Top 10 outstanding open-source Swift libraries to make project successful

You are an iOS app developer. And you are looking for powerful language programming. So you should not miss Swift. Swift is the language programming of Apple. While Swift gets more developed, open-source Swift libraries are getting more diverse and expanding in number. Thus in this post, ArrowHiTech collected a list of the Top 10 outstanding open-source Swift libraries to make the project successful. They’ll make your codebase more stable and performant, allowing you to ship iOS projects faster. Based on our mobile development experience, we will review the most well-known and commonly used iOS libraries. All of which are available for free, on Github, under the MIT license. Let’s discover.

swift libraries

Alamofire swift libraries

Besides using iOS’ built-in class URLSession for server communication, various libraries have been written to make this work easier. Firstly, Alamofire is probably one of the most popular iOS libraries. This library is so well-known that whenever the topic of HTTP networking on iOS comes up, developers immediately think of Alamofire. This library offers Swift client-server connection methods. Therefore, these methods let you make async requests to a URL and receive their answers. It also has components such as Alamofire Network Activity Indicator and Alamofire Image.


Until now, SnapKit is the best Swift UI Layout Library. It enables iOS developers to dynamically change auto-layout constraints using elegant and short code. This module reduces the layout logic to a few lines of code. So it maintains readability and comprehension. Additionally, the large iOS community behind the open-source SnapKit project is also a positive. So SnapKit is the answer to the age-old question of whether to set up a UI via storyboards or programmatically. Because SnapKit allows you to mix both methods without having to worry about dirty or complicated code.


Worrying about code will be a thing of the past with SwiftLint. Because It’s a library to clean source code. These Swift libraries contain standards for syntax and best practice styles. As a result, you may use it to ensure that your Swift codebase maintains a high level of quality. Projects that follow a set of strict code style guidelines will be easier to maintain and expand.

Firebase swift libraries

If you want to create a client-server application, you must face two issues: front-end and back-end (also known as full-stack) development. Additionally, learning to develop back-end code (server) can be a difficult process for mobile programmers. And it may also waste a lot of time and productivity. Therefore, Firebase is an excellent alternative for backend support. Because it reduces backend coding time.

We use Firebase for a lot of our back-end functionalities. It not only cuts server expenses, but it also allows for real-time database manipulation. This library is used by all of the templates to connect to Firebase as the backend. Thus if you buy one of our app templates, you won’t have to worry about the backend code. Here are some examples of what you can do with the Firebase backend:

  • Authentication of Users (including Login with Facebook, Github or Google)
  • Database administration (Firestore)
  • Using Firebase Storage to store huge files (such as images and videos)
  • Firebase Messaging Push Notifications
  • Crash Reports and Analytics


Kingfisher is an open source Swift library that allows you to download images from URLs (over the network) and cache them in the device’s memory and disk. Additionally, any iOS app’s image caching is a critical performance feature. So by downloading images over the network only once, your mobile app becomes faster, more responsive. And uses less user data and saves your users money. With the special category API of UIImageView, this swift libraries may greatly improve UX. And also making it simple for you to take advantage of these sophisticated speed benefits.

Charts swift libraries

“Charts” is an open-source Swift package that allows you to visualize data. Because showing and comparing data in table or collection views is boring and limiting, these swift libraries are a fantastic alternative. As a result, charts will boost the efficiency and usability of your mobile app. Moreover, Apple has published a comprehensive Swift tutorial on how to use the Charts library. It includes all of the different sorts of charts you would require.


Using Core Data in Swift is a difficult task.  Core Data has a complicated API that comes at a significant cost to learn. Core Data should be avoided in  other data management systems. Switching from Core Data to Realm will give you a stronger persistent data management solution. For iOS app development, Realm aims to replace SQLite and CoreData. Additionally, Realm has numerous advantages over these older databases and storage systems, including ease of use, better query rates, and quicker and more intuitive data administration. Finally, Realm is getting increasingly popular as a result of its numerous benefits. these swift libraries are open source and have well-written references. So learning Realm for iOS developers is simple.

Vapor swift libraries

You don’t want to learn a new language. But you still want to learn backend programming. Don’t worry. Because Vapor will help you. Firstly, Vapor allows you to develop server-side backend programming in Swift. Secondly, Vapor has a simple syntax that any iOS developer may rapidly learn and practice. It provides you a feeling of familiarity because it is built on Swift and Xcode. The Vapor community is also quite upbeat and friendly. In addition, the Vapor community is incredibly positive and large. As a result, it is just a matter of time before it becomes popular. Furthermore, Vapor enables Vapor developers to maintain their APIs concise, readable, and compliant with Swift standards.


Functional Reactive Programming (also known as “ReactiveX” or “Rx”), It is utilized in a variety of languages and platforms, including RxSwift and RxCocoa. The main feature of this framework is that it allows us to continuously observe and listen to asynchronous actions in the form of event/data streams.

Additionally, the MVVM pattern is the current programming trend on iOS. The most significant distinction between MVVM and MVP is data binding. As a result, RxSwift is a good library to utilize for this (MVVM architecture).

RxCocoa is also a Cocoa API framework that is used on the OS platform. If you’ve ever used RxSwift, you’ve probably also used RxCocoa. They make an ideal couple.

Moya swift libraries

Moya is a library that covers network-related concerns in addition to Alamofire. Besides, Moya is an abstract class that sits at the top of the networking layer and is typically handled by programmers. Basically, connecting to APIs is faster with Moya, and with its extensions, such as RxSwift and ModelMapper, the difficult part is virtually over. Moya isn’t well-known among the developer community. So use it only if you’re sure what you’re doing.


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