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eCommerce Development

Every e-commerce business stands on 4 pillars: Profitability, Productivity, Payment, and Personalisation. AHT Tech eCommerce consultants assist organizations in developing customer-focused, engaged experiences by focusing on their client’s needs and developing innovative digital shopping solutions that procedure quantifiable business benefits.


AHT provides a comprehensive package of eCommerce development services, including strategy, integrations, migrations, and creating an outcome online store.

We also provide tailored 24x7 maintenance and assistance to keep your site operational and generating income at all times.

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eCommerce Web App Development

Turn your idea into a high-quality web-based solution

eCommerce Strategy & Consulting

We are evolving your digital channel and how you transact digitally

eCommerce Design

Obtain a perfect UI/UX achieved via responsive layouts and good-looking and adaptable to any browser

Magento Development

We provide a comprehensive range of Magento development and eCommerce strategy services, transforming your eCommerce site into an engaging, customers-focused brand that generates revenue

Shopify Development

It not only sets up and customizes store elements, but also, AHT can customers determine what they need from store and how best to construct it to meet or even exceed those needs


Extend the platform's power so you can satisfy your customer experience


We use a wide range of technologies, with most popular of them related to Java, JavaScript, .NET, C++, PHP and more!

Operating systems

Web server



Programming Language


AHT TECH drives thousands of organizations, across every industry, toward more innovative strategies, products, and services.







Wholesale & Retail


Our team of customer consultants will create a perfect CX roadmap to help you understand your customer needs and transition to a customer-driven company with digital transformation

Customer Experience Rating

To assist you in evaluating the present condition of your customer experience and how to make sure that it engages audiences, we devote ourselves to your brand via the Customer Experience Rating process.

Industry Benchmarks

We are very familiar with eCommerce and have partnered with hundreds of eCommerce companies of all sizes across various sectors, including B2B, B2C, and D2C. Thereby, we could give you detailed statistical information for your market.

Qualitative Consumer Insights

We offer qualitative customer insights based on 1:1 interviews both in-store and digitally. Then we help turn the senses into proactive plans.

Quantitative Consumer Insights

We assist you in developing procedures and carrying out surveys to strengthen your brand.


Activate new commerce pathways to enhance today’s client experience and create tomorrow’s competitive advantage


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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.

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1. Can you formulate an eCommerce strategy for my business?
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Yes, the experts at AHT Tech can effortlessly develop a complete and outstanding strategy for your business. Furthermore, we can even design a 3-year roadmap for your business. AHT Tech's eCommerce roadmap is a 3-year strategic approach that drafts where your company is run and the steps you need to handle to get there.

2. Can you provide assistance to select the best platform for my business?
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AHT Tech can support you in picking the best eCommerce platform for your business, established on its needs and market order. We can also combine the latest and most advanced components into your store, design a store from the foundation up, and we can even SEO optimize your store according to your order.

3. How do I know which is the best eCommerce platform for my business?
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The key to choosing the ideal eCommerce platform for your business is to discuss your business and its needs objectively.

Once you have gathered all the functionalities and capabilities that need to be implemented on your website, our specialists can help you limit in on the best eCommerce platforms for your business.

4. How do you preserve the SEO strength of an eCommerce website post migration?
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The SEO specialists in AHT Tech can create 301 SEO URLs for nearly all pages while relocating from the source store to the target store. Practically, we will develop Page Redirects, which involve Mapping Old Pages on your Existing Site to New Pages on your New Site. AHT Tech will keep old URLs with their current SEO ranking in the Target Store.

We'll also serve meta-tag optimization and review other SEO parameters post-launch. We build 1:1 redirects, manage redirect chains, look for loops, prioritize "SEO valuable" URLs, and eventually test to confirm if everything is in place. Our SEO tactics will let you keep the current links of all your key pages and provide a high SEO ranking for your store.

5. Is AHT Tech a trusted secure information partner in digital transformation worldwide?
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AHT Tech has been awarded two different ISO certifications by QUACERT, including ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system) & ISO 27001:2013 (information security management system), on March 2023. By earning the strict requirements of these standards, AHT Tech indicates its commitment to information protection and to constantly delivering clients and workers with high-quality outcomes.