App Stores for Android: The best 12+ alternatives you can choose to generate much money

app stores for android

Anyone using Android must have been using Google Play. Google Play is where you can download free and charged apps for Android platform and is supported on 2.3 mobile phones around the world! However, if you want to get access to all types of users, you may consider alternative App Stores for Android.

ArrowHiTech is glad to show you the Top app stores for android. Therefore, you can see which one suits your preference best. First, we need to clearly understand why we need another store rather than Google Play.

Why should choose app stores for android?

Here are the 4 main reasons why you should choose another Android App Stores:

Promotion Options

It is much easier and less expensive to advertise an app on a small platform. Only by having yours featured in one of the 12+ App Stores below, you can earn back lots of profits.

Suited Recommendations

In other Android App Stores, more than top 10 relevant apps can be displayed, including which are not shown on Google Play.

Systemized List

A more narrow focus of filters can bring out an app that satisfies a more accurate demand. Apps can be filtered according to purpose, age, topic, quality, and so on.

Local Portals

Some Google Play apps are not globally displayed. With alternative App Stores, you can get access to localized apps from every corner of the world.

Now, let’s check out the top “contenders” that we have today.

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Top app stores for Android that you cannot miss


app stores for android slideme

SlideME is the first app in the list of top app stores for android. This is one of the oldest platforms, even older than Google Play. Office apps work really well, while the game selection is quite weak. Its biggest benefit is that the app only charges 1/5 for every purchase when paying via PayPal.

Amazon Appstore

amazon app stores for android

Also belong in the top app stores for android, this is one of another popular App Stores for Android. Besides all Amazon’s apps, it also includes big and well-known apps in every industry. With Kindle Fire and Fire OS, Amazon Appstore is getting more and more successful in attracting new clients. What’s more, it can be launched at the same time with other app stores if you want to. The biggest point here is that Amazon Appstore allows us to publish HTML5 or web apps for a large customer base.


apkpure app stores for android

The next app in the list of top app stores for android is APKPure. This android app stores has so many globally known apps launched on it. For example, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, PUBG Mobile or UC Browser,… APKPure has a very coherent and smooth UI and its overall selection is quite decent, with even more categories than Google Play.

1Mobile Market

1 mobile market app stores for android

If you want to find top app stores for android that are free, 1Mobile Market is the perfect choice for you. There are plenty of free apps only. However, it does not mean that apps on 1Mobile Market are all bad or terrible. They are all carefully tested and checked, so you don’t need to be worried about quality. You can also upload your apps and take the chance among over 100 installs on 1Mobile Market.


Similar to SlideME, Aptoide is one of the oldest App Stores for Android in this list of top app stores for android. Nevertheless, there are many up-to-date apps on this platform, namely Facebook, Nest, Flesky and lots of these days’ games. The main feature that lots of people use is that Aptoide has very loose content security. In other words, some NSFW apps or weird apps can be found on Aptoide. And because you can use it right away without having an account, many opt for it.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps is not really an App Store for Android, rather an App Store for Samsung only. It has smaller app selection, which is less competition for app developers. Yet, SGAs still feature a very clean navigation and UI. Some common apps on SGAs are Netflix, Microsoft, Hulu, Fortnite and others. If you are buying a Samsung smartphone, don’t worry as SGAs have already been installed in the first place.


Although Mobango is a relatively small app in this list top app stores for android, it is still one of the top contenders. With more than thousands of downloads per DAY, your apps can easily get to the top and attract millions of customers. Another benefit is that it cost absolutely nothing to upload your app!


F-Droid is an open source App Store for Android. The whole site is run by donations and volunteers, yet it is still very trustworthy. There are only free apps on F-Droid, furthermore, apps with paid add-ons or ads are not welcome here. Similar to Mobango, you can freely upload your app to test its popularity.

Opera Mobile Store

opera app stores for android

Opera Mobile Store is a special choice for you in the list of top app stores for android. Because it has access to all Russian app customer markets (which is very restricted to get access to). At the rate of over 100 million visitors every month and millions of downloads per day, don’t miss out on the Opera Mobile Store. However, to upload, you need to pay 30% sales for a hundred-million-user platform, so consider wisely!


Quite the same as Aptoide, GetJar has a very loosely-controlled content. This App Store for Android also attracts over 30 million users and can offer great recommendations for quick app discovery.


qooappapp stores for android

QooApp is also a very special app in the top app stores for android. For anyone enjoying Asian Games, this is a custom app for you. QooApp is very easy to use. The only downside is that only some have English or non-Asian languages.

Google Play Store

play store app stores for android

Yes, in the list of top app stores for android, we cannot miss out on Google Play. There are millions of apps and games. Google Play is pre-installed in Android phones that are not in China or from Amazon. Needless to say, its security level is super high. We know that you are here to find alternatives, but do not underestimate how high value Google Play is.

There are some other App Stores for Android that we’d like to recommend:

  • Mobile9
  • APKMirror
  • YalpStore
  • ACMarket
  • TapTap

Need help on installing any App Stores for Android?

Installing an App Store for Android is never an easy task, so we must ask experts for help. It is a very wise investment, which leads to time saving, cost effectiveness and outstanding results. ArrowHiTech is proud to be one of the leading IT Outsourcing agencies in Vietnam.

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Bottom line

Thank you so much for joining us on the topic of Top app stores for android today. ArrowHiTech hopes that you find it helpful for your journey.

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