Database management: Latest trends you should know

Several factors influence the operation of a successful business. You need impeccable marketing from a reliable digital marketing agency, keep up with the technology, and listen to the issues raised by the users to ensure your business becomes a success story. In this blog today, we will give you database management latest trends you should know.

Cloud Database Management

Cloud computing has effectively taken over the world for the good. It’s convenient, fast and gets things done on the go. Using the cloud for database management gives apps various benefits like increased efficiency, enhanced reliability as well as better cost-effectiveness.

Cloud technology offers database administrators with advanced functions. So it is easier to integrate current infrastructure with cloud technology. In fact, by managing database over the cloud servers, companies can significantly reduce the risk of accidental data lost or stolen.

Cloud computing technology

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Databases that bridge SQL/NoSQL

The latest trends in database products are those that don’t simply embrace a single database structure. Instead, the databases bridge SQL and NoSQL, giving users the best capabilities offered by both. This includes products that allow users to access a NoSQL database in the same way as a relational database, for example.

Automated management

Automating database management is another emerging trend. The set of such techniques and tools intend to simplify maintenance, patching, provisioning, updates and upgrades — even project workflow. However, the trend may have limited usefulness since database management frequently needs human intervention.

Outsourcing Database Management

Outsourcing database management is becoming more common. It’s not much different like outsourcing your app marketing to a professional marketing company.

In fact, by outsourcing the IT needs of your business, you not only lower the overhead costs but also get access to the latest technology ad assistance offered by professional database management companies.

Partnering with a professional database management company, you can focus on core development issues and come up with better apps. While your outsourced partner maintains the database. Another great benefit of outsourcing database management to a professional company is that it offers minimum downtime, as well as, advanced security and backup features.

In-memory database management

database management

Within the data warehousing community, there are similar questions about columnar versus row-based relational tables. The rise of in-memory databases, the use of flash or solid-state disks, clustered versus no-clustered solutions, and so on.

Predictive Analysis 

Predictive analysis is the future of database management. The technology enables businessmen to gather crucial insights and patterns from the data, so as to make intelligent and data-based decisions.

The predictive analysis works much like machine learning that over time can help make predictions using past data. For instance, mobile app companies can use predictive analysis. It is to gather users’ thoughts for the app and to identify new avenues for improvement. While this is still a relatively new technology, it will certainly emerge as a powerful technology in the future of mobile app database management.

Database management based on security

It has not exactly a trend given the constant focus on data security. To clarify, recent ongoing retail database breaches among US-based organizations show with ample clarity the importance for database management to work hand-in-hand with their IT security colleagues to ensure all enterprise data remains safe. So that, any organization that stores data is vulnerable.
Database administrators must also work with the security team to eliminate potential internal weaknesses. So that it could make data vulnerable. These could also include issues related to network privileges, even hardware or software misconfigurations that could be misused, resulting in data leaks.

Big Data

To be clear, big data does not necessarily mean lots of data. What it really refers to is the ability to process any type of data: what is typically referred to as semi-structured and unstructured data as well as structured data. Current thinking is that these will typically live alongside conventional solutions as separate technologies, at least in large organisations. But this will not always be the case.

Regulatory Compliance

Worldwide there is increasing stress for regulatory compliance. Moreover, The GDPR enforced by the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act, which is just recently enforced from January 1, 2020, are good examples of the growing importance of regulatory compliance for database management.

Today, businesses and apps are required to inform users about the type of data they are collecting (personal data, financial information, etc.), as well as, when and how they are going to use/sold the data. Non-compliance with the regulations for database management will just terminate any growth potential of the businesses.

To Sum Up

As for businesses, it is getting more important than ever to integrate these emerging technologies into their database management systems, so as to continue enjoying the competitive advantage. Above all, we believe many of these database management trends will help businesses to improve their operational efficiencies and optimize their data for wise and well-informed business decisions.