App maintenance cost: Strategies to make it lower in ReactJS and Vue.JS

Nobody wants to spend tons of cash on maintenance that they can easily avoid. Sure, we and you do, too! Therefore, we need to have the ultimate and handy strategy to make App Maintenance Cost as little as possible.

App Maintenance cost

On the other hand, never think that ‘Oh, I won’t maintain my app so I won’t have to pay for it’. The thing is that both old and new, big and small, common and unknown apps all need maintenance. In fact, every object needs maintenance so as to have long-term use. Actually, you can not invest in app maintenance if you want to replace them many times a year! (which, you already know, will cost much more time, work, and cost) 

However, don’t give up just yet! ArrowHiTech committed experts are here to help you out! Firstly, we’ll guide you through the key benefit of app maintenance for our concern. Then, we will move on to some main reasons for such high price maintenance. Finally, we will wrap up by multiple ways to reduce the cost in different app frameworks!

Sounds like a plan! Shall we begin now?

Why App Maintenance?

Needless to say, Maintenance plays a vital role in the use of an App. For example, a 10-year-old house can maintain its initial charm and function thanks to renovation and upgrades both inside and out. Likewise, App Maintenance will remove any outdated or broken features. Moreover, it will insert new and updated ones that will lead to better app performance and user experience. 

For that reason, not only should you review your app. Furthermore, you need to do it regularly. Once every 3 month is a moderate amount. If you are too busy or don’t know where to start, ask any App Developer like us to save more time and have higher quality results.

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App Maintenance cost why
It is much harder to maintain than you think!

How is App Maintenance Costly?

To clarify, it is no easy task. A small broken brick can make a house collapse. Similarly, a small mistake can even lead to page crash. Because an app developer must be super careful, passionate and experienced, hiring them is rather expensive. Yet, don’t go for cheap and unknown agencies here. It is best to invest 1 but gain 10. Hiring experts will, again, save more time, even more money and they will certainly get you the best results! 

No one knows what to expect when looking for errors, right? To avoid misunderstanding between 2 parties, you need to prepare well and thoroughly. List all the budgets and requirements and pay close attention to the contracts.

App Maintenance Factors

  • Code Quality

A poor code quality will 100% lead to bad results. It will gradually add up the cost to repair and replace. However, good or bad quality code is pretty subjective. Thus, here are some key ideas to test if it is an acceptable code:

  1. Function properly
  2. Follow a consistent style
  3. Able to understand & test
  4. Is well-documented
App Maintenance cost code
What to look for in a good quality code?
  • Automation

The final stage before launching the app is the Build Process and Deployment. As a result, a minor error in this step can lead to such expensive fixes in the future. In particular, a continuous integration with autotests can detect and solve bugs.

  • Third Party

The packages from third parties can expire and be outdated. Simply because they are updated consistently, you also need to check your packages on a regular basis. Just take it easy! New version means huge improvement and performance as well.

  • JavaScript

Having a non-structured JavaScript is one of the most common reasons. For example, a popular poem cannot be formed without the stunning combination of letters and sentences. In the same case, JavaScript is a programming language. Therefore, even if your site is based on huge libraries namely Vue or React, the bigger it grows, the more chaotic.

App Maintenance cost js

A README file is one of the biggest factors. Overall, it contains basic information in archives or on computer software. Since its publication in the mid 1970s, README has got its requirement, use and development process clear. 

Creating a README will answer all the client’s questions regarding how to ‘use’ the project. Furthermore, it should be created first in any new plan. If you want to make an effective README file, check out this link right here!

How to lower App Maintenance Cost in ReactJS and Vue.JS?

In short, you need to avoid all damaged factors that we list above. What’s more, you need to be cautious if your app is based on ReactJS or Vue.JS as these frontend frameworks are highly popular in scale.

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Still, we will list them out again (and add some) if you are not clear.

1. Better Code Quality

2. Ensure clear documentation

This will lead to a long term partnership with any agencies. 

App Maintenance cost doc
Always ask for clear documentation!

3. Test regularly

Especially after integrating new features.

4. Secure third party compatibility

5. Update the newest version

Always use the latest version for the best experience. As a result, your clients will always trust on your site.

6. Use micro services

A quality app can run smoothly thanks to its functional smaller mini apps.

7. Hire a frontend developer!

Like we have mentioned all the time, an expert brings lots of benefits. To help you make a faster decision, here are some tips.

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There you have it, why and how to lower App Maintenance Cost! 

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Wrap Up

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