Apparel ecommerce solutions to get competitive advantage internationally

With the development of ecommerce, every product can go online, and fashion and apparel is no exception. So far, apparel products have always played a very important role in our lives. And also, are an indispensable product that cannot be replaced. With any firm or retailer who are running a fashion and apparel business and want to level up the competition of their business, they should apply right apparel ecommerce solutions. In this blog, ArrowHiTech will give you an overview of the fashion ecommerce industry. Then, deliver you several Apparel ecommerce solutions you should need to know. So, explore with us right now!

How is the Fashion ecommerce industry? 

First and foremost, the online fashion industry was worth over $439 billion in 2018, according to Statista. By 2024, this astonishing sum is forecast to more than quadruple. And, it is currently expected to reach an amazing number at $758 billion in 2021. 

What’s more, sectors like clothes, accessories, and footwear, which are predicted to account for 32.8% of all fashion eCommerce sales by 2024, are driving this significant rise. As you can see, there is no end to the opportunities in the online fashion sector, with growth set to continue for the foreseeable future.

apparel ecommerce solutions

For more detail, when it comes to the fashion industry, this is undergoing a significant digital revolution. And, as evidenced by the trend away from physical storefronts and toward technology-driven channels and devices. With the dramatical development of this industry, any fashion business must come up with new effective solutions. So that, they will become agile and stand out from the rest more than ever before. Then, with these reasons, we will deliver you some awesome Apparel ecommerce solutions that you need to know below.

Apparel ecommerce solutions to get competitive advantage internationally 

New customers necessitate eCommerce at MACH speed

Firstly, you must ensure the ecommerce at the speed of MACH for any new buyers. Why do we say that? This is because now, consumers of fashion are no longer satisfied with a simple purchase transaction. Rather than, they wish to engage with, interact with, and influence the businesses they purchase from.

Hence in order to achieve this goal, apparel & fashion retailers must be able to quickly integrate new channels, effortlessly add new touch points or freely innovate on new technologies such as touch-screen mirrors.

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Boost sales through Social media

Can’t help but mention Social media when coming to the list of apparel ecommerce solutions you must know. In fact, there are a huge number of retailers all over the world use social media to sell their goods. And then, gain the higher profits than before. So if your business hasn’t appeared on social media yet, this is the best time for you to do it. 

Moreover, popular social media such as: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have all been transformed into platforms where buyers can not only follow their favorite companies but also make purchases with ease. Especially, Instagram checkout, for instance, enables customers to make a transaction without redirecting to a website. And there are countless other great benefits that social media can bring to your Apparel ecommerce business. 

Unique customer personalization

When it comes to examining and improving their customer’s purchasing journey, this is an extremely necessary thing with any fashion business. For more detail, with the aim of creating brand loyalty, fashion and apparel companies can utilize transactional and behavioral data to forecast what someone would enjoy before they buy it. This is thanks to the great combination of machine learning and AI technology. As a result, it will lead to not only increase loyalty of customers with your brand but also a more rich and engaging digital experience. 

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Connect APIs to any channel, device, or touch point

In reality, APIs are really important parts of digital commerce. This is since it allows you to connect to all frontends and third-party apps. Besides, APIs give apparel & fashion retailers the freedom to design innovative digital experiences across all contact points. For example, Buy Online Pickup In-Store, endless aisles, and mobile POS.

Offer seamless Gift Card processes to give customers the highest satisfaction

Gift cards allow buyers to share their passion of fashion with friends without the effort or anxiety of purchasing a gift they may not enjoy in the first place, especially when sizing and fit are questionable.

In addition, to maximize gift card sales, you will need procedures in place that make purchasing and redeeming gift cards simple, both online and offline, and regardless of card format. 

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Order Management of apparel products

Any ecommerce items, in particular with apparel, fulfilling orders should be simple and quick, regardless of your business strategy or where your inventory is kept. Thus, you surely need a solution to help you streamline operations. And, establish bespoke order routing workflows, whether through any delivery option. With this reason, you will need an Order Management apparel ecommerce solution. 

To put it plainly, this solution enables your consumers to receive products according to their preferred manner as well as minimizing out-of-stock instances. Not only that, this also allows buyers to participate in the product design process. As a result, this will assist you to boost your sales. What’s more, it also helps increase customers’ loyalty with your brand. 

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Should you choose a reputable brand that can bring you great Apparel ecommerce solutions?

In fact, in order to get competitive advantage internationally, you need more than just a beautiful ecommerce store. Especially with the fashion and apparel industry that is always one of the most competitive ones and requires great creativity. You will need a variety of apparel ecommerce solutions to not only help you score absolute points in the customer’s eyes, but also stand out from any competitor in the same field. Then, in order to achieve this goal, you should ask a company that specializes in providing ecommerce solutions for help. 

Look no further, ArrowHiTech is the first name you should consider when it comes to providing great retail ecommerce solutions, especially in the field of Apparel ecommerce. With a lot of experience on fashion ecommerce industry, we are proud when cooperate with a lot of business to bring them various effectively solutions to help them have a leg up in the global market.

So, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any question about this topic or you wish we consult to seek the most suitable apparel ecommerce solutions for your business. 

To sum up with Apparel ecommerce solutions

In conclusion, fashion ecommerce solutions are extremely necessary for any store owner to develop their business more and more. Above all, ArrowHiTech hopes this blog will bring various useful information to apparel & fashion retailer. And then, they will gain better outcomes in the near future.

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