Broken links: Easy ways to find and fix them in WordPress

According to Oberlo, there are more than 4.33 billion Internet active users in 2020. It shows how widespread and popular the online platforms are. With about 1.74 billion functioning websites, mistakes and errors are bound to happen. Among those faults, one of the most common ones is Broken Links

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Broken links should always be fixed quickly!

Most of us have experienced broken links at least once. In general, this problem leads to bad customer experience and SEO ranking. In the end, broken links will make your online shops less attractive and appealing. Because this is a frequently met issue, today, our team – ArrowHitech has decided to expand on it. We hope that this article helps you understand the broken links situation and fix your own matters.


They are the links that once buyers click those, they will be redirected to a ‘404 page error/unavailable site’. In short, they are false links or links that don’t work.


There are several reasons for this situation. In addition, both shop owners and customers can form it. Here are top popular factors:

  • Change permanent links
  • Change slug name 
  • Delete websites
  • Change website domain name
  • Mistype the web urls


Like we have briefly mentioned, broken links result in customer’s review and SEO ranking. First, they make customers feel annoyed, unhappy and confused. The majority of them will think that your website no longer exists. As a result, the chances of them getting back to your shop are not high.

Furthermore, this issue even leads to revenue and customer loss. Second, broken links decrease your site’s SEO ranking. Web visitors are likely to back out without trying other products of yours, therefore, your site trafficking will significantly drop. Search engines only gather data, they don’t know what links work or not.

Although broken links means great loss in many aspects, you can easily avoid and fix, even with WordPress. But how to look for them?

Here are top 3 useful plugins that we want to share to you

This is the most famous checking plugin with more than 700,000 websites using it. You can edit URL, unlink or delete the network. Download Broken Link Checker here, at its official website. 

Another plus point of this plugin is that it covers many languages, not just English, which helps expand the range of users. By default, any broken links are notified on your dashboard or in your email. You can easily adjust the link on the plugin without fixing in the posts one by one.

broken links
Some useful plugins help optimize your sites!

Although it is not as popular as Broken Link Checker, this plugin receives a higher overall rating. An additional function is that Broken Link Status Checker can check or scan partially. In other words, apparently active sites do not need checking. This will save you lots of time and energy when compared to checking all the sites.

404 solution

This is one of the best plugins because visitors will automatically be directed to the correct websites. Moreover, 404 solution displays a list of page suggestions to help you redirect to a relevant page, which saves you much time. It also automatically removes redirects when the URL matches a new page or post as well.

There are plenty of ways to change broken links. We suggest 5 easiest and most simple ways for you to solve this problem

Removing broken links is the quickest way to fix. However, sometimes you will need to rewrite the paragraph because the information is different from the old one now.

404 Solution or Simple 301 Redirects plugin is a typical example. If you don’t want to install any plugins, you can still change permanent links in WordPress. In the side menu, select ‘Settings/Permalink’. The next step is to choose from different options namely plain, day and name, month and name, and many more. Once you’ve done, don’t forget to save the process.

Adjust the links to resolve your problem

#3. Adjust URL address

An ideal situation is that you can find the new article that you link into your sites. Yet, this is not always the case. If the original article or their whole website is deleted, then you will have to find another way to insert new links. You can easily find new sources and references online to replace the outdated ones.

Almost every broken link is resulted from affiliate or external networks. Some common reasons are: the company is no longer on the market, the affiliate system is deleted, the company shuts your account,…etc. We don’t make you delete or keep those networks. It is totally up to you, consider every purpose and aspect to make the final decision.

When you manage to change a link, you may forget to change its parent or children sites. Because this involves many other sites, you will need some time or help from professionals to do this task for you.

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Final Thoughts

Today, we have covered the topic of Broken Links: how to find and fix them. Despite the fact that they are difficult to prevent and lead to negative results, fixing this issue is a fairly easy task. We hope that you will know how to solve your problems, and wish for the successful eCommerce of yours. Otherwise, you can always contact us for complex and detailed project right here: