Cloud storage: what is it, how does it work and top best providers with comparison

In this decade of technology, you might hear the phrase “ cloud storage”, however, not many people have sufficient understanding about this. In fact, you might already be using the cloud while not realizing it. Do you use social media like Facebook or Instagram? Then, you are using the cloud. In this blog, we will deliver you the definition of cloud storage, how it works and cloud storage comparison 

What is cloud?

First, we need to understand What cloud is. Simply speaking, “ the cloud” are servers that you can access over the website interface. As a result, individuals and companies don’t need to manage the file and folders themselves, or run software applications on their own machines. Moreover, thanks to the cloud, you can access the same files and folders via any devices.

Cloud is divided into 3 categories. The first one is Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS). With this category, you’ll rent out great commuting infrastructure to other companies. Examples for this category are big companies like Google or Amazon

Next one is Platform as a Service, or ( PaaS). This allows developers to create online applications for specific sets of users.

Final category we want to mention is Software as a Service ( SaaS). This might be one of the most common forms of cloud. Thus, you might use it everyday without knowing this. Social media like Facebook or Instagram are examples of SaaS.

What is cloud storage?

cloud storage comparison

Now, let’s move to Cloud storage. Just like the name suggests, Cloud storage stores your data in a hardware in a remote physical location. Everyone can access this hardware on any device as long as they have their Internet connected. Therefore, people can upload their files or folders on the cloud storage instead of storing it in their devices. Then, they can either access the same file anywhere, or share the file with others. The biggest examples of Cloud storage are Google Drive or Dropbox

Cloud storage comparison

There are many cloud storage software out there in the market. Then, we will provide the overall cloud storage comparison to help you get the best one for your purposes


cloud storage comparison

The first cloud storage we want to mention is IDrive. This cloud storage can provide almost anything you need, from advanced backup features, user – friendly interface to great performance. Furthermore, IDrive has a fast upload speed. Therefore, it allows you to upload the files in bulk via mail.

Google Drive

cloud storage comparison

This might be one of the best cloud storage for individuals and small businesses. It’s highly easy to use thanks to the user – friendly interface. Also, you’ll get 15GB storage for free. Then, if you want to extend the memory storage, you can buy their Google One plan. The price is quite low, from $2/ month. Moreover, recently, Google Drive allows users to create files and folders offline. 


cloud storage comparison

The next one in our cloud storage comparison is pCloud. This is an ideal one for personal use, teams and small businesses. Moreover, pCloud is highly flexible since it’s compatible with almost all types of operating systems. From Mac, Windows to Android. When it comes to pCloud, there are no limits to the size of files or upload. Also, pCloud can grant you fast uploading speed and great performance

The main downside of this cloud storage might be the clutter file management.


cloud storage comparison

Moving to Dropbox, one of the most popular one in your cloud storage comparison. First, it’s compatible with almost any type of operating systems. Secondly, it’s highly easy – to – use and comprehensive. Thanks to that, you can easily get used to this cloud storage. Besides, Dropbox can greatly serve Pro – users thanks to its advanced features. 

However, Dropbox is quite costly compared to its rivals. Of course there is a FREE version for you to use, but you’ll only get 2GB. To extend the storage, you’ll have to pay $9.99/ month for 1 user and $16.99/ month for 6 users


If you’re using, or used Apple Inc’s products, then iCloud might be familiar to you. Often, this cloud is compatible with Apple’s device, however, you can access it via web browser as well. iCloud can automatically sync the file and folders on your iOs devices like iPhone or Macbook. Furthermore, you can create your folders on your files, including page numbers, or Keynotes. Then, when you change your phone, or use different Apple’s devices, all your data and files will easily imported


Moving to SugarSync, a powerful, well – functioning cloud storage for mobile phones. However, this one is only compatible with Android devices. It has a great and appealing interface. Moreover, SugarSync can greatly protect your files from unwanted access or intruders. 

Nevertheless, there are many things to consider when it comes to SugarSync. First, it’s quite expensive compared to other rivals. Despite the high price, SugarSynce can’t deliver you a lot of advanced functions. For example, advanced collaboration features. is such a great and powerful cloud storage in our cloud storage comparison. It’s easy to use and highly secured. Moreover, this cloud storage delivers you clear policy privacy. Thus, it can protect your data and files from unwanted access. Working with, you don’t need to worry about lacking information or data.  Also, the price plan is quite competitive. 

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive might be the best one in our cloud storage comparison. It has an excellent interface. Moreover, it’s compatible with almost any operating systems, from iOS, Windows to Android. However, if you’re using Windows as your operating system, then this cloud storage is for you. Microsoft OneDrive is greatly integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365. Furthermore, you’ll also get powerful sharing and document collaboration editing


Box is very easy to use and user – friendly. Thus, you hardly meet any problems or hassle working with this cloud storage. This is such an ideal cloud storage for business and companies since it’s designed for collaboration. However, Box is quite costly compared with its competitors.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

Right from the name “Certainsafe Digital Safety Deposit Box”, you might know that this cloud storage can grant you a great security. And you’re right. CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box is one of the highest secured cloud storage in the market. Thus, your data and files will be protected from hackers or intruders. Moreover, “Certainsafe Digital Safety Deposit Box” retains past file versions as well. However, CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box is not very flexible. In case you lose your password or security answer, there’s no way you can get back your data

In conclusion

We hope to deliver you valid information about cloud storage and through our cloud storage comparison, you can choose the right one for your requirements. 

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