B2B2C ecommerce solutions: Definition and examples to help you have right choice for your business

B2b2c ecommerce solutions refers to a business model where Company 1 sells their product or service in partnership with Company 2 to an end customer. This business model removes the intermediaries between B2B and B2C business forms on the online market, thereby directing businesses to chances to interact with shoppers directly.

1. What is the B2B2C ecommerce solutions

B2b2c ecommerce solutions

Business-to-business-to-consumer e-commerce (B2b2c) models can be defined under many different forms, but essentially, it related to selling products or services to a business and customers directly A business finds another business to purchase something as a sort of third party that passes that thing along to shoppers.

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Advantages of the B2B2C eCommerce

Easy Control of Data

Traditional B2B journey customers end when the manufacturers sell to their retailers. From there, retailers are able to sell at their preferred price point and run their preferred marketing and sell to the customers. However, by building a B2B2C model, manufacturers can now manage their brand all the way to the end shoppers and access all the information without friction.

Extended Customer Base

B2B businesses usually have a smaller group of businesses to sell to. By creating a B2B2C model, manufacturers can now leverage their partners’ customer base, improve their brand awareness and thus boost their overall product sales.

Reduction of Middle-people

As mentioned previously, B2B ecommerce business tend to lose sight of the product and service once they have handed it to the retailer, thus enabling middle people to provide higher prices and take a cut off benefits. By expanding a B2B2C model, manufacturers can now streamline the supply chain and eliminate those chances

Increased Efficiency of Supply Chain

Typically B2B manufacturers have problems with delivering to shoppers a timely manner. By expanding a B2B2C model, manufacturers can eliminate shipping partners and instead permits customers to get their products more quickly.

Challenges of the B2B2C eCommerce

While expanding a B2B2C model offers a variety of advantages, there are two main challenges you should be aware of.

Sharing Customer Base

When a manufacturer partners with a B2C company, both companies will now be sharing the same customer base. The B2C business might be hesitant to share such valuable client data that would lead to the manufacturer’s advantages. Both businesses might also be hesitant to split profits. We motivate businesses to discuss the concerns as early as possible and generate an equally beneficial proposal to m make sure a smooth transition into partnership.

B2B User Experiences

Another thing that B2B businesses continue to struggle with today, is offering B2C-like experiences across their eCommerce journey. B2B companies will need to assure that they have an adequate eCommerce solution and strategy across their all partner-sellers to boost ROI. Moreover, they motivate businesses to search for an eCommerce solution that is API based and with MACH depended on technology to make sure that they can design a highly customizable solution and make adjustment on demand while also maintaining full control of their solution. Of course not all MACH based solutions are alike and therefore you can use a Systems Integrator or Agency to evaluate vendors depened on your specific needs

B2B2C Solutions For ECommerce

Customer experience

Improving customer experience is one of the most effective solution to increase website users or keep loyal customers. To enhance the customer experience both wholesale and retail, your website needs to support the following functions

  • Performance: Some factors such as page load speed, rendering speed, and navigation are your first consumer impression of your ecommerce B2B2C website. Besides, an easy-to-navigate site provide a professional impression to visitors while also helping to improve ranking results in SEO. The website also needs to load fast and smoothly to make sure requirements for information searching, order tracking and payment.
  • Content: The content on the website should be of high quality, must be appealing and helpful. Content clusters need to gain consistency on the article topic. Product-related information needs to be similar across channels to make sure that the shoppers receives the same message.
  • Security: In the information age, security is a crucial issue. Your B2B2C ecommerce website needs to add firewalls enabled, secure from potentially dangerous IP & VPN addresses.
  • Service: Today’s visitor want to take control of their purchases. Features that permits customers to access 24/7, track and check orders, and subscribe to get notifications are recommended features on the website.

Technology and localization expertise

B2B2C expands the customer base, which means more shoppers groups. For internationally active B2B2C websites, the utilize of ERP and third-party management systems is highly recommended. Enterprises need to make sure that the website content, local documents and marketing are properly converted for various countries.

Optimized sales opportunities

To optimize profitability, businesses can propose related goods on the product page, generate upgrades and bundles to offer various purchase options to shoppers. Cross-selling is the basic technique popularly used by many B2B2C ecommerce website.

Flexible, fully integrated platform

Since serving both B2B and B2C user groups, businesses need to offer separate categories and prices for each shopper and restrict access if need. For B2B client, businesses should add more funtions to order quickly and conveniently.

2. Examples of B2B2C companies

Know of B2B2C eCommerce, yet you still curious for some examples? Here is two prime examples. to look for.


B2b2c ecommerce solutions

UberEats sells its delivery service to restaurants. Also, UberEats is an eCommerce app that allows customers to use to order delivery takeout from their favorite restaurants. This is a win-win for both users and restaurants. 

Moreover, UberEats offers these restaurants with a built-in customer base (it boasts 67 million users around the world). At the same way, restaurants can achieve an additional revenue stream from delivery without investing their own resources. 


Even Financial is a B2B2C model company established in 2015, which gradually changed how financial services engage with potential customers. This is the leading engine for searching, comparing or simply receiving suggestions for financial services. Furthermore, the company drives the customers touchpoint into ROI-driven acquisition by generating stable API connections with many financial partners like Smart Wallet, American Express, SoFi, TransUnion, HSBC and the like.

Moreover, they also provide full compliance and protections for clients via several transaction types like savings, credit cards, loans, etc. 

3. Start building your successful a B2B2C business now!

Although challenging, the B2B2C ecommerce business holds a lot of promise. With the information in this post, we hop that you’ll be able to determine whether it’s best suitable for you. Besides, if you want to launch a B2B2C eCommerce Website? Then, contact ArrowHitech to expand your ecommerce business to new heights. As a leading e-commerce solutions provider, we achieve a full, thorough insight into different types of b2b2c ecommerce platform to uplift any business of yours