Android studio: Simple understanding and how to install Flutter with it

android studio

In this world full of technology advancement, Android is a very common term now. With 2.5 billion active Android phone users and 2.8 million apps available on Google Store, Android surely is the biggest name in the industry. Yet, do you know how to create Android apps? Simple, just use Android Studio! 

This article will cover the 3 key questions: what, why and how to use it. Our committed team from ArrowHiTech hopes that you will read till the end to get a full grip of today’s topic!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Android Studio?

First, let’s review the basic Android info. It is an operating system (OS) developed by Google in 2008. Moreover, Android is mainly designed for touch screens mobile devices namely smartphones and tablet computers.

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Next, what is Android Studio? Simply put, it is an integrated development environment for Android platform. To clarify, the versions are 100% compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux OS. Its purpose is to offer a well-stocked toolkit for creating Android apps and others. For this reason, Android Studio has been an integral part of Android since 2013.

Android Studio is the vehicle for engineers who want to create offerings for the Android platform… The Android Studio environment, along with its tools and methodology, reflects its approach.


After all, Android Studio is where we make applications for Android!

Why do we need Android Studio?

Below are the top 8 ultimatefeatures that you cannot miss!

#1. Code Editor

The code editor that Android Studio offers is super intelligent, effective and quick. As a result, you can get the accurate code and complete, analyse it in advance, even before building the app. Furthermore, Android even suggests the code that you can choose by the drop-down list.

#2. App Build-up for All Devices

In fact, Android Studio can build apps that vary in screen sizes and even for wear and gear devices (namely watches). In addition, it includes various features such as GPS location tracker or multi-touch.

#3. App Run

Android Studio effectively leads to instant app run. By launching URL on Android apps (that installed native libraries) with Android Instant apps, changes occur immediately. 

#4. Connect with Firebase

This feature helps to create direct updates and supply databases. Everyone knows that building a house needs a solid foundation. Likewise, a quality Firebase helps create a productive app!

android studio firebase
Firebase x Android combo is powerful!

#5. Visual Layout Editor

Attributes are added to help build the layout quickly and successfully. Via resizing, you can modify the codes on the visual editor screen. 

#6. Emulator

Emulator in Android Studio helps test the app in physical devices such as phones, tablets and desktops. With this feature, your app can be fully tested at such high speed. As a result, the app development life cycle is made shorter and more effective!

#7. Code Template

It offers not too many code templates but enough to ease your tasks. It is an additional feature that boosts the efficiency of an app.

#8. Colour Previews

Android Studio offers effective functionality and drag, drop, resize features. Color Previews let us know how well we are designing the app. However, the only con is that this feature does not support every function.

Another useful and widely used product from Google that you must hear is Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI and software development kit. Isn’t it best if we install Flutter with Android Studio?

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How to install Flutter with Android Studio?

Before installation, let’s download the necessary file! Simply click at the following then ‘download’:

Now it’s time to get to the real deal!

Flutter Installation

Firstly, go to C:// drive. Then, create a new folder and name it ‘src’

android studio flutter

After that, run the following command from Git Bash:

git clone -b stable

After running the flutter console:

android studio flutter 1

Next, use this flutter command respectively:

flutter doctor
flutter — version

This version will appear

android studio flutter version

Install to Android Studio

All you need to do is to go to Settings/Plugins/Search Flutter and install the plugin. Don’t forget to restart Android Studio!

When you want to create a flutter project in Android Studio, go to New/New Flutter Project:

That is the final step! Now enjoy!!

What to do if you don’t have time or not sure?

Our answer would always be: hiring experts! It’s a reasonable investment that saves time, cost and still brings optimal results!

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Wrap Up

So, today we have learned about Android Studio and how to install Flutter with it. We hope that you have seen lots of new ideas today to make big changes to your app!

As always, AHT wishes you the best of good luck and success! For more questions, feel free to contact us at: