Vue UI framework: Top 15 best one for your Vue application projects

Vue, or Vue js is a popular Javascript library for a lot of front – end developers. How can Vue gain such a great reputation? The answer is that it’s extremely easy to learn and use. Thanks to its powerful components at the core of the Vue framework, you will be able to execute your ideas in a short time. Then, in this blog, we will deliver you our most effective Vue UI component libraries to create stunning UI development with Vue UI framework.

Most effective Vue UI component libraries

Bootstrap Vue

Vue ui framework

Bootstrap is a helpful and popular front – end framework in the world. It allows you to easily build responsive websites. Then, if you want to bring the power of Bootstrap to Vue, BootstrapVue might be the right option for you. 

BootstrapVue is one of the most popular Vue UI framework you should consider. It makes all Bootstrap elements like rows, columns and cards available as Vue components. With it, your front – end implementations will be a lot easier and productive. Moreover, if you’re used to working with Bootstrap, you will easily master Bootstrap Vue

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Vue Material Kit

Vue ui framework

Coming to Vue Material Kit – a powerful Vue UI framework. It can help reduce the amount of time for developing/ designing new sites or web apps. When it comes to Vue Material Kit, you might need to obtain basic knowledge of JavaScript, Vuejs and Vue Router. However, Vue Material Kit is quite easy to use.

Moreover, this Vue UI component library includes many powerful features for your Vue UI framework. For instance, 60 handcrafted components, 2 customized plugins and 3 example pages


Vue ui framework

Quasar can deliver you everything you need from a valid Vue UI framework. Therefore, you can accomplish a lot of tasks with merely Quasar. Moreover, Quasar follows the Material Design and supports all desktop and mobile browsers. Then, it can serve a wide range of customers. 


Vue ui framework

If you want to create clean, reusable UI components, then Vuetify will be a great option for you. Since this Vue UI framework works over Vue, it allows you to easily create the UI components you want. It also works with Vue’s Server Side Rendering (SSR)

The best thing about Vuetify is that it provides ready – made scaffolding for code. Those code will be in the form of pre – made vue – cli templates. For example, it includes UI guidelines for cards, shapes, interactions and so on. Thanks to this, you can get started quickly


Vue ui framework

Buefy is a lightweight Vue UI framework that combines with Bulma. In particular, Buefy is only less than 100KB. Moreover, if you’re used to Bulma or SASS, working with Buefy will be comfortable. Besides, this Vue UI framework provides a ready – made list of components. Then, working with Buefy, you can build a stunning application with minimal coding. What’s more, this framework is highly customizable. Thus, you can easily change the colors, sizes, etc as you want.

CoreUI Vue

Vue ui framework

CoreUI Vue is such a powerful Vue UI framework for building admin templates. Furthermore, CoreUI Vue is built with the latest frameworks and tools like Bootstrap, Vue.js and Sass. Besides, this Vue UI framework can deliver you more than 100 components for building dashboard and UI for administration. As a result, you will be able to create an admin template within a short time. This will save you a lot time for other tasks


Vue ui framework

Moving to Vuesax – a powerful Vue UI framework that claims to make your Vue app stand out. And this is not merely a claim. First, Vuesax provides good – looking and well – designed components for you to use for your projects. Secondly, it supports the latest tools for front – end development. For example, Sass, Typescript and a lot more. 

The best thing about Vuesax is that it’s independent of any strict design language. Hence, working with Vuesax, you will be able to create a distinct and unique design.


Element is not merely a Vue UI framework. In fact, it also has versions for React and Angular. When it comes to Element, keep in mind that most of the documents are in Chinese. However, non – Chinese users can still use Element since Spanish and English translations are available

The main downside of Element is that it’s not responsive. Therefore, Element highly focuses on desktop applications



If you’re looking for a powerful, high – quality Vue UI framework, iView will come in handy. It offers a wide range of useful and beautiful components. Besides, you’ll also get many ready – to – use components and features. For instance, login/ logout page, breadcrumb, tab navigation, etc.

Thanks to that, you can easily develop your applications, even when you start from scratch. 

Keen UI

Keen UI

Keen UI highly focuses on interactivity throughJavaScript instead of visual components. Also, Keen UI includes an easy – to – use API. As a result, in case you need to add interactive features to an existing application, Keen UI will be such a great option for you. 


Prime Vue

With the help of PrimeVue, you will be able to build complex and modern Vue Applications. Firstly, this Vue UI framework comes with a lot of useful components, such as tables or paginators. With these components, you can easily create interactive Vue applications. Secondly, PrimeVue’s components are built specifically for designing complex software applications. Therefore, users are able to build user interfaces for enterprise software with PrimeVue


Vue press

VuePress is a Vue – based, static site generator. This Vue UI framework creates pre – render static HTML pages using webpack. As a result, the process will be a lot faster. Thus, you can save a lot of time with VuePress

But VuePress can deliver you a lot more than that. For example, VuePress includes a lot of helpful features for your projects. For instance, it can automate your documentation process, or integrate into your existing application as well


Vue UI framework

This Vue UI framework allows you to create a slideshow within a web application. It provides a lot of themes, animations, widget and styles for you to choose. What’s more, you are able to customize those elements to fit your demands. However, Eagle.js’ documentation is minimal compared to other libraries. This is one of the biggest downsides of Eagle.js


Vue UI framework

Coming to AT – UI – a Vue UI framework that highly focuses on desktop applications. It provides flat UI components for your web applications. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are only 14 contributors and not much supporters when it comes to AT – UI

In conclusion

Above are our top 14 Vue UI components libraries for you to choose. Each one has its own pros and cons. Therefore, to choose the most suitable one for your applications, you must consider the current situations of your project. In case you need any further help, don’t hesitate to contact ArrowHitech

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