Android apps development: Proven reasons to choose for your business

We are in the age of smart technology, and mobile app development becomes a lucrative venture. But for anyone who want to venture into mobile app development, the first and very crucial question is what platform should be targeted first. Among the multiple platforms available for mobile app development, there is an overwhelming acceptance for Android over iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. And the reason is not far-fetched. Below are proven reasons to choose Android apps development.

Open source – signature of Android apps development

This is one of the most significant edges Android has over other platforms. The open source nature of Android makes it easily accessible by mobile phone manufacturers. Moreover, the cost for Android is free and can be used by any phone manufacturer. This makes the market for Android devices the largest in the world, surpassing that for iOS, Blackberry and Windows put together. According to one statistics, more than 80% of smartphones produced in the world run on Android. This creates a tremendous market for any Android app developer and makes the niche very lucrative.

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The use of Java Programming Language for Android apps development makes it easy for native Android apps ported to other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS. In fact, Microsoft has announced that it will create an easy method for Android apps to port to Windows 10 devices.

Easily accessed

Another reason for the success of the Android operating system is its accessibility. Android development is easy to achieve by any programmer who has knowledge of Java and the Android SDK tool. Moreover, the Android SDK tool is free and can be accessed quite easily. It has the potential and capacity to create a some of the most innovative mobile apps.

Huge marketplace

Yet another reason to consider Android apps development over other platforms is the availability of marketplace. To clarify, Google Play Store is the biggest marketplace for mobile apps. There are millions of downloads happening at the store every single day.


Despite the advantage of the huge marketplace, Android has an added advantage of being able to install from any other source aside from the marketplace. It is easy and possible to test the apps and use on multiple devices. The SDK tool is what makes this possible. We can install the apps on the device directly or via the command line.

Lower entry barrier

Compared to its closest rival, iOS, Android development has a much lower entry barrier. Also, Android app development can be done on Linux, Mac or Windows operating system. The entry barrier for Android development is much lower and the approval process is much simpler.

To develop for iOS, app developers must use a Mac. Also, cost to register as a developer on the App store developers is 99$ yearly.

Job prospects – Get more with Android apps development

There are tremendous job opportunities available for app developers at Android app development. One of the reasons for this is that Android is developed in Java. Having knowledge of Java puts you in a good position to go into other fields such as programming and web design. You can choose to work as a data analyst or as a system admin in app development companies. Once you master Android apps development, you can develop applications for other OS.

Aside from that, learning app development allows you to choose to work either as a freelancer or as part of app development companies.


The general belief is that iPhones are made for the rich, hence iPhone users will be more likely to spend more on apps as compared to Android users. This may be true in the past, but the status quo is fast changing. In recent ties, they find Android apps more profitable.

Also, many apps come with ads mode. It means that as long as the ads are shown to users, the developer gets paid. Moreover, advertising cost is lower on Android. So more users see advertisement on Android devices than on iOS devices for the same amount.

Penetration of different devices

Android has found a way to ubiquitous. Everywhere you turn, you find a device running on the Android operating system, from Smart TVs to Tablets, from Cameras to Video game players, from Smart Watches to Car systems. You will find Android on drones, smartphones, media players and car DVD players. So, the number of devices running on Android is staggering.

What does this mean for developers? The answer is opportunities. These different devices offer unique opportunities. Users of these different devices expect peculiar experiences and will have expectations different from smartphone users. In addition, Android app developers can develop applications for each type of customer segment. This helps to widen their base and increase their revenue by several folds.

Social apps – Android apps development does it well

Android is highly optimized for social apps. And it is really growing. App developers can maximize their revenue by going social. Due to the ease of integration with a wide range of social networks, business owners and developers who have the interest in going social prefer Android.

To Sum Up With Android Apps Development

The reasons to choose Android are manifold. And each of them holds some serious merit. Android is often the right decision for startups and emerging companies, but it is fully capable of supporting major companies and their global app creation aims.

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