30 creative and profitable tech startup ideas for entrepreneurs in 2021

Technology is strongly connected to our daily lives. With the right idea, this opens the door to potential success for tech startups. Why wouldn’t you? According to CompTIA, the economic output of the technology industry in 2019 was $1.8 trillion, accounting for more than 10% of the national economy. Furthermore, since 2007, the average successful startup  (via acquiring or Initial public offering) has been $242.9 million. Tech startup ideas often include defining issues and developing a creative, technological solution. So, if you want to make it big in the technology industry as an entrepreneur, you have to begin with solid tech startup ideas. That’s why ArrowHiTech have collected a list of 30 creative and profitable tech startup ideas for entrepreneurs in 2021. Thus, don’t miss it.

What exactly is a technology business?

tech startup ideas

Tech companies offer products and services that have applications in various industries. However, their main goal is on the research, development, and distribution of technological goods. This includes companies that manufacture electronics (such as Apple), develop software (such as Salesforce), and provide technology and services (such as Google). The best thing about the tech startup ideas is that they don’t require lots of overhead. Therefore, you can begin small and grow slowly. However, to get a successful business in the industry, you have to know some level of technical knowledge. If you don’t already have any, we recommend taking classes in coding basic training before you begin.

Here are some of the best tech business ideas, as well as some advice from tech entrepreneurs.

30 Tech startup ideas

tech startup ideas

Application Development

Apps are used for almost everything these days. Startups in app development create simplified versions of everyday tasks, entertaining pastimes, or solutions to significant problems. In case you have an idea for a one-of-a-kind app. So this may be the tech startup for you! However, in this competitive industry, it is critical to ensure that your idea has not already been developed. And there is a market for it. If you have any difficulties during development, don’t hesitate to use the best Application Development Services

Website Development

Website development is a growing tech startup. It is in high demand among businesses, bloggers, and others. The ability to create a well-designed, user-friendly website is the most important requirement for this tech startup. However, in order to launch a startup that will draw the attention of customers, you must concentrate on your competitive advantage. This could include unique templates, free advertising tools, or leading business features. Unique offerings make a big impression on customers. As a result, it makes choosing your services a no-brainer. The best Website Development Services are available to help you. 

Software Development

It includes creating, distributing, and retaining the programs that companies use often. With yearly profit of $238 billion and an annualized rate of 3.9%, there is no showing how much potential growth this sector has for an entrepreneur with unique tech startup ideas. ArrowHiTech Software Development Services are a good example for you to take a look at. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly expanding industry that offers numerous opportunities to tech entrepreneurs. According to Statista, this industry increased by 154% in 2019. This makes it an excellent tech sector to build a business. However, as AI companies grow and spread, your startup tech company must change the status quo. Therefore, you have to have unique offerings that set it apart. To create a sellable AI product, consider problems that businesses and individuals require solutions for, and then build an AI company to solve them.

Virtual Reality

The VR industry is rapidly expanding. In fact, the size is forecast to grow from $6.2 billion in 2019 to $16 billion in 2022. VR startups often have three categories: selling VR products, generating a VR experience, or other society startup models. To select the best VR concept for your startup company, you should evaluate interest in your area. After that, you also should identify any other VR companies in the area. Finally, you should select an idea that provides a one-of-a-kind VR experience.


Because the traditional stores close temporarily across the United States. So Ecommerce startups are getting more popular. The most successful tech startups will attract a specific market through visual sales techniques and stunning items. These items were chosen carefully based on their demographic. Therefore, you should start with identifying a market that isn’t oversaturated or an underserved demographic. Finally, get to work on creating a visual Ecommerce store to meet all customers’ shopping needs.


With 104 million People in the U.S. listening to podcasts in a month, this market has enormous potential. Podcasting necessitates a specialty topic, a charismatic host, and a market that will listen on a regular basis. With new podcasters appearing on a daily basis, the time to define yourself as an expert in your field is now.

Search Engine Optimization Services

People are in high demand for search engine optimization (SEO) services . Because they want to boost site traffic. Therefore, they can reach more customers. If you’re an SEO expert, you can turn your abilities into an entrepreneur. As a result, it  helps customers get the most out of their online platforms to gain profit. Moreover, you have to ensure that your methods can increase the customer’s site traffic.

Production of Video

Startups in video production have a long list of potential customers and projects to work on. From advertisements to website content, it is great if you have the skill and machinery to get the job done. Firstly, you should build  a portfolio in starting a successful production studio. Furthermore, your portfolio provides a good example for prospective clients to see your filming style and skills. To differentiate your video production tech startup from the competition, you must develop your own distinct filming and editing style.

Ebook Writing

Ebooks are a growing market for aspiring writers. Therefore, they can expand their readership and diversify their marketing strategies. With more people sitting at home, the demand for quickly available ebooks is greater than ever. In case, you have a talent for writing. So an ebook startup is a good way to spread your stories without incurring the costs of going to print.


Blogging allows you to share your interests with society. Moreover, it also allows you to monetize your preferences. The major requirements include writing skills, photography proficiency, and the visual appeal. Starting a blog is a great startup idea. However, to make this startup model your own, you should look for your niche and operate with it.

Influencer on Social Media

Thanks to personality and lifestyle, social media influencers can build a strong brand. Social media influencers build a strong brand that is centered on their personality and lifestyle. Being a successful social media influencer requires creating engaging and marketable content. Moreover, you should maintain a relationship with brands, followers, as well as other influencers. Because this industry has lots of ambitious influencers. So you need to concentrate your efforts on developing a distinct, attractive brand 

Technology Consulting

There are several kinds of tech consulting startups. Firstly, you should determine what services your company will provide. For example, your company could provide consulting services to companies seeking Outsourcing Software Development. More importantly, your tech consulting startup should be built based on your skill set and the level of demand for your specific services. Don’t miss the opportunity for tech consulting startup with the best software consulting services

Cloud Technology

The world of cloud technology is quickly expanding to meet the increasing demand for people to work from home. To start up a cloud technology business, you must first acquire hardware (a server) and software (a hosting control panel). Furthermore, it is critical to spend resources to promote your business. Therefore, you can attract new customers. After that, you have to gain trust by ensuring protecting and storing their valuable data.


Entrepreneurs that specialize in chatbot development offer a service to businesses looking to implement a digital point of contact for customers exploring their website. Therefore, it can help companies save money on the workforce. Chatbots help to answer questions and direct clients to the products or services they are looking for. With this industry rapidly expanding, it’s critical for your startup to stand out. Thus, you can offer an effective, best product as well as special features on the chat window to accomplish this.

Drone Industry

The drone sector provides numerous opportunities for tech startups. You can offer some  services like drone photography or video production. Besides that, you also can produce and sell your own drones. In case you have all your skill set, capital investment, and requirement, so this is the right drone startup for you

Job Board on the Internet

People are increasingly searching the web to find work or to post job vacancies. Therefore, this is a good choice for you to get revenue.  You can develop  a platform that streamlines the hiring and job search processes for all parties involved. You can create a job board for a particular sector. Besides that, you also can modify the traditional hiring process with new. Finally, you have to have creative ideas to set yourself apart from the competition.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality creates both recreational and functional. Therefore, it allows users to virtually alter their surroundings. Firstly, you should conduct market research on existing AR products. Because this will assist you in developing a product that can be used in inventive ways. For example, because AR is a useful tool, think of a widespread issue that could be solved or assisted by this technology, and run with it.

Video Games

In 2018, there was around $43 billion pay for video games. Therefore, we can say that there are a lot of video game fans in this market. For that reason  you must create a game which combines popular gaming methods and unique content. This will take your game to the next level. In case you lack the necessary skills to create your game. So you can work with an experienced game developer. They will share your vision.

Smart Equipment

When it comes to smart accessories startups, user experience is everything. Firstly, you have to define a common problem. Therefore, creating the accessory could solve that problem to improve a device’s user experience. Next, you have to create a working model and test its usability. After you’re pleased with the results of your smart accessories, your startup is ready to launch.

Platform for Social Media

Nowadays, people are seeking fresh social media platforms to connect with many people. Therefore, this moment is an excellent time to launch your own social media platform. Firstly, you have to identify  individuals, groups that are being ignored by current platforms or kinds of social media activities that are lacking. For example, Instagram is the pioneer in the use of photo sharing. Moreover, it also creates a user-friendly and enjoyable platform.


Unlike the above tech startup ideas, if you don’t have experience or a network of experienced engineers, it is difficult to start up with a Robotics Company. However, in case you have all of them. So it is easier to do that. Therefore, you have to start by designing products that meet the requirements and expectations of your customer. In order to do it, you have to evaluate the common problems which this type of technology can fix.


Nowadays, we depend on technology to complete lots of important responsibilities in our lives. Everything we have to do is available on the internet like banking. That is the reason why cybersecurity entrepreneurs are both necessary and profitable. However, to start  a successful cybersecurity company, you have to build trust with the customers. You should show them how your company does to keep their private information. Besides that, you also give them a reason to choose you instead of your competitors.


Among the sea of tech startup ideas, this is the great idea you should not miss. Telecommunications includes a wide range of startup ideas, including mobile networks, home security, and tv networks. The kind of telecommunications start-up depends on your level of experience and the demand of the market. For example, in case you want to start a  home safety telecommunications company. So you have to build the trust of homeowners and offer them features that they cannot get anywhere.

Telehealth Service

During the Covid19 Pandemic, this is one of the perfect tech startup ideas. However, A successful telehealth service requires the highest possible level of cybersecurity, a simple platform. Besides that, communication technologies which enable healthcare and patients to communicate without stress are also necessary. 

Self-Driving Vehicles

Previously, the idea of self-driving automobiles was limited to fictional books and films. However, today, autonomous cars are making an impact in our daily lives. Several cities are working to integrate this technology into their public transportation systems. Therefore, if you want to start with this tech idea, you need to have previous experience. However, if you have the necessary skills, this tech idea also has potential for profitable and rapid development.

Financial technology (fintech)

Fintech are useful tools for people who need help managing money or making investments. Fintech startups create technologies that make financial management simple and accessible to everyone. This startup has a lot of promise for entrepreneurs with a creative idea for making finances and investing more accessible. Popular examples of fintech startups include apps. These apps hold users accountable for meeting their financial goals or successfully investing in stocks.

Smart Home Technology

Because customers search for tools to simplify their lives at home, the popularity of smart home technology is growing. A smart home technology entrepreneur can offer devices that help everything easier than ever before. To succeed in this sector, you should create an idea that is extremely simple to implement without sacrificing the innovation. This will catch your customer’s attention.

Service for Streaming

With 62% of people in the United States subscribing to streaming services, streaming services are attracting large numbers of subscribers. Therefore, you can earn profit by launching your own streaming service. If you are a skilled director of a specific musical genre, film, or other media, launching a streaming service startup focused on a niche market can be a great way. This will be the perfect way to attract more people.

Online Courses

All you need to start an online courses business is a special skill and a desire to teach it to others. Do you speak a foreign language? Do you have any experience with social media marketing? Are you a skillful photographer? If you have extensive knowledge in a particular field or an outstanding skill set, starting an online course is an excellent way to put your skills to use. Make it your own by creating unique courses of study. With assignments and objectives, you can keep your students engaged.

To sum up with Tech startup ideas

Every year, there are more and more tech startup ideas. It is great to stay ahead of the game and capitalize on new opportunities. However, it is not easy to start a business. We know that. Therefore, ArrowHiTech recommend you the best services to help you in all your tech business. For any questions, let us know at CONTACT FORM. Our experts will reply to you as soon as possible. Don’t miss any opportunities for your success.