Xcode and swift: What are the key differences?


Overview about Xcode and swift Xcode and Swift are 2 products of Apple. Both of them are suitable for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS. However, there are still some differences between them. Thus, in this article, we- ArrowHiTech team will go through what  are the key differences between xcode and swift. So now let’s […]

Struct and class: The main differences in Swift


Struct and class are key components in most iOS applications. They help us organize and manage code into blocks in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. So coming to this blog, we will clarify the main differences between struct and class in Swift and also learn more when we use them for proper collaboration.. Let’s go […]

Swift computed property: what is it, how it work and when should you use it


Coming to this blog, our team – ArrowHiTech will introduce one of Swift’s  property styles called swift computed property. So are you ready? Let’s discover. What is swift computed property? A property is a value associate with  an object, like a class, struct or enum. It is as “sub-variables”. Deriving value from other properties is […]

Swift loop: What is it, types of loops and how to use them

In the previous blog, we knew some basic information about Swift. Therefore, in this article, let’s explore Swift loop with us – ArrowHiTech team. What is Swift loop? Basically, Loop is the specific block/segment of codes that let you repeat it. As a result, thanks to this Swift Loop, you don’t need to write the […]

Swift for iOS app development: why you should choose it for your business?

Overview Swift is known as the most popular programming language. This powerful programming language was developed in 2014 for  iOS platforms such as: iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Linux, tvOS, and z/OS. Not only that, this swift for iOS app development comes with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. It uses the runtime library of Objective-C. As […]

Top 15 best GUI testing tools you need to explore in 2020

GUI, or graphical user interface is one of the UI forms that lets users interact with devices via graphical icons, colors and buttons. Sometimes, they do have sounds and visual effects to make it more outstanding. Because GUI is so user-friendly that it has become a trend in 2020’s technology. As a result, you will […]

Coding definition: what is it used for and how does it work?

We all know coding as a source or combination of different numbers and letters. But, in the technological terms, Coding refers to the acts of using code for particular purposes of identification or classification. Today, let’s spend some quality time learning about Coding definition, its purpose, advantages to see how it works. Before starting, ArrowHiTech […]

15 + Best Bootstrap alternatives for the developers should try over

Creating a responsive website is not enough. We also need to create one that correctly runs on all types of devices from phones, tablets to desktops. And how to do it? Most developers use Bootstrap, one of the most popular front-end frameworks used for over 18 million websites. In today’s article, ArrowHiTech proudly presents the […]

Programming terms and definitions: the essential 50 as a guide for beginners

In real life, learning another languages will help you better know and feel the culture, the lifestyle, and so. As a result, we get to love the language, the people and the country, right? Similarly, learning the most basic programming terms will allow you to understand and utilize your knowledge into real life job. After […]

Best IDE for web development : Top 20 to create websites of any complexity

Creating a website is not simple. Plus, creating a powerful, responsive one is even more difficult. If you want to upgrade or take your programming skills to the next level, choosing an optimal IDE may be the answer to what you are looking for! Today, ArrowHiTech’s committed team would love to deliver a useful article […]

App building software: Top 20+ best platforms which create apps easily

To create an attractive and fully responsive application, we need a well-functioned app builder platform. If you can’t make one your own, you will need the help from experts. And today, ArrowHiTech‘s committed team will introduce you to the top 20+ best app building software that help ‘upgrade’ your business. But first, let’s analyze the […]

Top website design companies: Which is the best one that fits your business?

A web design is as important as its functions and features. However, visual design is so underestimated that you should grab this golden chance to step up the game. A visually appealing website will surely attract plenty of clients and boost profits, right? What if you don’t have enough time or technical skills? That’s why […]

Node.js hosting: Top 10 platforms for creating your next application project

We all know the functional purpose of JavaScript as a programming language. To create a successful, high traffic website, we must use a decent, powerful language as the foundation, right? However, not every website runs smoothly all the time. That’s why we need Node.js hosting to eliminate waiting times.  Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. […]

Best Android apps: List of 50 useful apps available to download now

There are plentiful apps for different purposes, from entertainment to work, healthcare, and so on. Over 2.3 billion (and rapidly increasing) Android users around the world are using Android apps every single day. For that reason, today, let’s discover the top 50 Best Android apps in some crucial categories! ArrowHiTech’s committed team would like to […]

Java vs Kotlin: Key differences you should explore

What are the factors that determine an impressive, delicious dish? The chef’s skill and the freshness of ingredients, right? Likewise, to create an appealing website or app, besides developers, you also need to choose the best programming language. Today, let’s discover Java and Kotlin – 2 of the most common ones. ArrowHiTech is glad that […]

Software Engineer vs Software Developer: Main differences you should know in 2020

For starters, they may think that everyone working in the IT fields are all software developers. And, distinguishing a software engineer and a developer is one of the most confusions. Thus, you may end up hiring the wrong expert that you need. Because A Software Engineer and a Software Developer have different roles, work, salaries […]

Splash screen: Why is it important and 10 inspiring designs for your app

We all know what “dress to impress” is, right? An eye-catching appearance is always the first good impression. Likewise, if you want to upgrade your app’s look, the first effective thing to do is to modify Splash Screen. The point is, Splash Screen is what first draws the user’s attention to your app. So why […]

WordPress eCommerce themes: 35 best themes you should look for to achieve success

We all love shopping, right? Especially among this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone wants to open an online store. Where can you open it? Simple, go for WordPress. To give you a brief insight, let’s refer to top 35 best WordPress eCommerce themes – the foundation of an appealing website. But first, why WordPress?  Why WordPress ? […]