Welcome to ArrowHiTech and achieve business success!

Summer time for ArrowHitech. The brightest time of the year when everyone is expecting to recharge and refresh under the waves of deep, blue ocean. Why has to twist? Pack your backpack and let’s go.

Destination for AHT summer vacation is always a beautiful beach – an ideal landscape to go back to nature and get recharged. Facilities and scenes are all good. Thus, above all AHT members have got memorable time together and shared beautiful momments from dawn till dust, which constitutes a unique AHT culture and manner. AHT members work their best and play their edge. How can this happen? Simply because AHT has no border between commander and worker. Everyone shares the same passion and energy to build a highest objective throughout top mission, ie. Human value enrichment and world-class software development.

Stay solidarity. Spread creativity. And Share energy. Such these said and done are the indicators for AHT’s growth, and always be.

AHT's summer vacation

Yes. Dawn starts a day. And you start ArrowHitech

smiles and laughters ArrowHitech

We’ll be missing you, Summer!

See ya, next summer! Other than that, there will be a lot of occasional events coming up. Stay tuned…