Best operating systems: The good alternatives you should choose for your laptop or computer

Operating system, or OS is one of the most important parts in every computer. Without them, computers hardly function, or even work. However, we rarely talk about it. Therefore, in this guideline, we will show you the list of our best OS and why they are the best

What is Operating system?

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Operating system or OS, let users run crucial applications on their computing devices. As a result, OS is extremely important for your computers 

Difference between server OS and everyday OS

First, we need to distinguish between server OS and every day OS. You might be familiar with everyday OS such as MS Word, Powerpoint and so on. Connected to wifi or Internet, they allow your applications to function on your computer well. These OS are quite low – cost and affordable.

On the other hand, server OS is a lot more expensive and complex. It allows unlimited number of user connections, offers better memory capacities and a lot more. 

Overall, server OS is more suitable for multiple desktop, therefore it can work well for net work rather than individual use.

Best OS for your laptops or computers

MS – Windows

best os MS windows

This might be the most popular and the best OS in the world. There are over 1 billion Window – powered PCs in use in the world, and this number will continue growing. And there are numerous reasons behind its success

First, MS – Windows is very easy to use. Thus, almost everyone can easily learn and work on this best OS within a short time. Moreover, MS – Windows developers are doing their best to make this operating system more user – friendly and higher secured. 

In particular, the recent MS Windows version has a stunning and appealing interface. Also, thanks to the robust User interface, users can easily navigate on their computer. Furthermore, with multi factor authentication technology, MS – Windows offers its users a much better security with BIN, PIN or fingerprint. The main downside of this best OS might be the high cost. 

Ubuntu Linux

best os ubuntu

If you don’t want to spend a fortune for an operating system, then Ubuntu Linux might be the best OS for you to choose. It’s FREE to download and use. However, it still provides you with everything you need in an ideal operating system. 

In fact, Ubuntu Linux is an open – source software. Therefore, users can share this OS with others. Moreover, thanks to the built – in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu can greatly protect your computer from hackers and viruses. Above all, this best OS supports more than 50 languages. Hence, you hardly need to worry about language boundaries when working with this operating system

Mac OS

best os Mac OS

In recent years, we are witnessing the surge of Apple as well as Mac OS. This might be the best OS with a stunning, appealing and powerful interface. Hardly any other operating systems can overcome the Mac OS interface in the market nowadays. Besides, these days, Mac OS is completely free to download and use. Sometimes, you also get free upgrades by Mac developers. This is such a great bargain

The best thing about Mac OS might be its security. When compared to other operating systems in the market, Mac OS has a lot more advantages. It not only provides you with built – in firewall and virus protection, but also keeps you anonymous online. Thanks to that, online websites can’t track your Mac


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Moving to CentOS – the best OS for developers and coders due to its extensive resources. This is a free, open – source platform. Therefore, it allows other users and robust platform management. 

The best thing about CentOS is that it includes advanced networking, compatibility as well as secure features. You might not find these features in many other Operating systems. In fact, CentOS’ security function might be the most advanced one in the world. As a result, you don’t need to worry too much about hackers or viruses.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL)

Right from the name, you might realize that this operating system is more suitable for enterprise and businesses rather than individual use. RHLE is one of the best OS for companies and businesses thanks to its advanced features. For instance, it supports all major hardware platforms as well as thousands of commercial and custom applications. Moreover, Red Hat Enterprise Linux can provide users with stunning and easy – to – use interfaces.


When it comes to user – friendly functions, Fedora will come in handy. It’s extremely easy – to – use, powerful and stunning operating systems. With just one click or command, you can get a sufficient toolbox which contains language, tools and other utilities. Due to that, this best OS best suits beginners, students or office workers.

Besides, Fedora can also serve developers well thanks to its functioning tools and utilities

Oracle Solaris

Coming to another FREE, best os in the market – Oracle Solaris. This operating system can provide you with advanced, powerful security features like user rights management to ensure your security. Thanks to that, you don’t need to worry too much about hackers or viruses. Besides, Oracle Solaris is such a great operating system for web and networking. Above all, Oracle Solaris can deliver seamless inter- operability for you to solve hundreds of hardware and software problems. Needless to say, Oracle Solaris might be the best FREE operating system in the market.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is one of the best OS for multi – media. It includes an integrated media player. Thanks to that, you can play MP3’s, view JPEGs as well as other multimedia folders. Furthermore, Chrome OS is lightweight. Therefore, your computer will have such a great performance.

Nevertheless, there are many things to consider when it comes to Chrome OS. First, Chrome OS is not open – source. Secondly, this operating system hardly lets you choose your browser. Most of the time, you’ll be stuck with Google Chrome. However, considering Chrome OS is FREE, this operating system has provided you with sufficient functions 


Another FREE, best OS in the market, Debian. This Operating system is affordable, fast, user – friendly and feature – rich. First, it’s quite easy to install. Thus, you might not meet any issues or problems working with this operating system. Secondly, with in – built security firewalls, Debian can greatly protect your computer from hackers or viruses. Above all, this operating system is extremely lightweight and fast. As a result, it can grant you fast and great performance on your computer

Free BSD

Right from the name, you might know that this operating system is FREE. And you’re right. Free BSD is not only a Free OS, but one of the best OS out there. Free BSD is compatible with a wide range of platforms. Moreover, this OS is highly fast and stable. No need to worry about buggy or slow computer performance when working with Free BSD. Also, this OS is easy – to – use and user – friendly. From installing, setup to working on it, you hardly meet any hassle and problems


Last but not least, Deepin is one of the best OS for daily and casual use. It’s extremely simple to use. In particular, if you want to uninstall the program, then just simply go to the menu, right click on the app and choose “ Uninstall”. The best thing about Deepin is that it provides you with numerous helpful and advanced apps. Thus, Deepin can serve a variety of needs and requirements, from browsing the Internet to listening to music

In conclusion

Above are our top best OS for you to choose for your computer. Since the operating system is one of the most crucial parts of every computer, you need to consider them carefully. 

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