Best Android apps: List of 50 useful apps available to download now

best Android apps

There are plentiful apps for different purposes, from entertainment to work, healthcare, and so on. Over 2.3 billion (and rapidly increasing) Android users around the world are using Android apps every single day. For that reason, today, let’s discover the top 50 Best Android apps in some crucial categories!

ArrowHiTech’s committed team would like to cover 13 sections of apps used for: communication, photo, browsing, travel, fitness, music, utility, planning, workplace, news, video streaming, security and shopping.

And now, let’s dive into the first category!

Best Android apps for Communication

#1. Facebook Messenger

best Android apps messenger

With 1.3 billion users around the world, by calculation, hundreds of millions Android users also use Messenger. It is a free, simple and clean Android app. Yet, you must have a Facebook account to use this multipurpose, functional application. Facebook Messenger also includes voice messages and video calls to communicate anytime anywhere.

#2. Pulse SMS / Android Messages 

PulseSMS is one of the best Android apps for phones. It has numerous GIFs, themes,… but most importantly, it is highly secured with password protected convos, spammers blacklists and even support for dual-SIM.

Android Messages is more of a simpler app but still fully performs its task. Both of these 2 apps can be downloaded and installed on desktops.

#3. LinkedIn

Many people think of LinkedIn as a community or professional workplace only. Actually, LinkedIn can do much more than that. Sure, it still contains profile pages with work experience and networking tools, but the Android LinkedIn app is now

#4. Signal (Private Messenger Chat)

This is one of the best Android apps that is high quality in both security and communication. You can easily chat just as usual without worrying about data leak or over-hearing. It can set the timer to delete messages from both sides. The only minor downside is that Signal’s visual appearance is not really pleasant to the eyes. After all, quality comes first, right?

Best apps for Photo

#5. Instagram

best Android apps instagram

Time after time, Instagram has been adding more and more photo editing features for glamming personal feed and stories. By far, InstaStories has surpassed Snapchat for the same features as there are more to add: music, location, stickers, countdown clocks and many more to come. Instagram is now the king of social photo apps thanks to its minimal interface with lots of unique and visionary features.

#6. Adobe Lightroom

Needless to say, anyone who loves editing photos professionally cannot know about Adobe Lightroom. The best thing is that Lightroom syncs all the edits between different devices. Some of its outstanding “desktop” features that still remain in the Android App are noise reduction, advanced color and lighting, raw camera profile and lens corrections.

#7. Google Photos

A special feature in this Android App is that Google Photos automatically recognize facial features. Then it categorizes each person’s appearance in every photo! Furthermore, searching for photos based on specific locations or dates is super simple. It also offers plentiful editing tools to better photo quality.

#8. PicsArt

PicsArt Photo Studio features unlimited effects, drawing tools, layer controls and the most popular one, collages. For years, it has been trusted as one of the best Android apps and is loved by teenagers.

#9. Snapseed

Snapseed is an app for photo editors owned by Google. Although it is not too popular, Snapseed offers much more filters than other competition, as the most typical ones are: non-destructible raw files edit and exposure adjustment.

Best Apps for Internet Browsing

#10. Microsoft Edge

best Android apps ms edge

Microsoft’s apps are always good quality and suitable for business employment. Likewise, Microsoft Edge is highly effective in Web Browsing. Its most outstanding function is syncing web pages, history, or bookmarks between all Android devices and your desktop. Moreover, MS Edge also lets you search on Bing by your voice or just by an image. How cool is that?

#11. Firefox

We all know Firefox for desktop, and we also know that it is now out-dated. But, not for Firefox Android App. It is very fast and smooth to run. Yet, the most loved feature is that Firefox never collects users’ data. Its security settings are extremely safe and protective. What’s more, you can avoid ads with no charge!

Best Android Apps for Travel

#12. Google Translate / Duolingo

best Android apps google translate

Seems like Google and Microsoft apps will appear on this list for a lot of time. But, indeed, Google Translate is now one of the best Android apps for travelling. With much improvement and validation for 109+ languages. The best features are probably real-time voice and photo translation, which are very useful and handy.

If you want to learn the basics beforehand, try Duolingo. Duolingo gamifies learning with standard to fluent levels and you can learn at any time, anywhere, even just for 5 minutes per day. Duolingo may send you “strict” notification if you forget learning for some days to remind you!

#13. 1Weather 

1Weather is the best Android app for forecasting weather. Its interface is clean, simple and it’s very simple to use. With up to 12 weeks forecasting, you don’t need to be worried about long duration trips anymore! Sometimes, 1Weather even gives some weather facts to educate us.

#14. Google Maps (& Waze) 

Yes, everyone uses Google Maps. Not only Android, but iOS users as well because Google Maps’ functions are very helpful. Besides showing the shortest ways, Maps also gives access to Bus stops or Gas stations,… within offline mode. And in this Covid-19 pandemic, feel free to travel online with its 360-degree and moving photos of popular destinations!

#15. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best Android apps for booking! It has a very clean and light interface with simple-use navigation. Especially for homestay lovers, Airbnb is the strongest contender. In addition, it also highlights nearby restaurants or clients’ experience as well.

The most used function is Google voice assistance. It is super powerful and handy and can act like a virtual tour guide for you!

Best Apps for Fitness

#17. Adidas Running

Adidas Running was formerly known as Runtastic PRO. Besides tracking your running, cycling, hiking, or walking routes, this app can do much more. Its data calculation will give you the best prescriptions and future planning to better achieve your goals.

#18. Fitbit

Fitbit is probably the best Android app for fitness “competition”. With the same useful functions and features like other apps, it also has a social mode where you can compete with your friends!

#19. Clue

Not really fitness-like, Clue is an Android app for tracking and predicting period. With a functional calendar, you may know when to do what work or plan ahead to avoid the “day”. After all, Clue is a very gender-neutral app, not just for women only.

Best Android Apps for Music/Podcasts

#20. Youtube & Youtube Music 

Isn’t Youtube the biggest music streaming platform in the entire planet? Especially self-made or self-remixed songs mostly cannot be found anywhere else except Youtube. Youtube Music is like a more professional app than Youtube and specifically made for Music. There are even more official tracks than Spotify and Apple Music.

#21. Spotify

Spotify is no doubt one of the best Android apps for music-lovers. Besides high sound quality, Spotify’s updated music playlists are liked and highly rated by millions of users. There are playlists for literally everything.

#22. Poweramp Music Player 

Poweramp is another powerful Android app for local music. It functions variably, with the only downside is its UI.

#23. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts also sync within your multiple devices, which is a perfect function for podcasts that not many can do. Plus, it is very easy and quick to customize to your taste as well.

#24. Podcast Addict

With a simple and effective UI and downloadable features, Podcast Addict is one of the best Android apps for anyone who loves podcasts. You can customize your own playlists and download rules to your preference. 

Best Android Apps for Utility

#25. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly automatically corrects grammatical mistakes or typos. And, Grammarly allows you to change your wording into both formal and informal posts: social media, email, etc.

#26. Zedge

Zedge covers lots of utilities: wallpapers, ringtones, to alarms. You have a huge amount of customizable options with Zedge. For superior content, Zedge Premium is to die for.

#27. Microsoft Swiftkey

This is one of the most powerful keyboards in the world! It is free and highly customizable by third-parties. Microsoft Swiftkey offers support for multiple languages and syncs different devices to one library.

#28. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is more of a theme app. There are plenty of home screen elements for you to customize. What’s more, as Nova Launcher is consistently updated, you will always get the latest and newest features!

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Best Android Apps for Planning

#29. Mint

Mint is an awesome financial tracking app for Android. It helps you visualize your long-term goals and stay within budget. What’s more, the bill paying feature will remind you every time you need to pay for it.

#30. TickTick

Although TickTick is not too popular, its functions are super helpful. Beside tasks, it also covers reminders, organizational features and categories and so on. The best thing is that TickTick lets you share those tasks with other people for team’s goals and objectives!

#31. Tasker

Tasker is one of the best Android apps for assisting. You can customize commands. However, it is pretty tricky and time-consuming to learn Tasker. But once you’ve got the hang, you will see how powerful it is!

#32. Todoist

Todoist is another free Android app for organizing and planning. You can list all “to-dos” and prioritize them. Its UI is rather clean, functional and easy to use. If you want to get more features like viewing productivity or reminders, you need to pay extra.

Best Android Apps for Workplace

#33. Slack

Slack is one of the fastest Android business tools. It does not have a complex or truly professional look, rather feel like instant messenger. As a result, it’s really familiar to use Slack. What makes Slack become the top app these days is thanks to its advanced features such as do not disturb, or custom alerts.

#34. Dropbox

Dropbox goes for the cloud service way. In other words, all the data are stored and synced in every device of yours. It is a perfect backup for not only data but also images.

#35. Microsoft Word

MS Word is another “cloud-type” Android app. It even autocorrects grammatical mistakes and typos. And there is no difference between multiple devices, and with offline function, MS Word is perfect for busy workers and students.

#36. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based solution available on Android. You can get up to 15GB for free to store all the files from docs to images and videos. What’s more, it includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, … so if you are using one of those, you’d better store them on Google Drive.

Best Android Apps for News

#37. Kindle

This Amazon Kindle app is free, and easy to use. You can bookmark where you want and it automatically syncs all the devices using your account. The best thing is that Kindle’s e-book is very quick to purchase.

#38. ESPN

We all know the ESPN TV channel, but its app also works magic. ESPN app covers every sports news from America to Brazil. You can even set reminders for big games. You can download and install ESPN+, its streaming app to get the best of both worlds.

#39. Flipboard

Flipboard allows you to browse articles, videos, podcasts and other types of media. Its has an aesthetics, magazine-like interface that draws our attention. Flipboard has been on the top apps list for news for years now.

Best Android Apps for Video Streaming

#40. Netflix

Netflix is getting more and more popular thanks to its viral shows, comedies, dramas and documentaries. Some typical names are Stranger Thing, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, and The Crown. Some are downloadable and seen offline.

#41. Youtube TV

For streaming live channels regarding sports, news or entertainment, Youtube TV is a must-have. Its streaming performance is brilliant!

#42. Twitch

Another best Android apps for streaming services, you can watch other people playing, cooking, doing sports and more.

#43. Hulu

Hulu has a very large videos libraries and provides numerous options for many. Its excellent live TV elements with well-designed apps will provide the best user experience.

Best Android Apps for Security

#44. Dashlane

Dashlane automatically remembers your password, even the most complicated ones. It does not leak out any private information, just save your password in any logins section. Even payment information can be stored in Dashlane.

#45. LastPass PW Manager

Another best Android app for managing passwords. It does the same job as Dashlane for free, yet it’s also used on different platforms namely desktops, mobiles and tablets.

#46. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender has received the top, perfect scores from different research. It can scan your phone in just seconds and includes many protective tools and methodologies to prevent virus.

#47. NordVPN

NordVPN has an excellent user interface and with many tools and hundreds VPN servers worldwide, it is surely an app that you cannot miss.

Best Android Apps for Shopping

#48. Amazon Shopping

Amazon is now one of, if not the biggest retailers in the world. Because of that, its app also plays a vital role in the online retailing industry. You can use photo search or Alexa the assistant to help! They are mobile-friendly and makes your life easier and more productive.

#49. Venmo

Venmo is a free Android app that has a clean, simple interface. With its social function, transactions from you to friends and relatives are quickly executed.

#50. Google Pay

or Google Wallet, is a payment app for Android. It is a huge contender when compared to Venmo. Further, Google Pay often notifies users about big discounts and special offers.

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