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best bootstrap alternatives

Creating a responsive website is not enough. We also need to create one that correctly runs on all types of devices from phones, tablets to desktops. And how to do it? Most developers use Bootstrap, one of the most popular front-end frameworks used for over 18 million websites. In today’s article, ArrowHiTech proudly presents the top 15+ Best Bootstrap alternatives for you to try. We hope that you can find the most suitable ones for your own business’ vibe.

But first, we need to understand Bootstrap benefits!

Why Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework used for web app development. It is made up of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. What’s more, Bootstrap is totally free and anyone can download and run it on multiple platforms (Mac, Linux and Windows). What are the advantages of using Bootstrap?

It saves time

Bootstrap helps increase development speed remarkably.

It is easy to use

With basic HTML and CSS knowledge, you can use Bootstrap at ease.

It offers responsive design

The screen size is automatically adjusted whenever you change the devices.

It is compatible for cross-browsers

All web-page would look the same as in all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and so on.

Ready to use Bootstrap? Check out the following list of:

Top 15+ Best Bootstrap alternatives

1. Foundation

best bootstrap alternatives foundation

Needless to say, Foundation is one of the best Bootstrap alternatives thanks to its responsiveness and scalability. Furthermore, this bootstrap alternative also includes all essential app components such as buttons, responsive grid, typography and so many other UI elements. For this reason, big corporations such as Amazon, HP, eBay and Adobe all choose Foundation for their websites.


  • Firstly, Easy customization
  • Secondly, Foundation has available certifications and professional training
  • Thirdly, it offers for email-targeted framework
  • And finally, it supports for Right-to-Left languages


  • Quite difficult for starters to use
  • When it comes to IO footprint, it gets a little bit heavy

2. Bulma

best bootstrap alternatives bulma

Bulma was developed 3 years ago and was one of the first CSS frameworks to implement a flexbox grid. This Bootstrap alternative has tons of components with colourful palettes and beautiful designs. With just little effort, you can create an attractive and appealing website.


  • Firstly, it offers a very simple grid system
  • Moreover, this bootstrap alternative has mobile-first design, which means it is 100% responsive
  • Furthermore, it only includes what you need (modular)


  • Flexbox, which leads to grid system, is not ideal for bidimensional layouts

3. Skeleton

best bootstrap alternatives skeleton

Skeleton is a very lightweight framework and is well-known for its effective 12-column grid. Skeleton’s source code consists of up to 200 lines, so it doesn’t need compilation or installation. If you want to create a small and straightforward website, then Skeleton is a perfect Bootstrap alternative for you!


  • No installation and compilation
  • Furthermore, it allows portrait or landscape display
  • Very small footprint


  • Skeleton is no longer maintained by developers

4. Pure.css

best bootstrap alternatives purecss

This bootstrap alternative is developed by Yahoo and also bears such a minimal footprint of only 4KB. Pure allows developers to create responsive layouts with forms, menus, buttons,..and of course, grids. Pure.css is one of the best Bootstrap alternatives for mobile devices.


  • It requires such minimal footprint
  • It is modular, which means it is separated into different modules (tables, menu,…)


  • Limited CSS selectors
  • No significant improvement since then

5. Groundwork

This Bootstrap alternative is very lightweight and flexible that also lets developers create responsive and scalable web apps. Groundwork is super easy to customize with endless choices to your preference. 


  • Responsive grid system for even complex design
  • Dynamic text, images and fonts


  • No maintenance

6. UIKit

UIKit is one of the best Bootstrap alternatives as it is super lightweight and easy to use. For high-pixel web layouts and desktops, this bootstrap alternative is an amazing option that you cannot miss. UIKit also bears many basic and advanced components as well.


  • Ability to inter-operate with CSS
  • Support for Right-to-left Languages
  • Unlimited Icon Libraries


  • Limited utility classes
  • Over 600 problems on GitHub

7. Material UI

Material UI is another Bootstrap alternative that is based on Google’s Material Design. But what makes Material UI different is that it’s a React framework. For that reason, all the UI elements and stylings are React.


  • Unlimited customizable themes
  • Backed by Google’s developers
  • Reusable components
  • Free and premium templates available


  • Only usable in React environment
  • No first-class support for mobile
  • No CSS utility classes

8. Metro UI

Metro UI has over 100 UI components so that you can create any kind of websites you want. Similar to Material UI, Metro UI is also based on Metro design language from Windows operating system. Besides all the basic components, it comes with M4Q, a JS library as well.


  • Support for internationalization
  • Ability to inter-operate with some JS frameworks like React, Vue, Angular


  • Metro design language only follows the typographic principle
  • Confusing documentation

9. HTML5 Boilerplate

This Bootstrap alternative is not really a framework. In fact, it’s an HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frontend template. HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build a fast and adaptable website or application. Aside from basic components, it also uses multiple programming languages such as CSS, default print styles, Normalize.css, jQuery, Modernizr. As a result, developers can create simple and complex sites.


  • It is HTML5 ready
  • Support for printing a web page
  • Simple documentation
  • Offer the best and most modern experience


  • No maintenance for versions that support older web browsers

10. Tailwind CSS

This bootstrap alternative is a low-level CSS framework but very highly-customizable. Moreover, with Tailwind CSS, you can “mix and match” any CSS properties via utility classes. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Less CSS bundle
  • Responsive utility classes
  • Component friendly


  • Controversial utility classes (some developers prefer semantic CSS)
  • Need to find or create components by yourself

11. Materialize

Materialize is a very modern and responsive framework. This bootstrap alternative was created based on Material Design by Google (a design language that combines traditional languages with technology). This alternative offers many basic components and animations that you can freely create. There are also code examples with documentation that you can see for better understanding. 


  • Ruby on Rails friendly
  • Plugins to address UX (on mobile services)
  • Ability to expand via Sass preprocessing
  • Smooth animations and transitions for great user experience
  • Premium themes available


  • There are around 700 problems on Github that haven’t been addressed yet

12. Bootflat

Bootflat is one of the best Bootstrap alternatives that uses CSS. Its purpose is to design appealing and astonishing websites. With less repetition, developers can create a website at ease. This kind of bootstrap alternative is also a mobile-first framework that focuses on off-screen navigation and scalable plugins. As a result, our sites are highly optimized and well-functioned.


  • Best for prototyping pages
  • Created with the latest technology trends 
  • It works in all major browsers


  • It does not support Bootstrap 4
  • No maintenance

13. Mueller

Mueller is a responsive grid system built on Sass and CSS framework. This bootstrap alternative allows developers to use the grid() function to add classes to elements, thus creating an adaptive web layout. You can have access to column width, baseline grid, gutter width or media queries for custom needs.


  • Full control on customization
  • Simple and quick use


  • No maintenance

14. Powertocss

This Bootstrap alternative is another lightweight framework designed on SMACSS and DRY CSS. Sounds complex, but it is very easy to learn with simple class names like .button and .column. Powertocss is highly customizable and fast to develop.


  • Simple to learn and develop


  • Need some UI kits
  • No maintenance

15. Cardinal

If you need a high-performance, scalable website, then Cardinal is a perfect Bootstrap alternative for you. With many basic components, it also support all major modern web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Android.


  • Small footprint
  • Easily scalable


  • No maintenance

There are some more great options that we would like to recommend:

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Final Words

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