Angular JS vs Vue JS: which is the better Javascript framework to choose?

In a world with so many great choices of web/app framework, which is the best one to choose? How to know if it suits your demand? Today, we – ArrowHiTech committed team will compare Angular Js and Vue JS. One is a senior in the JS field and one is rising fast in recent years. But first, we need to review these 2 extremely popular frameworks.


Let’s know about its basic knowledge before going into details!


  • A web framework
  • Maintained by Google and IT communities since 2010
  • Latest version: Angular 10 in June 2020
  • Written in JavaScript


  • A JS framework
  • Developed by Evan You in 2014
  • Latest version: Vue 3 in March 2020
  • Also written in JavaScript

Both have much in common as well as big differences. Overall, they attract big brands and businesses in the eCommerce field. Curious to know which one uses Angular or Vue?

angular js example
Big brands that use these 2 frameworks
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How do both of those frameworks help? A brief answer is delivered right below:

Pros of Angular JS and Vue JS


  • The Server-side Rendering SSR helps speed up web browsers and make the framework more SEO-friendly.
  • Because of MVC models, the development process becomes much cleaner and faster.
  • With the Angular 8 release, numerous tools, filters and features are introduced. The outstanding additions would bring great benefits.
  • Thanks to the IO framework, testing and maintenance is more convenient yet less time consuming.
  • Lastly, Angular CLI helps update app components easier.


  • Likewise, Vue CLI provides extensive and updated documentation and its SSR is also effective.
  • Vue offers very light memory consumption. As a result, it is super quick to download.
  • The integration process in Vue is more simple to build. Furthermore, having complex components built into existing one is an easy task.
angular js benefits
Both are beneficial for making websites!

11 Criteria to Compare Angular JS and Vue JS

#1. Popularity

Currently, there are over 3.6 million websites using Angular JS, while only 1.2 million are using Vue JS (trends.builtwith). However, the upward sloping trend for Vue JS is higher than ever! In other words, Vue will soon develop and even surpass Angular in the long run if Angular can’t find a way to attract clients.

#2. Mobility

Because Vue is designed as the combination of Angular and React, it has better mobility than Angular, which is much based on TypeScript and MVC. In addition, Angular has to import required modules to get started while Vue does not.

Thus, Angular is better for real-time apps, namely messaging or chat apps. On the other hand, Vue is perfect for a simple, light one-page app.

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#3. TypeScript

TypeScript (TS) is the upgraded version of JavaScript (JS). To have Angular used, you will need to learn about TS while Vue only uses JS for codes, typings and decorator. In the long run, TS features will also be used in Vue.

TypeScript is essential in Angular JS

#4. Compatibility

Vue offers possible backward compatibility while Angular does not. In other words, Angular based projects cannot be converted to Angular2.

#5. Complexity

Starters may find Angular much more difficult. Yet, because Vue is developed 4 years later, it is much easier to learn. However, if you still want to have Angular based sites but don’t know where to start, you can always hire a suitable web app developer!

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#6. Scalability

In this field, Angular surely takes the lead. Newbies like Vue rarely provide much development structures as older ones. Moreover, as Vue takes on template based syntax, it cannot reuse codes in ‘heavy’ apps.

#7. App Performance

You must know that Angular uses Real DOM while Vue works with Virtual DOM. As a matter of fact, we do have a quick article right here that shows Virtual DOM superior lead. Therefore, Vue does have an edge over Angular in app performance as it is faster and lighter.

#8. Data Binding

angular js data binding
Data binding examples

Vue adapts the one-way data binding when it is two for Angular. Therefore, data flow in Vue is faster and less time consuming.

#9. Flexibility

Vue is easily merged with other projects as it is less opinionated and bears no constraint. In contrast, Angular is rather difficult to work with other existing projects.

#10. Testing

In this area, Angular is better than Vue. Why? It already offers tools like Jasmine, or Karma to test the whole development. As Vue is ‘younger’, it does not have the suitable testing guidelines.

#11. Community Support

Lastly, in terms of contributors, Vue is left far behind. Because Angular is developed by Google and IT communities. Vue, on the other hand, is an open-source library.

Above are the 11 factors to distinguish AngularJS and VueJS. However, which one is better? The answer is that it depends.

Having trouble comparing the two?

If you plan to have a large, complex, real-time app that has liable scalability, go for Angular. Otherwise, if you want to have a light, fast and medium to small size, pick Vue. After all, if you cannot decide yourself, hiring experts is a valid investment!

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Final Words

Finally, we have come to the end of today’s comparison. AHT hopes that you have learned lots of new ideas and you will now know which one to choose. Again, as usual, we truly wish you the best of good luck and success!

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