How to find the agile offshore development teams and manage them effectively

According to figures from Statista, the IT outsourcing business will be worth $413.7 billion by the end of 2021. It’s no surprise, because in recent years, an increasing number of businesses have expressed interest in offshore development service. For more details, offshore development services are typically done in nations with substantially cheaper labor costs than the country receiving the services. As a result, it brings immense profitability for the IT industry. However, as you can see, managing a large offshore development team from thousands of kilometers away is extremely difficult. Hence, in this article, ArrowHiTech will let you know the best method to find the agile offshore development teams and manage them effectively. Let’s explore right now! 

Importance of Offshore development team 

Outsourcing has emerged as a viable option for businesses that have already faced a talent shortage and wish to improve their business performance.

According to the study of McKinsey, over 87 percent of companies have dealt with or will deal with this issue in the next few years. Thus, this is the ideal time for an offshore team of skilled developers to offer their services to a variety of businesses.

Best of all, both sides will gain a lot of benefit. For more details, the offshore development team will have new ground to work on while the companies will be able to hire excellent individuals at a lower cost.

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Challenges companies can face when hiring offshore development team

Before choosing to cooperate with any offshore software development team, you should consider a few things. As a result, you can prepare for a variety of obstacles and find profitable solutions to any problem.

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  • There is a big difference in terms of geographical distance and time zone. Hence, in many cases, you may fail to manage the offshore team.
  • Language differences pose a huge barrier. As you know, without proper communication, it will cause a lot of difficulties to construct an effective workflow.  
  • Keeping track of the offshore development team and keeping them up to date on the newest strategy revisions is a quite difficult task. 

In fact, all of these challenges have the potential to affect the entire company’s workflow. Thus, this is the reason why you must come up with the best method to better manage the process and maximize productivity of each employee. 

How to find the agile offshore development teams

Make the most of an development team in an agile environment

Agile methodology is already widely utilized as a practical and efficient framework for software development. Simply speaking, it enables teams to deliver value to consumers more quickly. The Agile Manifesto, which was published in 2001, has four basic ideals. And, 12 key Agile Methodology principles that serve as a guide for teams. The flexibility to adapt and adjust at any point in the process, depending on market conditions and input, is one of the key advantages of this methodology. 

By offering a clear structure that supports iterative development, team cooperation. And, an emphasis on quality and efficiency, the agile method assists development teams in discovering new ways of producing software products. 

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#1. Define the product vision statement

Firstly, you must calculate the volume of all jobs that must be accomplished by a specific deadline before beginning work on the project with a dispersed development team. This step aids in the development of a comprehensive work plan, also known as the Scope of Work (SOW). Plus, it also presents a complete image of the project to the team. Moreover, the milestones, reports, and timetable for all deliverables that the team is required to provide should be included in the SOW. 

Besides, the project can be separated into many components and specific sets of activities based on the scope of work. Later, it will be utilized to schedule product iterations. In fact, this allows for more flexibility in product development. Not only that, it is easier to adjust work priorities in response to user feedback and other external considerations. 

#2. Generate a clear product roadmap

To establish a product development roadmap, you should divide all of the scope of work by time intervals after creating the main tasks list. The product roadmap is a high-level overview of the requirements that must be met in order to realize the product vision. Alternatively, you must remember that a product roadmap is a flexible tool. Thus, timelines and functionality may change based on the development process’s speed, user requirements, and other external factors. Moreover, its main purpose is to produce a clear picture of the product development process that all members of the offshore development team can access.

Additionally, the development process is divided into small iterations known as sprints. They are in charge of keeping track of progress and quickly making adjustments to the product roadmap’s direction. Furthermore, the team develops a task list with descriptions and time estimates for sprint planning.

#3. Conduct regular demos

Demo is a presentation of the teamwork’s intermediate product. And, it is usually held at the end of each iteration. Demo was created with the primary goal of demonstrating what the team accomplished during the sprint. Not only that, it also determines whether the team’s performance fulfills the desired standards. What’s more, the product owner or project manager should provide constructive input to the team during demos and ensure that it is documented. 

Most crucially, you must review the previous iteration, identify great and poor aspects, and come up with solutions for them. Because every member of the software development team is actively involved in the demonstration. Hence, there is a constant degree of collaboration between all parties, which is especially vital for dispersed teams. 

#4. Make an investment in collaboration software

In fact, Offshore development teams benefit greatly from collaboration technology. Trello, Slack, and JIRA are several tools that enable agile development teams to make collaboration simple and transparent. These technologies don’t replace sitting in a room together. However, they can assist keep the entire team on the same page, despite variances in locations and time zones. So, this is the main reason why they’re so important for managing offshore teams. 

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#5. Sync up team members by using agile team meetings 

For agile development teams that share work across time zones, a daily standup, a fast 15-minute get-together, is an excellent example. Besides, the purpose of daily standups is to convey the day’s goals, set agendas, and talk about any issues that have emerged. Best of all, regular short meetings like these could be a simple but efficient method to keep the distributed agile team in sync. 

#6. Don’t forget to always communicate with clients to develop products 

Put asynchronous communication a top priority

The necessity of communication between the people and teams involved in software development is one of the key pillars of the agile development team. However, because distributed agile teams operate primarily remotely and team members do not share an office, communication becomes substantially more difficult. 

For distant development teams, asynchronous communication is a must. Besides, the time zone difference is one of the most significant issues that impedes team communication. Plus, when a team is dispersed throughout the globe and in different time zones, the majority of management issues can be solved by improving team communication. The following are some of the best communication methods for agile offshore development teams:

  • For addressing issues in a timely manner, all team members must be ready to speak with one another. 
  • All team members should actively communicate as openly and enthusiastically as possible.
  • Besides, all choices must be documented and shared.
  • To promote clarity and avoid misconceptions, you should create a single vocabulary to smooth the communication context. 
  • Plus, regularly convening short status meetings for the entire team improves collaboration and coordination. 
  • When dealing with time zone issues, it’s critical to keep call and video conference times as constant as feasible.  

Effective communication tools

Generally, successful agile teams usually employ five main communication tools like below:

  • First and foremost is team chats as well as instant messaging tools. They enable team members to discuss projects and problems on a regular basis, schedule meetings, and more.
  • To organize all tasks and outline the work process for them, you should utilize project management software such as JIRA. More critically, you should establish a single project environment in which all tasks are centrally kept and accessible to all team members. 
  • Moreover, wikis will be used to store common information. For instance, design guidelines, instructions, and progress notes, as well as anything else that has to be written down for the team’s reference. 
  • Furthermore, for distributing reports and other formal project documentation, Email is the best choice. Not only that, you can also use it to share choices with everyone who needs to know. 
  • Additionally, with long discussions, such as strategic planning sessions, it is necessary to use voice and video calls.
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Establish a dependable development environment

When working with offshore development teams, having a designated product lead with the autonomy and accountability to make decisions and accept responsibility for the overall results is quite essential. The person who should be in charge of this duty can be a CTO, a project manager, or a product owner. Moreover, the work necessary to achieve high-performing offshore development teams can be summarized in following three simple steps:

Build trust amongst teams in a remote work environment 

An workplace that supports autonomy, trust, and flexibility is ideal for agile offshore development teams. In an offshore team, project involvement is critical. If employees do not see their contribution to the overall project’s success, the team’s potential is diminished. In fact, teams that are merely told to “code up” have substantially lower motivation and participation. Hence, to obtain a high level of involvement in the project, it is critical to make the offshore team feel like a partner. At the same time, assist team members in understanding the business context, and generate more benefits. 

Reduce trouble in setting up the development environment

In fact, there is no common development practice that allows for successful cross-time zone and cross-location collaboration. The only method to determine the most appropriate set of processes and tools for a given project and team is to minimize the friction in setting up the development environment. Processes and tools are used more heavily by distributed teams. Plus, the project lead should provide direction and leadership to the team. And, they must guarantee that the team has the tools they need to execute their best work and focus on delivering value to clients and the company. 

Generate a set of guidelines for productive work

Offshore software development teams should have a comprehensive understanding of the best work practices and standards they will use. The team lead is responsible for maintaining high standards and ensuring that team members understand all expectations and instructions. In particular, you should establish goals, priorities, and milestones when managing offshore development teams, and to document them.

Smart tips to manage Offshore software development team efficiently

#1. Consider the core knowledge of project

Employee onboarding is one of the most important factors to which any organization should pay close attention. Because it can have a significant impact on your new workers’ work performance. In reality, you can arrange the procedures more effectively and get the work done much better if you share all of the crucial project knowledge with your team members. Besides, you may also establish a database for each project that you can share with your software engineers. As a result, the offshore development team will find it much easier to get started on the new project and keep it running smoothly. 

How to find the agile teams

#2. Generate clear communication

Of course, fluent communication with your offshore development team plays a vital part to the success of your project. The language barrier, on the other hand, can make it difficult to present duties to your employees, especially those who aren’t fluent in your mother tongue. Hence, you need to take advantage of specific technologies such as Outlook emails, Skype, or Zoom, etc to provide clear communication between company members. For interacting with your developers and requesting clarification where verbal communication has been ambiguous, that is really the quickest and most efficient approach. As a result, it helps you to simply track progress and alert the offshore software development team to any major difficulties. 

What’s more, you also need to schedule regular meetings for Q&A sessions during the project’s completion. Thanks to this tip, you can significantly increase workflow performance. Hence, resulting in completing a project much faster with a higher standard. 

#3. Enhancing working conditions

Every business has dealt with the issue of skill gaps at some point during their operations. When you lead a team that is continually reconfigured, this issue becomes much more apparent. As you lose a lot of time, resources, and investments on employee onboarding and orientation. As a result, businesses have discovered how difficult it is to locate qualified and skilled employees, as well as the importance of retaining them. Plus, you can prepare a professional offshore development team by enhancing working circumstances and providing professional growth, training opportunities, and fair compensation. In particular, don’t forget to create a unique impression for your organization in the eyes of new brilliant employees. Plus, work to establish trusting, loyal, and healthy communication amongst teams, which is essential for a successful collaboration. 

#4. Take advantage of defined tools for work

The most typical issue faced by offshore development teams is that remote software developers find it hard to comprehend the project’s key concept and solutions. The disparity in development environments between teams is considered as one of the key causes for this issue. As a result, you may experience poor software quality, late bug detection, and a list of fundamental integration concerns. Hence, all remote developers should utilize the defined tools for software development, control, and improvement.

This will assist you not only in ensuring that all critical processes are completed in accordance with the project plan, but also in efficiently managing an offshore development team. 

In conclusion

Above is the beneficial guide you should know to seek the agile offshore development teams and manage them efficiently. If you have any questions about this article, don’t hesitate to fill out our CONTACT FORM with your details. With lots of seasoned experience in Offshore development center service, we will never let you down.