Ecommerce outsourcing: How your ecommerce business do it right?

In this article, we’re going to describe the benefits of outsourcing and what it can do for the finances of your business, revenue and workflow. We’ll also take a look at the advantages as well as the guide to get a successful ecommerce outsourcing plan. So that you could know whether your business do it right or not.

What is eCommerce Outsourcing?

Outsourcing Overseas

eCommerce outsourcing is the practice of using third-party companiesproducts and services to create goods and provide services.

The term “outsourcing” typically refers to tasks usually performed by in-house staff. With an eCommerce business, these tasks can include things like writing product descriptions, handling support tickets, website development, technical support, marketing, etc. Moreover, it is sometimes even handing the complete responsibility of eCommerce to a third party.

Many e-commerce businesses outsource to cut current costs or save on new resources they want to add to their workflows when they can’t afford or don’t wish to hire dedicated employees. Outsourced labor can be domestic or international with both practices sparking debates on the ethics of outsourced work.

When using the ecommerce outsourcing on the right way, your business will get the following benefits

Reduce the costs

Basically, outsourcing helps reduce labor costs and expenses on production. To clarify, they can allocate tasks to companies and contractors outside of an in-house workforce instead of hiring employees, which require a full salary, benefits, taxes and time to train. You may also need to set up a new office or an entirely new department depending on the task that needs to be outsourced.

Leverage the newest technology from ecommerce outsourcing

If your company does not specialize in technology or development, it is a wise decision to outsource IT solutions which might be user interface design, web development, or management. You no need to hire an in-house web designer/developer to perform those tasks, still, get access to the latest technology and experts in the field through outsourcing. Outsourcing agencies are now aware of the trends and willing to gather the most advanced technologies and professionals around the world to help you reach your goal

You are an eCommerce business and serve people worldwide, so do not limit yourself to the working circle of people in your industry. Go outside and find skilled ones who can realize your ideas and even provide you with the best solutions for your projects.

Reduce data storage and handling

Data is undoubtedly vital for any business or organization. Data storage is built mainly to support your core business. But not all company is capable of creating a safe data storage system by their own, particularly small and medium enterprises. So outsourcing data storage now is essential to save a considerable investment in personnel.
A professional data storage provider will make your life easier. They provide you with useful data backup and storage solutions with automated and securely architectured systems, which makes data handling safer, more efficient, and cheaper.

Get work done seamlessly

When your staff does tasks, it may cause some risks. For example, you are working on renewing your brand identity, but the designer suddenly got unwell and must stop the work one week before the deadline. Then, the launching date is canceled accordingly, and you have to find another designer to replace. When outsourcing, it’s not your concern if someone leaves the outsourcing team with a half-done piece of work. In the end, the job of the outsourcing agencies or freelancers is ensuring your project is going on seamlessly.

Step-by-step guide for an successful eCommerce outsourcing

1. Determine if outsourcing is the right choice

It is crucial to determine whether outsourcing is suitable for your business. Companies usually outsource their tasks when they expand their business. But it doesn’t mean that startup entrepreneurs can’t outsource. Uniquely, eCommerce companies can assign operation jobs to outsiders so that they can focus on the core specialty and boost up revenue.

2. Identify tasks to outsource

Knowing what to outsource for your business is the first key to get your feet wet in the outsourcing landscape.

Now, it’s time to look back at your business operation and gauge the entire process as well as how everything is going on to figure out what to outsource quickly. You will find out which aspects of your company need more of your attention and which can be done by outsourcing. Make a list of tasks that are incredibly time-wasting and can be handled by an outside expert, still create a better result.

3. Decide how many freelancers you need

Based on the tasks and type of your company, hire the proper number of people to optimize the job as well as outsourcing cost. You may consider hiring multiple freelancers or a different outsourcing company to handle out your tasks.

Different tasks need different outsourcing resources to be undertaken ideally. You also need to determine which tasks can be carried out by one skill set or specialization and clarify the responsibility of each freelancer or agency.

4. Full task description your brief

During the hiring process, you should prepare your job description for each task well. A good job description plays a vital role in attracting candidates and exposing your demands to them. Make sure to describe your tasks clearly and precisely define who you are looking for. Also, you should underline requirements, such as specialized skills, knowledge, experiences, or previous projects. Or, you can list some aspects that are especially essential for your tasks.

5. Run a trial

Depending on your requirements, you can offer a paid trial project to candidates to rest assured of their ability before officially signing a contract. If you have to choose from too many excellent candidates, this method will help. Instead of gauging each CV, you can evaluate the result of the trial project done by each candidate to find the best one.

7. Build trust and connection with freelancers/agencies

Last but not least, when you decide to outsource some of your crucial business aspects, it is critical to remain a good relationship with freelancers/outsourcing companies. They can be working with you from overseas that you can’t meet in person regularly. Hence, trust and connection are essential to two sides to work together towards success.

Communication is the key as it creates higher visibility and mutual understanding of both parties. It’s better to sincerely share your goals, particularly in each task, to the newcomers so that they can feel more involved in your business. Make sure they are on board with you so that every job will be smoothly fulfilled accordingly.

Tips for effective eCommerce outsourcing

1. Keep your faith

Trusting who you choose is one of the most essential things when outsourcing. It may be hard to give the entire process of completing a task to a strange hand. But if you find someone who is incredible with professional expertise and high commitment, you should have faith in them that they will dedicate to work on your goal.

2. Be strategic

It is imperative to know your strengths and weaknesses as well as outsource your eCommerce business strategically. Don’t be random and emotional when picking up tasks to outsource.

Crunch the number of times and costs for the jobs done in-house, then compare with the outsourcing ones to make sure you choose the right tasks to outsource. Make sure the result from outsourcing is better than in-house.

3. Let go of control

It’s understandable to want to do everything for your business, but sometimes, you need to let go of some tasks, especially when your business starts to expand. Embracing every task wastes your time and money, in some cases, create bad results.

If you are business doers who get used to wearing all the hats, it may be hard to release control and get things done by others. But keep in mind that you should focus on what you do the best, your competencies. The rest can be outsourced to free up your time and attention. Find someone you trust to help you do that.

4. Hire the right partners

The most important and challenging one is finding the right freelancer/outsourcing company. The success of your project depends on the person you hire to execute it. If you find the right team for the right task, it leads to a good outcome. Otherwise, outsourcing can be a nightmare.

No matter how difficult and long-waiting it is to find someone you trust, don’t make a decision in a hurry. You should do some in-depth vetting to outsource to the right people. Besides, it’s best to clearly define the skills, expertise, or experiences you need in a freelancer or company, which makes it closer for you to reach people you need.

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5. Prepare for every possibility

Even if you trust the person to whom you assign your tasks, make sure everything is precise to all parties involved. You should record and save the document and related papers like follow-up emails, contracts, video or phone calls carefully.

A comprehensive description or brief of the responsibilities of freelancers/companies is also essential to ensure effectiveness. Make sure you can catch up on every moment of the outsourcing progress so that if something unexpected happens, you can promptly find solutions.

To sum up with ecommerce outsourcing

More and more eCommerce firms have been using outsourcing to maximize their business as well as minium the costs. Many of them already derive several benefits from this strategy. Hope you can find the right way to get successful plans.