App building software: Top 20+ best platforms which create apps easily

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To create an attractive and fully responsive application, we need a well-functioned app builder platform. If you can’t make one your own, you will need the help from experts. And today, ArrowHiTech‘s committed team will introduce you to the top 20+ best app building software that help ‘upgrade’ your business.

But first, let’s analyze the definition!

What is App Building Software?

App building software, or app development software are programs used to simplify the app development. The great thing is that newcomers or experts can all use it to create and customize an app by themselves.

In particular, it provides the foundation and basic design and function for an app. These days, most software focuses on creating mobile-friendly design rather then web app to match the increasing demand of clients.

Type of app building software

There are 2 types only:

  • Progressive web apps (PWAs): platforms that are able to produce mobile versions of web sites
  • Real app: platforms that are able to product native mobile apps (made for particular devices)

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Key features of app building software

  1. Design: text, image, button, color scheme, background,… that are custom-made to fit different categories
  2. UI: social login, file sharing, emojis, check-ins, QR scanning,…
  3. Technical features & add-ons: location tools (GPS), checklists, tables. database, HTML5, HTTP protocol and so many more!
  4. Management: CMS

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best and most effective app builder platforms!

Top 20+ best App Building Software platforms

#1. AppMachine

app development software app machine

AppMachine helps transform an active website into a responsive app. The best feature of this best app building software is automation. AppMachine can automate even Facebook accounts, videos and images. Users just need to use the drag-and-drop interface to combine and link different blocks. What’s more, you can customize the app to your own preference.

It is compatible for both iOS and Android. The price varies from $49 to $69 per month.

#2. Appery

app development software appery

Appery is a cloud-based app development software. For that reason, you don’t need to install anything, just simply download Appery then you can use it right away. It can produce both responsive web apps, hybrid and native apps. Moreover, there are many advanced functions like push notifications, REST APIs,… and numerous plugins for media, mailing,… included in Appery.

This best app building software does offer a free trial for 14 days. To use ‘pro’, you need to pay $90 for up to 3 apps, and to use ‘team’, you need to pay $200 for up to 7 appsapps

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#3. GameSalad – app building software for games

As the name suggests, GameSalad is the best app building software that creates fun, responsive gaming apps. GameSalad lets you create apps on iOS, Android, HTML5, and even macOS. They already provide demos for attributes, images, sounds and navigations.

GameSalad provides a plan for educators and another one for developers. You can easily create an app without writing any codes. Basic will cost you $19 per month, while for Pro, you will pay $29.

app development software game salad

#4. MobileRoadie

MobileRoadie offers such functional features and design templates that you can easily adjust. Even more, this best app building software also offer geo-targeting, analytics, digital commerce and app submission. With such powerful functionalities, this app builder has worked with big names like Disney, TED and Universal. Thus, the pricing is relatively high.

app development software mobile roadie

#5. Shoutem

Shoutem offers tons of UI toolkits and templates. This this best app building software lets you choose among 40+ screen types, 200+ layouts and 40+extensions. Without any coding, you can also have 3rd party integration, native app preview, CMS, user authentication, drag-n-drop, literally all the basic needs. Basic Shoutem costs $20 per month, Advanced up to 50 and Unlimited for $120 per month.

app development software shoutem

#6. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is developed by an Indian company that allow you to create a mobile version of website for free. This best app building software already offers many templates for dating apps, SMB apps, restaurant apps and even church apps. With simple and easy use, Appy Pie is really what you should try as it is one of the most popular app builder platforms. Basic costs only $15/month while Gold and Platinum are $30 and $50 respectively.

app development software appypie

#7. BiznessApps – professional app building software

BiznessApps is an advanced app builder that is perfect for marketing agencies, salons, restaurants or real estate agents. With a neat visual editor, numerous integrations, music/video players, notifications and shopping cart, as well as other popular client-focused features, BiznessApps cannot be missed out on! However, this best app building software does come with a pretty high pricing of $250 or $299 per month (depends on how you pay).

app development software biznessapps

#8. GoodBarber

GoodBarber helps creates app on iOS and Android platforms as well as powerful web apps. Again, you get a full control over the app without writing any codes. Some effective app management options that this best app building software offers are:

  • CMS
  • audio/podcast
  • event listings
  • user profiling
  • sharing/commenting section
  • mCommerce integration
  • and more
app development software goodbarber

This best app building software lets you use it for free in the first 30 days. For Android, it costs 32 to 48 Euro/month, while for iOS, it costs 96 Euro. If you want to develop unlimited native apps, it will cost you 200 Euro per month.

AppMakr is one of the most popular DIY app building platforms that let to craft and customize apps on iOS, Android and HTML5 as well without any experience. Users can create unlimited apps and optimize endless features from push notifications, high-resolution photos, live updates, chat rooms, and even in-app shopping. How to keep track of everything? This best app building software allows you to keep track of all apps via Dashboard, which is very user-friendly. To convert into Appmakr pro, you need to pay $99 per month.

#10. Verivo

Verivo is a powerful best app building software that offers some of the best tools for creating a fast, responsive apps. These are:

  • UI configuration
  • Security
  • Reporting options

Verivo also offers a code-free visual studio and data sync, integration and deployment that can be used on JavaScript and HTML5 to build any apps. A special point is that Verivo can be joined with Appery platform. That’s why its pricing refers to Appery.

#11. Appsmakerstore

Appsmakerstore is another DIY app building software that offers clean and user-friendly presets for many industries. From education, charities, restaurants, healthcare to nightclubs, hotels and so many more. This best app building software also integrates with social media and PayPal, ePay and Google AdSense. For such stunning visuals and features, it will cost you $29.5/month for DIY mode, $99 for Reseller and $870 only to have an app created.

#12. Swiftic

If you are looking for the best app building software for small to middle-level agencies, then Swiftic is an option that you should not miss. This best app building software offer tons of powerful features to boost brand engagement such as:

  • in-app coupons
  • scratch cards. loyalty cards
  • deliveries
  • notifications
  • scheduling
  • customer reviews

In addition, there are 7 templates and UX styles with unlimited colors and pictures for you to choose from. It will cost $48 to $57 per month depending on when you pay.

#13. Snappii

Snappii is another builder platform made for business. This best app building software offers promising features for these types of apps:

  • Timesheet managers
  • Construction apps
  • Travel/expense reports
  • Logistics apps
  • Work assignments
  • and many more

With 200+ templates and full access to basic app management features, it only costs you $15 per month for 1 active user.

#14. Yapp

Yapp is a reliable app building software for social events, conventions or business meetings. You can create an app on any devices without knowledge of coding. This best app building software offers perfect solutions for event organizations with these features:

  • One/Multi-track scheduling
  • Lists
  • Polls
  • Social feed
  • Ticketing
  • Docs/Pdfs upload
  • Invitations,…

Basic Yapp costs you $400 for a whole year. If you want to change into Core or Team or Volume mode, it will be $500,$600 and $1167 respectively.

#15. Kalipso Studio

Kalipso Studio allows users to build professional apps with no extra license. It offers immediate deployment and implementation because this this best app building software takes no time to create an app. There are free trials, but to upgrade, the pricing is up to you.

#16. Nevercode

Nevercode helps automate some crucial processes such as deployment, testing, app setup/configuration, code analysis and app stores publishing. As a result, this best app building software boosts the app development speed. What’s more, it comes with automatic basics for Android, iOS, Ionic and React Native.

The Startup mode will cost $99 per month, Superstar at $299 and Unicorn at $699.

#17. Swing2App

Swing2App is another cloud-based app building software that supports both iOS and Android operating systems. With Swing2App, users can use it anytime on any devices because their services runs 24/7 for an entire year. In fact, it only takes you 15 minutes with 0 coding experience then it is good to go. It costs $33/month, but if you pay annually, this best app building software only costs $290.

#18. Felgo

Felgo supports many frameworks and can run on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and so many more. The greatest feature of Felgo is that it can reduce the total code size by up to 60%. Beside all the basic functions, it is super simple to migrate Felgo with its detailed documentation and free project samples. It does cost you $79 for 1 developer per month if its annual turnover is more than 50,000; otherwise Felgo is free to use.

#19. Mobincube

Mobincube offers the best basic features as an app development software. This best app building software has:

  • Visual UI development
  • Drag-n-drop
  • Templates
  • Customization
  • Google Analytics
  • and Source Code

Its unique features is that creating an app with Mobincube comes with ads and banners that you could earn some profit. The basic version costs you 3 Euro per month, you can upgrade up to 10,20,50 or 100 Euro per month depends on your need.

#20. AppSheet

AppSheet is the best of both worlds if you are using Google Docs and Google Forms (or even MS Excel). You will need a doc or spreadsheet, then open it via AppSheet. After a moment, you can use it as a visual app editor. All you have to pay is $1/month for Standard version. For Premium and Pro, it will cost $5 to $10.

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