Best ide for react-native: Top 10 perfect ones to get successful mobile app development

In the previous several years, React Native has gained a lot of traction among mobile app developers. And as a result, the tooling environment has greatly improved. Coming to React Native, we can’t help but mention Best react ide. If you are seeking the perfect one to employ the goal of getting successful mobile app development, let’s refer to Top 10 best react ide of ArrowHiTech below right now! 

What you should know about React Native?

First and foremost, React native is a JavaScript framework for developing real-time, natively rendered mobile apps for platforms such as iOS and Android. React, a JavaScript toolkit for generating user interfaces, is the foundation of this framework. Instead of focusing on the browser, it now focuses on mobile platforms. 

React Native

Best of all, React Native development tools make it easier to create React Native apps. In addition, web developers may create native-looking mobile apps without having to learn a new programming language. Furthermore, the React Native stack is also a true game-changer in terms of productivity and development speed. This is due to the fact that most of the code you create can be transported between platforms including web, desktop, iOS, Android. 

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React Native will make developing for both Android and iOS a breeze 

React Native applications use a combination of JavaScript and XML-like syntax, similar to React for the Web. The React Native Bridge uses native APIs in Objective-C/Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android to put someone in a specific state. As a result, your app will use genuine mobile UI components rather than web views to render, and it will look and feel like any other mobile app. The actual, disagreeable nature of JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs is revealed with the help of React Native. 

What is RN

In addition, React Native is a framework for converting HTML syntax into native UI elements and leverages existing rendering methods. React Native also separates its responsibilities and work from the main UI thread, allowing your app to run at fast speeds without sacrificing functionality. Furthermore, React Native follows the same update cycle as React: when props or state changes, it re-renders the views. The most significant distinction between React Native and React in the browser is that React Native accomplishes this by adding something new to its host platform’s UI libraries, rather than simply using HTML and CSS syntax.

What makes React native stand out?

React Native stands out from other existing cross-platform application development tools because it employs its host platform’s regular rendering APIs to cause someone or something to be in a specific state. Although this way can be employed effectively, it still has some disadvantages, most notably in terms of performance. Therefore, they normally do not have access to the host platform’s native UI elements. Not only that, development is made easier and more complicated with the use of tools and plugins. 

Top 10 best react ide in the market

1. Visual Studio – awesome react ide

Best ide for react native

The first best ide for react native we highly recommend for you is Visual Studio. In fact, this is a wonderful Microsoft-provided programming platform that includes a number of useful features. There are numerous features in this application that make it ideal for most developers. Here are some outstanding features you should know in this programming platform:

  • There’s a built-in debugger.
  • Syntax highlighting is supported.
  • Code completion is available in some versions.
  • With a large community, it is one of the most popular code editors and debuggers.

What are pros and cons of Visual Studio?


  • The first and also the most exceptional pros of Visual Studio is it’s FREE
  • Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported.
  • This exceptional react ide contains a large number of free plugins that can support any developer in their jobs.


  • Unfortunately, compared to many other competitors, it has less features
  • Slow and jerky at times.
  • The code check functionality isn’t that useful.

2. Atom

The second react ide you can’t ignore to get successful mobile app development is Atom. First and foremost, it’s a cutting-edge text editor that’ll make constructing a React Native application a breeze. Apart from React Native apps, it is also utilized for a variety of other technologies, indicating that it has a large developer community. Besides, you can explore some of the most amazing features of Atom below:

  • Atom – this wonderful react ide works well on a variety of platforms because it is a cross-platform tool 
  • It comes with a plugin library that lets you add a variety of functionalities.
  • The syntax highlighting is a fantastic addition.
Atom Best ide for react native

Advantages & disadvantages of Atom


  • First of all, it contains the great built-in package manager
  • Secondly, the smart auto-completion feature cuts development time in half.
  • Learning and using the interface is simple.


  • Firstly, the default codes in this area may be improved.
  • Moreover, the documentation is inadequate.
  • In addition, this platform is a little sluggish at times.

3. Nuclide – Best ide for react native

Nuclide is considered as one of the most perfect react ide you should know if you expect to get successful mobile app development. First and foremost, Nuclide is a package that’s based on the Atom text editor. Besides, this tool was created with the major aim of improving the Atom’s features or usability, and it does so to a considerable degree. Best of all, it also includes some of the most powerful features that you can’t miss. Now, let’s explore its excellent features:

  • There are numerous plugins available for adding all of the capabilities you require to your React Native application.
  • Support for flows is a fantastic feature for React Native developers.
  • Adding functionality to your React Native app is a breeze with remote development.

What are the pros and cons of Nuclide?


  • The development process moves quickly.
  • For speedy coding, the smart auto-complete tool is fantastic.
  • The graphical user interface is fantastic.
  • This tool’s user interface is simple and effective.


  • There are several options and features that appear to be missing, indicating that there is opportunity for improvement.
  • It takes a long time for the startup to complete.
  • Debugging is a time-consuming process.

4. Sublime Text – React ide

Best ide for react native

In case you’re seeking an outstanding react ide, Sublime Text is one of the most perfect choices you should consider. Firstly, Sublime Text is yet another text editor for the development of various technologies. Besides, the nicest feature about it is the large community that uses it. Best of all, it is also one of the most popular text editors among programmers.

Highlight features:

  • If you want to make modifications to your code, the selection shortcut is a useful feature.
  • What’s more, the command palette assists you in determining your code’s syntax.
  • Developers benefit from having a large library of APIs and packages.
  • For easier coding, key bindings and macros are supported.

Pros and cons of Sublime Text


  • The direct server upload command line shortcut is fantastic and saves a lot of time.
  • The user interface creates an awesome environment that you won’t be distracted when coding. 
  • The most ideal option for beginners and new programmers.
  • It’s a breeze to understand and utilize.


  • Although Sublime Text is very wonderful for React Native development, it’s not an IDE in the traditional sense.
  • It’s not FREE so there are a lot of programmers are afraid to use it
  • There are a lot of unpleasant notifications in the free mode. 

5. WebStorm – Flawless React ide

If you don’t put too much faith in new platforms and are looking for an established and mature platform, you should take a look at WebStorm. With over 15 years of experience, WebStorm is always ready to beat any opponent in the field of mobile app development. Best of all, this program can accomplish a lot more than you think, whether it’s the changeable plugin system or the setup choices. As a result, it will always bring you the highest satisfaction. 

webstorm Best ide for react native

Outstanding features:

  • Projects can be run online thanks to the built-in web server.
  • Integrated support for the building of react-native applications
  • Developers will like how well Git and GitHub are integrated.

Then, we should take a step to its pros and cons.

WebStorm’s pros

  • Thanks to the code refactoring, coring becomes extremely easier with WebStorm
  • It accepts a large number of plugins.
  • Checking bugs is a breeze with the integrated code quality tools.


  • WebStore isn’t open-source.
  • Development is free, but commercial use is not.
  • In terms of performance, it’s not very good.

6. Reactide – React ide

Moving to another ide for react native you can’t ignore in our list is Reactide. In fact, it is known as one of the most flawless ones you need to know if you want to get successful mobile app development. This React Native app development environment comes with a variety of cool features such as: hot reloading and other built-in tools. As a result, it will make development easier than ever.

Key features:

  • Reactide allows you to get seamless browser integration
  • Visualization in real time.
  • Editing and navigation are simple.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Reactide?


  • You can add whatever feature you want to your React Native app.
  • It’s a cross-platform application.
  • Component styles and properties are controlled via synchronized GUI controls.


While other platforms still have several cons, Reactide is gradually perfect without any disadvantage. So, what are you waiting for without utilizing it right now?

7. GNU Emacs Editor – React ide

GNU Emacs Editor

In case you’re looking for the best ide for react native in order to develop your mobile app successfully, you should have a glance at GNU Emacs Editor. In particular, this editor can be described as the most basic editor available, as it lacks none of the essential capabilities.

Highlight features:

  • GNU Emacs Editor works well with a wide range of tools and platforms.
  • Beginners will find it simple to use thanks to the tutorials.
  • It’s capable of far more than just developing React Native apps.

Pros & Cons of GNU Emacs Editor


  • This perfect react ide comes with high-speed coding environment that has no issue
  • It’s easier to work on with the syntax highlighting tool.
  • For developers that enjoy customizing, the theme customization tool is a benefit.


  • It’s difficult to adjust to.
  • The initial setup takes a lengthy time.
  • There are a lot of options, so it will take a lot of your time.

8. Expo 

Coming to another react ide you need to know in our list – Expo. First and foremost, it is a free open-source technology that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Besides, it’s a set of tools built on React Native. As a result, it may be used to create iOS and Android apps utilizing JavaScript and React Native. Moreover, the ability to sample any program on a device simply by scanning a QR code is one of the nicest advantages.

Key features:

  • It allows you to show off your apps to clients, customers, or users by simply scanning a QR code.
  • There are no TestFlight builds or APKs required.
  • What’s more, it also enables you to write and preview React Native code straight in the browser.

9. Redux

Can’t help but mention Redux – a JavaScript-based open-source framework in this topic. In fact, this react ide is highly recommended by most experienced developers for the React Native mobile development process. For React Native projects, it is the most popular state management library. What’s more, it provides live code editing as well as a time-traveling view of your material. 

Key features:

  • Contain Easy App Testing and Create applications that can operate in a variety of settings, including client, server, and native.
  • Include live code editing. 

10. React Native Debugger 

Last but not least is React Native Debugger – one of the best react ide you need to know to develop your mobile app effectively. This React Native Debugger tool is the first to try out if you’re seeking for a tool to debug React Native mobile applications. Moreover, is a standalone tool designed to help you debug your React Native apps. The fact that it comes with out-of-the-box support for the Redux mechanism implies it also comes with Redux development tools.

Awesome features:

  • The ability to evaluate visual elements on the screen and make changes as needed that’s very helpful for any developer working on UI design
  • This excellent react ide speeds up and streamlines the development and error-debugging processes.

In conclusion

To sum up, above are Top 10 flawless react ide that any developer as well as programmers should know to get successful mobile app development. Do you choose the most suitable one through our blog?Moreover, in case you have any problem with Best ide for react native, wider than is React Native App Development Services, let ArrowHiTech know, then we will help you solve it immediately.