AngularJS vs ReactJS: Key in-depth comparison to choose for your app

When building a website, web applications are the must-haves. Require no installations, web apps allow multiple users to access into your sites. Further, we can also connect via desktops, laptops or mobiles as well. With amazing benefits, these application programs such as AngularJS or ReactJS will be a great assistance. 

Today , ArrowHitech Web App Developers will deliver an article on AngularJS in depth and its comparison with ReactJS. We will guide you from the basic to the complex issues to help you fully understand it in the most simple way.

Stay until the end to figure out whether you should hire Angular or React partners to satisfy your needs!


We will mention to AngularJS in depth. This is a JavaScript framework and was developed by Google  in 2009 with a purpose of creating single page applications that allow HTML as the base language. As one of the most popular frameworks, AngularJS aims to simplify the process of development and app testing.

Amazing benefits from AngularJS

Like what we have just mentioned about AngularJS in depth, AngularJS makes app development and testing processes easier through framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures. Besides, it also boosts project expansion and productivity. Overall, AngularJS is a framework that can create large scale and high performance web applications.


On the other hand, ReactJS was built by Facebook developers in 2013. Until today, it is currently one of the most common JavaScript applications. In short, we can create reusable UI components as well as handle the view layer for web and mobile apps via ReactJS. 

AngularJS and ReactJS Comparison

Both AngularJS and ReactJS are widely and globally used in some major industries like education, healthcare, retail, etc. Yet, with different features and functions, we will present you some key similarities and differences between those highly demanded frameworks!


  • Programming Language: they both support JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML programming languages.
  • Purpose: fast, easy and effective ways to build web applications.
  • Design: AngularJS and ReactJS have similar designs.
  • Object Oriented Principles: Pure Functions, Singletons, Immutability, Inheritance are their core concepts.


Let’s break into some of the most noticeable differences between AngularJS and ReactJS!

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#1. Developers

Google has built AngularJS while Facebook has created ReactJS.

#2. Data Binding

AngularJS has the two-way data binding approach. The drawback is the bad influence on its performance. Because it creates a watcher for each binding automatically, in the long run, an app can be packed with too many watchers. Thus, web applications’ productivity will surely decline.

At the same time, React uses one-way data binding. This means we can only direct the flow of data in one direction. As a result, it is easier and less complex to control.

angularjs reactjs
Map of detailed data binding
#3. Dependencies

By definition, dependency is a broad software engineering term used to refer when a piece of software relies on another one. There are many types, but we will save them for other articles. In terms of dependencies, AngularJS manages them in an automatic way, while ReactJS requires extra tools.

#4. Directives and Templates

AngularJS directives work on DOM., ng-bind as well as ng-app. It is one of the most powerful methods to deal with DOM (Document Object Model). Moreover, you can create new directives on your own. 

In contrast, ReactJS really have no provision of directives and templates. Whenever an event occurs, it interprets all of them together with the UI.

#5. Performance

With MVVM, AngularJS offers fast loading speed and low numbers of entrances from servers. Via its own virtual DOM, all ReactJS components are connected. As a result, website navigation is smoother and faster without having to refresh the page. Overall, for apps that are similar in size, ReactJS deliver a more speedy performance than AngularJS.

#6. CountryCoverage

Among the most techno-developed countries such as the US, UK, China,Japan and India, ReactJS is used twice as much as AngularJS. The United States is where both of the frameworks are operated the most, with just under 200,000 ReactJS installations.

#7. Industry Coverage
AngularJS web app ReactJS

In fact, both are mainly used in Computer Electronics and Technology. While AngularJS is widely applied in Entertainment, News – Media and Finance, ReactJS participates in Education, Science and Games the most. However, each industry takes up a quite similar portion, ranging from 1 to 4%  overall.

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AngularJS and ReactJS are both effective in web applications, but when deciding which one to adapt, it all comes down to project goals, business objectives and technical expertise. After careful consideration, we hope that you will figure out the perfect option for your own sites. If you want to learn more, check out our Mobile App Development services and contact for the reasonable ReactJS solutions. ArrowHitech wishes you and your business the best of luck and success!

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