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Create a digital experience that is optimized for conversion and engagement to help you reach your growth goals.


The focus of great online store design is always on the customer. It focuses on facilitating and enhancing every interaction with your brand. Therefore, the buyer journey will experience less friction with the proper digital commerce design, from awareness and discovery through conversion and beyond. It promotes your brand, strengthens it, increases traffic, and boosts sales.

At AHT Tech, we assist e-commerce companies in creating attractive online stores that turn visitors into paying clients. Rich visuals, e-commerce psychology, and technological expertise are all combined by our UX Team to assist your company in creating top-notch digital experiences.

All website owners must deal with the difficulty of bounce rate, which can impact their SEO. The most common causes for website visitors to leave are listed below. The proper e-commerce web design affects and improves all these KPIs.

Building a website is simply one component of successful e-commerce design; creating a positive online shopping experience that increases return on investment is another.


Your brand and the feeling you want to express will influence the design. The visual design of your website will be affected by whether you're selling a B2C brand in the industries of fashion, electronics, beauty items, health, autos, or sports or if you're in the B2B sector providing services, SaaS, or manufacturing. However, whether you choose a bold color scheme and images or a minimalist design in black and white, the main objective of every e-commerce website is always to inspire trust.


Customers are more concerned with privacy than ever before and want assurances that your website will safeguard their private information through secure transactions. Customers will only leave your website if it seems trustworthy. It is crucial to keep this in mind for the entire design of your page, from the home page to the checkout procedure.


According to research, website users decide whether or not they like your website in just 50 milliseconds. You have that much time to make a solid first impression. Design, of course, has a big part to play in that.



A workshop is an ideal approach to kick off a project since it allows us to understand your needs and objectives better. We get to know you, your business, and your goals in the discovery phase. Here, we establish a solid basis for your overall visual identity and decide what should be updated, refined, and expanded.


We create high-level customer journeys during the initial workshops and identify your crucial client categories and personas. The general layout of your e-commerce site and the functionality requires to support your leading travels and goals. We decided based on our initial findings. It usually includes journey headings like "attract customers," "product consideration," "acquisition," "help and services," and "loyalty and retention."


In the next stage, we provide the concepts and visions. Then, we have a quick procedure for developing style guides and design screens, then sharing the necessary information with you for approval before moving further. We produce interactive prototypes to test and confirm the solution before implementation after you are satisfied with those drafts. It guarantees quick results for your business.


- Create a solid basis for your website's overall visual identity

- Define the important client journeys, market segments, and personalities.

- Work with you to determine the desired feel, style, and functionality.

- To test and validate the solution, create interactive prototypes.

-Deliver distinctive, efficient user interfaces that work


Design is a process.  To stay on the industry's cutting edge, we constantly promote a growth mindset and upskill. E-commerce is a continually evolving and changing industry; therefore, remaining flexible and adaptable is essential to success. We're here to assist you in exceeding your potential customer's expectations, who demands the most significant purchasing experience possible.

Through hundreds of e-commerce projects, we've refined our framework and know what it takes to help your company achieve its goals. We're pleased to assist whether you need a speedy turnaround for a smaller project or a complete website makeover and development.

At AHT Tech, we're specialists in everything e-commerce. We collaborate on successful customer experiences daily with brands, retailers, and manufacturers worldwide. Build an e-commerce site that gives your brand a competitive edge with our assistance. We'd love to help you advance your e-commerce design and solution design. To explore how we can help you enhance your e-commerce experiences and help you stand out from your competition, get in contact with our team of specialists.

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.