solutions with optimal cost/ performance ratio. What are most concerns about an online shop?

Mostly they are user-friendly frontend, coherent navigation and categories, fast checkout, secure payment and SEO. Our project manager will work closely with you from the beginning to realize them all and make sure the final result is satisfactory.

Moreover, since we had over 7 years exploiting e-commerce software, we have opportunity to approach to latest technologies and create our own extensions relying on realistic needs of our customers which we believe are tailor-made for your webshop.

Which technologies we suggest

E-commerce software

Magento commerce | Opencart | Drupal | Joomla | Virtuemart | Wordpress | OS commerce | Prestashop | TYPO3

Useful Ecommerce  Extensions and Themes