Dedicated Magento developers: The main reasons of hiring them to make your projects successful

Developing an e- store is not as easy as it sounds. Although Magento is an open- source platform, not every developer can work on it effectively. Some of them don’t spend enough time to study Magento and this will result in the lack of knowledge or further problems. No one wants to risk their business. Thus, you’d better hire dedicated Magento developers to grant your success.

Who is Dedicated Magento developers

Dedicated Magento developers are not only real pros. They have to overcome many tests, training to gain Magento certifications. As a result,  certified developers might have better understanding than those don’t. They can handle your complex task with ease and offer you the best performance.

Of course certificates is not everything. However, it will help better ensure your success in online business.

As a business owner, you want to gain the most profit from your store. Therefore, hiring dedicated Magento developers is vital since they can leverage your business potential. Here are some top reasons why hiring them can make your project successful

Benefits of hiring dedicated Magento developers

Certified developers are experienced

Dedicated Magento developers have to go through numerous tests and stages. And only a small number of them can achieve Magento certificates. As a result, the certificates is a valid proof of their skills and abilities. They are able to offer you high-quality website with neat codes and minimum problems.

Better fulfill your expectations 

Dedicated developers have great skill and experience in Magento platform. They will take responsibility, fully understand and meet your requirements. Moreover, Magento dedicated developers will give you some useful advice to enhance your website performance on Magento. For example, they might suggest eliminating extra features to improve website performance and loading speed.

High-quality coding

Magento is an open- platform for everyone to use with no strict coding rule. Dedicated Magento developers, however, have to follow Magento standards of coding. This will result in many efficiencies for your business.

Dedicated developers will deliver you high-quality and clean coding that best suits Magento platforms. A neat code can minimize problems of your website. Also, it will be easier to change, upgrade or implement new features in the future. 

Save time and money

Magento is a popular open-source platform. Hence, there are many developers interested in, but not everyone can follow Magento standards. Of course hiring freelance developers will be cheaper. However, you might have to spend more money fixing some problems or maintaining website. 

A dedicated Magento developers have great knowledge to build a suitable online store. They strictly follow Magento standards, understand the CMS and shop owners’ expectation well. Therefore, they can grant the great performance of your online shop. Despite higher cost in the first place, you will be able to spare some time and money in the future to tackle other tasks. 

Instant problem solving.

Dedicated Magento developers have to overcome many questions and practical tasks. Therefore, they have the ability to solve a wide range of problems in less time. When you meet problems like broken-down website, cyber attack, contact the developer immediately. They will give you the best solution and prevent further loss.

Optimize search engine

Hiring dedicated Magento developers gives you more chance to have a better website. Certified ones can create better UX/ UI, consider search engine optimization from the beginning. You will want more people know about your service and products. Then, Magento developers will increase traffic, ROI. As a result, you will gain more customers.

Certified developers also assure your customers will have wonderful time browsing your web shop. Hence, you can gain more buyers and profit. Thanks to dedicated Magento developers, you will benefit greatly and become more competitive in E commerce market

Customer support

You might have some problems with your website after launching and need some help. A certified developer will give you instant support. Most certified Magento development company have 24/7 service that can help you at any time. Whenever a problem appears, you don’t want to wait for a long time to have it fixed.Then, just contact certified developers and they will come in handy.

Stable website

Cyber attack is getting more skillful nowadays. It not only affect your business but also leak your information. As a result, you want to have a stable website to prevent hackers and broken-down web. Then, dedicated Magento developers with great experience in coding can create a high- secured website from the first place. You can save a lot of time and money fixing problems and buggy online store.

Useful tips to hire the best dedicated Magento developers

Hiring dedicated Magento developers is vital if you are serious with your business. However, choosing the right one for your shop is not easy. Here, we will give you some tips to choose the best developers for your business

Set up your business expectations

Firstly, you should determine what you want from your online shops: your KPIs, revenue monthly or annually. Then you can hire Magento developer that matches your business demands. You can’t ask them to fulfil yours demands when they don’t know what you want.

Choose developers have expertise in your business field

Although Magento is an open- source, not everyone can work on it effectively. That’s why it’s Magento certificates is a crucial factor. However, there are many type of certificates according to the type of expertise in Magento platform. As a result, you should acquire Magento developers having experience in your business filed. They can align your business objectives with Magento optimization to use the right features, design and extensions. 

At ArrowHitech, you can hire our certified Magento developers. Established in 2007, our company has 12+ year-experience in Magento development. Our developers also achieved certificates approved by Magento such as: Certified Developers, Certified Developers Plus, Certified Solution Specialists,  Certified Professional Front End Developers, etc.  Depending on your demands, we will offer you the best website for your business. 

Besides technical skills, our developers can be your business consultants. They have performed many project in different fields both in nation and foreign. Therefore, our developers can give you useful advice to enhance your business. No matter where you are, we always can support you.


You can ask developers’ previous customers to get some reviews. However, customers’ review might be subjective. Most of the customers are not experts and they have different objectives. Some customers are highly satisfied with simple website. On the contrary, others feel disappointed not because of poor website but never satisfying with what they have.

So the best way to foresee the outcome is to see the certified developers’ portfolio yourself. You should see projects similar to yours to assess their styles, functionality and usage. 

ArrowHitech has joined in many projects in different fields. Our developers gained great experience from previous projects. We will listen to your expectations and give you some helpful advice for your business first. Then, we can fulfil your requirements with confident. You can check our Magento development service for further information. 

Certified Magento developers

Claue– one of ArrowHitech most popular themes 


Cost is one factor to consider, not the only one. Hiring a dedicated Magento developers might not cheap. However you will gain more than you pay. They can provide you with fast, smooth website. As a result, you don’t have to spend more money and time fixing those problems. Freelancers or uncertified ones might offer you lower price in the first place, but they less likely to fulfill your requirements. 

At ArrowHitech, we can satisfy a wide range of financial requirements. Our company provides great performance with reasonable cost. You can check our Magento development service here to choose the most suitable ones for your business.

Adaptation to new technology

Technology is moving forward. If you don’t catch up, you will be left behind. Thus, you will want to hire a company with constant updated technology. They will provide you with modern design, help you utilize Magento newest version. You won’t have to worried about out-of-date website.

Also, cyber attack and problems are getting more complex. If the developers always require learning curve, they can solve your problems in no time.

Choosing an arrow as an symbol, ArrowHitech always adapt to latest technology. We assure your website will be up-to-date and highly-secured. We also have 24/7, all-year-through customers service. Just simply contact us via any means and your problems will be solved in no time.


Hiring dedicted Magento developers is the first step to your success, and it will affect your business in a long-run. If you are looking for a trusty certified Magento developers care about your needs, beside you when you need them, ArrowHitech is a great option. You can contact us here or through hotline:+84 243 7955 813 and email: