Android app development company: Things you must consider to hire the best company

Two most popular mobile operating systems these days are Android and iOS. According to, over 2.3 billion smartphones are using Android, and this number is likely to grow even more. Therefore, creating an Android app is such a great way to reach more customers. However, Android app development requires a lot of skills, knowledge and experience. Thus, to get the best result, we highly recommend hiring a professional Android app development company. In this blog, we will thoroughly explain why you should, and deliver you the top best companies to choose.

Some key factors while choosing an Android app development company

Although hiring Android app development companies can bring you a lot of benefits, it’s not easy to find a suitable one for your business. In fact, there are hundreds of app development companies out there for you to choose. Therefore, to find the most suitable one for your business, you must consider the current situations, needs and expectations of your business. As that said, here are some useful tips when it comes to choosing the best Android app development company

The expectations and requirements of your apps

android app development company
You must know what you expect from your app first

This is the initial step of choosing the Android app development company. You must know what you need and expect from your apps. Then, you should choose the company based on your needs. In fact, there are no perfect app development companies, only the most suitable ones. Therefore, even when you hire top ranking Android app development company, you might not get what you expect

In particular, different companies can deliver you different results. If your app is complex and hard to handle, a young and inexperienced company might not be the ideal option. 

Assess their knowledge and expertise

android app development company
Evaluate the company’s expertise

Needless to say, the company’s knowledge and expertise are important factors. You can’t place your projects into the hand of inexperienced developers. Therefore, spend some time looking through their portfolio. Some companies update their portfolio on their website. On the other hand, with some companies, you need to contact them to get the detailed portfolio. However, going over their portfolio is a must. From the portfolio, you’ll know how they handle requirements. Also, it’s a great source to know their working styles as well. 

Moreover, you can go beyond their portfolio. For example, you can acknowledge their design workflow to see if they fit you or not. 

Consider their experience

Professional Android app development companies should be experienced and skillful. Then, they won’t be playing around with trials and errors. Instead, they will deliver the best performance in required time. As a result, you can save a lot of time and cost when working with an experienced Android app development company.

But how can you assess their experience? There are many ways for you to do this. Besides the portfolio, you can consider the length of their company as well

One thing to keep in mind is that you will work directly with the developers, not the company. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess the experience of the developers, not the total company. 

Strategic planning

android app development company

Comprehensive workflow design is crucial when it comes to app development. Therefore, when choosing an Android app development company, you must look at their strategic planning. You can contact them, describe your expectations to them. After that, see how they outline their plan and strategy to fulfil those requirements. Make sure their plan fits you. THis will greatly help you avoid misunderstanding and delay during the projects

Communication Channel

android app development company
The company should have many communication channels

Clear communication channel is another crucial factor when choosing an Android app development company. Make sure the company has clear contact information. Moreover, customers can easily contact them through many means of communications such as email, hotline or contact form. 

Ideally, you should choose a 24/7 available company. Problems and issues can happen anytime. Moreover, what if you want to inform them of changes, adjustment, etc. If you choose an around-the-clock Android app development company, all you need is to call them.

Developmental Approach

There is no one – size – fits – all developmental approach for Android development. Different projects require different approaches and strategies. Moreover, thousands of apps are released in Google Play every day. Therefore, to compete with those, your apps must be good-looking, features rich and powerful. As that said, your chosen Android app development company should offer customized development model that fit with the unique requirements of the project

Customer support

Dedicated Android app development company will not only help you during the projects, but after that as well. In particular, they will help you with updates, maintenance or expansion of your app.  


android app development company

Cost might be one of the main concerns for many companies. Of course, you’ll get what you pay for. However, you don’t want to go bankrupt due to Android app development. Then, you can contact and negotiate the cost with the company. Also, make sure all costs are transparent. Otherwise, you might end up with surprising fees afterward

Top app development agencies for you to choose



The first Android app development company we want to mention is ArrowHitech. ArrowHitech is the leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam. Founded in 2007, ArrowHitech has more than 13 years of experience in working with many projects, including Android app development.

What’s more, we have worked on many projects on different markets. Therefore, we have gained a lot of invaluable and hands-on experience from all those projects. ArrowHitech confidently can deliver you the best Android app development. Besides Android app development, we can deliver you a wide range of services. For example, app development, eCommerce consulting to maintenance. Simply contact us, describe your expectations, and you’re ready to go.

Since we have worked on different projects in different markets, we gain deep understanding in many industries and markets. As a result, we can deliver you some helpful advice for your app development projects. Then, working with us, you will receive more than you expect.

Best of all, ArrowHitech always keeps up with the latest trends, in both technology and eCommerce. Moreover, our developers can quickly adapt to new and modern changes and technology. Thus, working with ArrowHitech, you’ll never be out-of-date. If you need to contact ArrowHitech, you can do that anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 all-year-through. Then, simply contact us through any means of communication, and tell us what you need. Contact at here

Michigan Software Labs

Michigan Software Labs

Next Android app development company in your list is Michigan Software Labs. The company has more than 10 years of experience working with different projects, including app development. This company confidently promises to transform your concepts into business ready software solutions. Instead of spreading its focus on many services, Michigan Software Labs mainly focuses on mobile app development, web development and UI/ UX design. 

Droids on Roids

Droids on Roids

Looking for an Android app development company that focuses specifically on developing Mobile App? Then you must take a look at Droids on Roids. 90% of their services are Mobile App development, and half of it is Android app development. As a result, they are highly experienced and skillful. Surely, they can grant you the best performance



nomtek offers a wide range of services, from mobile app development to AR/ VR development. However, Mobile app development is still their main service, accounting up to 60% of their work. Also, the company has more than 11 years of experience. Thus, they can develop your Android app effectively

Chili Labs

Chili Labs is the highest – rated Android app development company on Clutch with 5/5 stars. And there are many reasons for its great reputation. First of all, they promise to deliver extraordinary and stunning app development. Moreover, besides mobile app development, they offer consultancy and strategy. Then, if you need some business advice from experts, Chili Labs might be an ideal option



AppUnite is able to serve many types of business, from startups to enterprise. After nearly a decade of constant development, they have gained a lot of hands – on experience in mobile app development. The best thing about this Android app development company is its availability and remote efficiency. In particular, you can easily contact them via any means of communication, from mobile phones, email to contact form. Moreover, they are always aware of the project status without any onsite meeting.