ECommerce store: The fastest and most effective method to add it to your existing WordPress site


Covid-19 has resulted in the downfall of many brick-and-mortar shops. Bankruptcy rate is getting higher and higher. On the other hand, this is a golden opportunity for online retailers. As customers don’t want to, or cannot go out to shop, online business is blooming. If you don’t know where to start, WooCommerce is indeed a great help. 

Many customers must have heard of WordPress because it is the most popular way to create your own blogs and sites. However, to convert them into online businesses, WooCommerce is a must. It is an open-sourced solution built in WordPress. Although it sounds a little complicated, trust me, WooCommerce is quite easy to use. It is best to take advantage of WordPress popularity and WooCommerce multi-function.

Why WooCommerce?

Still wondering why WooCommerce is the best option out there? Here are some of its best features that will make you think again

WooCommerce is free

Amazing, isn’t it? Not many eCommerce stores give users free access like WooCommerce does. It costs you no expense to download, install and function! Free version has already included discount codes, shipping and coupons as well. For new entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to invest in. However, other good functions come with spending. It ranges from low to high-end services.

WooCommerce is easy to use and setup

You can create custom-made eCommerce stores at ease. Users have full control of themes, extensions, basically every step in the operation. For that, more and more businessmen choose WooCommerce for their start-ups.

WooCommerce has powerful tools

Analytics, SEO and Marketing, Content Management and many more are accessible in WooCommerce. These amazing devices will sell your products better. 

Overall, WooCommerce is more than an option. It is the best solution to launch eCommerce stores for both buyers and customers. There are more benefits that we haven’t mentioned, but you can easily check it out at our blog – WooCommerce: best reasons to choose it for your eCommerce business.

How to open an online shop with WooCommerce?

Don’t rush into selling already. First, you need to create a website that welcomes every buyer. We will help you build up the system little by little

Steps to create a WooCommerce store on an existing website

Download and install

There are 5 simple stages

  • Choose hosting: WordPress should be run on self-hosted sites. You can choose between Single sites or Multiple sites (5-site deal).
  • Install WordPress: Downloading from the official sites is highly recommended.
  • Select a theme: Keep in mind that some are free and some cost money. However, not all free themes are bad and in contrast, not all costly themes are well-designed. We would like to introduce a theme from ArrowHitech that you can refer to:
  • Activate WooCommerce: Create a WooCommerce account. Download WooCommerce plugin. Then install WooCommerce. This only takes you 1 to 2 minutes!
  • Extend WooCommerce: Last but not least, add some extensions like subscriptions and memberships to finish the process.

Upload products

Be extra cautious and careful in this step. Sellers have to exactly understand their products. Not just a simple click, you need to list out the product types, categories, descriptions, attributes and so on. After all, don’t worry because you can edit anytime, just not until all potential customers have purchased your products. If you want to have a closer look at how to add products, go to WooCommerce official website right here.

FoodFarm – WordPress Theme for Farm, Farm Services and Organic Food Store by ArrowHitech

Set up a page

After installing WooCommerce and completely adding products, you need a place to display and sell. Through Setup Wizard, it has created 4 types of shop pages. Firstly, Shop – it requires no content, hence it is the easiest to apply. Second, Cart. From this category, codes are needed. Moreover, you need to show cart contents. Third, Checkout. In this area, information such as shipping and payment options are necessary. Lastly, My Account. It displays information related to each customer such as account and orders.

If you looking for an awesome WordPress theme to launching your ecommerce store, then, you can have a look at Lusion. This is a multipurpose, functional and customizable eCommerce WordPress theme. First released in September 2020 by ArrowHitech, with a competed intro-price: $19, Lusion consists of up-to-date effects and features that simplify the buying and selling process. In the end, it helps meet all clients’ demand while uplifting your revenues.

Core Features

  • Full Customizability: modifying is more simple as you don’t have to write any new coding
  • Responsiveness: your website will look stunning with high resolution elements and in all types of devices
  • One-click Demo Importer: one theme importer already offers pages, posts, sliders, widgets, and so many more
  • Unlimited Colors: easily change can combine different color palettes
  • SEO optimization: via semantic HTML code and CSS, search engines can index your site quickly.

New WordPress Theme: Lusion – Very easy to install and customize!! Intro-price: $19

Add memberships or courses

This is totally optional. Services like memberships or online courses can check out WooCommerce official websites for more details!

Take and Ship orders

Once you have successfully opened an eCommerce shop, you need to decide how to take and ship orders. This is a fairly simple step. We all know that every product cannot be shipped with the same method. Some fragile ones need more protection. Some urgent ones need fast delivery. Don’t forget about product dimensions, weight and shipping zones. At WooCommerce, it is easy to create, arrange and publish information. After a few clicks, you are over halfway through!

Taking and Shipping Orders takes a lot of work!

Offer products to Acquaintances

Acquaintances are your first and best customers. Because you have their trust and preference in the beginning, now it is time to take advantage. Friends, relatives, colleges,… you all have their information or social media networks already. Spend some time advertising your products to them. If they are satisfied with your goods, you can be sure that others would be pleased to use your products as well.

Another way is to upload on your own social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… you can largely display products in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Remember to link to your WooCommerce sites because buyers would love to check out a wide range of selection on an eCommerce store.

Expand your store and Attract more buyers

After a month or two, when revenue starts to grow, you can invest in many types of advertisement to broaden your brand. WooCommerce has offered different types of marketing such as email, digital search ads, social media ads,…and the list goes on. This is worth considering and investing because it surely doubles or even triples the profits.

Expanding your shops to everyone’s reach

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To Sum Up

Today, we have shown you the basic guidelines of creating your own effective eCommerce store. We hope that our blog is helpful to both starters and seniors. We wish everyone to have a successful and well-known brand in the future!