Coding definition: what is it used for and how does it work?

coding definition

We all know coding as a source or combination of different numbers and letters. But, in the technological terms, Coding refers to the acts of using code for particular purposes of identification or classification. Today, let’s spend some quality time learning about what is coding definition, its purpose, advantages to see how it works. Before starting, ArrowHiTech would love to introduce a useful article about basic programming terms right here:

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Now, it’s time to discover what is coding definition!

What is coding definition?

Coding definition

coding definition 2

Coding is the use of programming languages to instruct or command the machineries to execute actions. As a result, computers can understand humans and perform our requests such as creating programs, developing web/apps and so. Coding is a means of communication between us and machines.

Some of the most popular programming languages used for coding are: PHP, C++, JavaScript, Python, C#, … 

Compare with Programming

Most people, even skilled developers, sometimes still mistake coding with programming. The biggest difference that you must remember is that Programming is more of the advanced coding level that requires much more code to complete the tasks.

For more detailed comparison, here is a summary table:

Codingwrite codes to translate languages into otherscommunication between human and machineriesbasicwrite codes to send messages to computersconvert human languages into binary ones
Programmingassemble instructions in machine languagestranslate human thoughts into machine commandshighly skillfulanalyze and create commands use the codes for machines to complete a task
Coding vs Programming
coding definition languages

How to begin Coding? Getting to know some basic languages is the answer. These are the 3 easiest languages:

  • HTML

HTML helps writers display documents in a more simple way on www. It uses blocks or “elements” to build documents. HTML’s body consists of the main body and sub-elements <p>.

  • CSS

CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used for designing web layout from fonts, colors, animations, inbound/outbound links, etc. Thus, CSS saves you lots of time and effort but still brings the best outcomes.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript focuses more on increasing users’ interaction. It has scripts (codes) to improve functionalities, even for complex ones such as payment security, password settings, or so. To front-end coding development, JavaScript plays a very significant role.

JavaScript code: Effective optimization tips to improve performance and website loading time


Now that we have fully understood Coding definition, we will go into detailed answers for “What is coding used for?”. We all know coding is a means of communication between humans and machines, but what exactly are its purposes?

  1. It programs every technological tool that we use on a daily basis. Smartphones, tablets, or even smartwatches and smartTVs all use coding.
  2. It controls every part of an automated car. Air conditioning clutches, Fuel injectors, … are under the coding system.
  3. For heavily-used devices, coding helps in the streamline procedure such as electrical grids, traffic lights,…

In other words, coding affects every aspect of our life, from the most basic needs to the most complex ones. What are its advantages?


#1. Broaden your knowledge

As coding plays a role in every single aspect of humans’ life, by learning coding, you can analyze what is wrong or how to fix an equipment. Comparing Coding to technology is like ABC to English, so it is really easy and fast to learn.

#2. Solve many problems

Technology is getting more and more used and expanded. Almost every household does have at least 3 high-tech tools. In modern, high-standard living, we even use smart devices integrated in houses, cars and phones. So if you are well-prepared about coding, you might know what goes wrong in daily life.

#3. Offer numerous job opportunities

Software engineering and programming are becoming the most popular careers these days. After all, the salary is quite high, around $150,000 per year

#4. Save tons of money

You will not need the help from experts that may cost hundreds of dollars for a minor issue anymore.

Where is Coding used?

Nowadays, Coding is used every where in any tools. From smartphones, , tablets to high-powered smartTVs, smartcars and smarthomes, coding appears to be one of the most important parts. Coding developers and engineers can now create a more productive and efficient structure, which is less expensive and time-consuming. What’s more, even the best, most advanced technological fields like AI or Machine learning all use coding.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for today’s topic! Thanks a lot for joining us, AHT hopes that you have gained more knowledge on what is coding definition, its use and its advantages!

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