Best e commerce themes for WordPress: How to choose it to minimize risks

In fact, 57% of customers will abandon your site if they have to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. So does it necessary to minimize risks, especially when choose best e commerce themes for WordPress?

Nowadays, there are a variety of e commerce platforms to choose. If you want to keep costs low while retaining freedom in terms of design customization, using WordPress as your content management system is your best choice. With WordPress powering your website’s front-end processes, anyone can get an ecommerce website up and running in no time. Since the WordPress platform is open-source, the market is bursting at the seams with hundreds of thousands of pre-made, customizable themes. However, along with choosing the best e commerce themes for WordPress, many online store owners also consider about how to minimize risks. We will take a deep look about it in this article.

To minimize risks, consider components of best e commerce themes WordPress below:

1. Site Speed

Page load speed is an important factor when it comes to SEO because of its contribution to a good user experience.

Before deciding on any theme, run the theme’s demo website through PageSpeed Insights (Pingdom Tools or GTmetrix are also useful tools for diagnosing speed issues).

Design and all else equal, choose the fastest loading theme for SEO purposes. Additional tips for maximizing WordPress themes for quick page load:

  • Choose a high-performance WordPress web host, like KinstaPagely, or WPEngine.
  • Use image optimization plugins.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) and a caching plugin.

New WordPress theme has been released!! Lusion – is predicted to be one of the best e commerce WordPress themes in 2020 by specialists!

best e commerce themes for WordPress

It is evaluated as most unique multi-purpose eCommerce theme for shop online with clean and modern design. Lusion will be a subtle and smart choice for shop owner to sell their best products. There is no doubt that Lusion will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers. 

2. Mobile-Responsive Design.

Websites are viewed on in a variety of devices, screen resolutions, and browsers. So the ideal theme must be able to look good and function well.

If optimizing the user experience (UX) isn’t enough of a pull, consider Google’s mobile-first initiative when it comes to ranking. Most modern WordPress themes have responsive design covered as a given. But it doesn’t hurt to do your own mobile audit of a theme’s demo page to see if there are any glaring issues.

best e commerce themes for wordpress

Hightlight characters of Lusion’s design for mobile

  • Optimize the user experience on mobile
  • Support the internet browser on mobile effectively
  • The website uses the available functions of the phone
  • Its cost is cheaper than the design of IOS and Android application

Once you launch your best e commerce themes for WordPress website, make sure to connect it to Google Search Console to receive warnings if any of your pages have clear mobile-friendliness issues.

3. Website Security of best e commerce themes for WordPress

When you run an ecommerce store, you’ll be tasked with protecting people’s sensitive information, like credit card details and delivery addresses. Most of WordPress’s security functionality is dependent on your web host. And it can be improved by installing an SSL certificate and various security plugins.

However, you’ll also want to consider the choice of your theme as part of website security in themes that are not updated often are more prone to security breaches. Some themes may also contain their own security features and accreditations.

4. Navigational Ease

Ease of navigation contributes to a good website experience. When choosing best e commerce themes for WordPress, ensure that the route from the home page to checkout is clear. Then aim to follow the 3-click rule (where visitors can find desired information/shop for specific products within three clicks).

5. Clean Code.

To avoid SEO problems, it is important that your chosen theme is developed according to the latest coding standards. Especially since bloated code can slow down site indexing on search engines, while also affecting the user experience.

6. Additional considerations of best e commerce themes for WordPress

  • Paid or free: In most cases when it comes to starting a WordPress website, free themes are quite good. By the way, when starting an ecommerce shop on WordPress, you should uplevel and invest a bit. For one, premium themes are updated often. And as a result, are more secure. Second, premium themes tend to have better design aesthetics out-of-the-box (and ease of customization). Last, premium themes offer included customer support if you need it (free themes do not offer any built-in support).

With the intro price is only $19, Lusion will bring you many options of oustanding features than ever!

  • Accessibility: While accessibility isn’t a Google ranking factor yet. It’s important to give everyone the best site experience, regardless of any limitations they may face when interacting with the internet.
  • Developed for SEO: While the above practices are, in general, SEO-friendly, you’ll want to consider a WordPress ecommerce theme that was developed specifically for SEO.

Final Thoughts: The Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes for Your Next Project

A great website experience is necessary for creating ecommerce conversions. If customers don’t like your website design, cannot search through your product catalog easily, or find your site load speed too slow, they’ll likely turn to another ecommerce shop to get what they need.

Final thoughts when choosing WordPress ecommerce themes in short:

  • When deliberating between various options, put the user experience first.
  • Ensure that your chosen theme is flexible enough to accommodate customizations that you intend to make to personalize your website.
  • Test your prospective theme for compatibility with the plugins you plan to use.

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