Remote Application Developer: Key strategy to find one that tailor your project and budget

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We can’t deny Experts are the ones that know best! When the issues are too hard to handle or when it is your first time starting a project, call for a developer. In fact, a perfect Remote Application Developer is the one that can transform your vision into reality in the most suitable way. Nevertheless, among a pool of talents, how can you select the best one? 

Today, we will show you some tips to consider standing from the view of experts ourselves. ArrowHiTech hopes that this article will simplify your decision process in a reasonable way.

Before jumping right into How to Hire an App Developer’, we need to understand why we need them in the first place!

Why App Developers?

Certainly, a remote application developer will utilize their skill to deliver a suitable result. Some typical benefits are:

  • Cost Savings
  • Better Working Experience
  • Appealing Design
  • Functional Feature
  • Convenient Use
  • And many many more..

After all, you will not be disappointed by their expertise and commitment. Everything they’ve aimed at is to satisfy your needs. Thus they can build a better, if not, the best mobile app possible custom made for you.

Now that you know how essential an remote application developer is, let’s find out the best strategy to hire a suitable one!

3 – 3 – 6 Model to Hire a Perfect Remote Application Developer

Before Searching 

First thing first, never try to find them immediately. Consider this is the foundation because it affects all the process. 

A rule of thumb is to plan it out! You must have a list of all the demands for the app developers so that when the project starts, it can run smoothly. Furthermore, we highly recommend making questions. The more detailed, the better. 

Next, do some intensive research to build a base knowledge. With the advance of the Internet these days, it’s not that hard to find. However, you must be selective as there is loads of fake news and information.

The final part of this step is to set a maximum budget. Don’t forget to put aside some money for unexpected issues.

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3 steps for a

During searching process

Initially, you should use reputable websites and networks to look for accountable app developers. Using google should be the last resort because it is very easy to upload on it without proof. Instead, ask your friends, coworkers or on creative communities, tech blogs and social media for some advice. Another way is to find freelance websites ( Toptal or Hired are common sites) because it is usually cheaper.

Speaking of friends and SNS, you can also ask the ones that hired a remote application developer about the price, time and workload to estimate your project.

When going online, read other reviews and suggestions to avoid bad companies. But do not 100% depend on other comments as some companies can hire them as their marketing strategy to attract you.

What to keep in mind when hiring a Remote Application Developer?

Last but not least, what are the criteria of choosing app developers to consider? Below are the top 6 factors that you must remember:


Customer Review

Project Management


Time and Cost

Support Policy

Let’s investigate a little bit further:

#1. Experience

Look at the About Us site on their Homepage. There, you can see lots of information about their company, employees, markets,… Yet, one thing you need to keep an eye on is their experience.

However, the one that has more years in the field is not always better than the newbies. Therefore, you must balance out all the 6 factors at the same time.

#2. Customer Review

Carefully read the most recent ones to analyze their quality. If possible, check out if they reply to some comments or questions or not. In fact, this minor detail has shown the dedication and commitment of the app developers.

6 key points to remember when hiring developer

#3. Project Management

Ask them everything about their management and development process. Here are a few sensible questions:

  • What type of apps have you done?
  • What programming tools?
  • How important is the development process?

Furthermore, you can look for their portfolio to see if their solutions match your taste.

#4. Communication

After Covid-19 impact, working remotely is no longer unknown. Offshore app developers can communicate and discuss with you just like talking face to face. For example, ArrowHitech is a Vietnamese IT expert but constantly works with foreign clients smoothly and fluently thanks to our committed employment!

#5. Time and Cost

Remember to check your estimation according to the previous research. What’s more, you can ask them back on the price details to avoid misunderstanding.

#6. Policy

All the contracts, maintenance and support policies must be clear and the same to both parties. If you need to sign any papers, please pay close attention!

#7. Commitment (surprise!) 

Technically, this really is a factor to consider. But unlike the rest of them, commitment can only be seen in the action of a remote application developer. You have to feel and see for yourself to figure out.

There you go, that’s all for how to hire a suitable remote application developer. Our long list of suggestions should help! Still have something in your mind?

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To Sum up

Today, we have delivered an article on effective ways to hire a remote Application Developer. ArrowHiTech hopes that you find it useful and helpful for your journey. If you need more advice on hiring other types of developers like Shopify, Magento, or even iOS, Android or React Native, check out this category

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