Ecommerce website theme: Discount 30% for Claue Magento 2 and Lusion WordPress theme on Mid Year Sale Campaign 2021

So far, the Mid Year Sale Campaign has always been considered one of the biggest sale days of Themeforest in an entire year for selling ecommerce website theme. This year, the date for this important occasion is between 21st June and 25th June. ArrowHiTech is proud when our items are selected to display in this discount festival. And, our first items joined this campaign are Claue Theme – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme and Lusion – Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme with 30% discount. 

Special discount 30% program on Mid Year Sale Campaign 2021
Special discount 30% program on Mid Year Sale Campaign 2021

In fact, on a big ecommerce website theme marketplace like Themeforest, there are a variety of outstanding and professional themes. Also, there are numerous reasons to purchase such an exceptional item this season. But, more specifically, what makes Claue theme as well as Lusion theme become the most popular and worth-using themes on this platform? In order to answer this inquiry objectively and accurately, ArrowHiTech will give you an overview of these two special themes. Let’s take a look right now!

Claue Magento ecommerce website theme 

Ecommerce website theme
Claue Ecommerce website theme

As of June 2021, Claue theme has achieved many remarkable achievements on Themeforest. Here are some of them:

  • Our Claue theme has reached approximately 4000 sales
  • Get 4.83/5 stars based on hundreds of customers’ ratings and thousands of their comments
  • On Top best selling Magento themes for many months 
  • Enthusiastic, professional and highly appreciated support teams
  • New features are added on a regular basis.
Claue Ecommerce website theme
Mobile-first design of Claue

In fact, Claue theme is really an ideal choice for any ecommerce website theme following a clean yet professional style. Besides, this theme comes with stunning pre-made 27+ homepage templates and tons of options for shop, blog, portfolio, store locator layouts and other useful pages. As a result, Claue theme can easily fit with any type of online business as well as meet all your requirements. What’s more, it is compatible with Magento: 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x. Thanks to Claue theme, your dream store will become true in the shortest time with ease. 

Why should choose Claue Magento theme for develop ecommerce website?

Not only outstanding in appearance with many special layouts, but Claue theme also brings users numerous advanced features. 

Powerful features for users 

features of Claue
Claue Magento theme

#1. Fast loading speed and great optimized performance

With minimal layout as well as friendly SEO optimization, Claue theme promises to bring the highest loading page speed, which aids in website speed optimization and user friendliness. What’s more, Claue theme is a proof of a highly efficient system, with a 96% speed score. All its frameworks all rely on efficiency as their primary focus. Not only that, to take advantage of the website traffic’s benefits on smart devices, our talented developers designed it to work effectively on all screen sizes and mobile devices, allowing you to reach more potential clients. 

Ecommerce website theme fast loading speed
Fast Loading Speed of Claue

#2. Designs are excellent brainchilds of e-commerce leading experts

To create perfect designs for Claue theme, specialists chose all models and layouts from the UI and UX ecommerce backdrop. In fact, until now, there are over 65+ eCommerce shops using this theme. So, this is the reason whenever mentioning Magento eCommerce development, this is extremely advantageous.

#3. Very flexible and simple to use

When it comes to Claue theme, people will immediately think of a flexible, easy-to-use Magento 2 theme. In particular, this theme is also fully compatible with any type of business from ecommerce, portfolios to blogs. Thus, no wonder Claue theme has become one of the most loved and popular Magento ecommerce website themes in the global market. Best of all, its installation is very quick and just needs some simple clicks, you can effortlessly master this theme. 

#4. Bring the highest satisfaction for customers

To meet the customer’s objective, Claue theme focuses on key design, innovation, and simplicity. Not only that, we have a vibrant, competent customer service team that is always ready to support customers whenever they face difficulties and unexpected problems. 

Modern features for developers

Developers can easily take advantage of Claue theme with a wide range of its latest features. First and foremost, Claue theme offers 27+ available stunning homepage demos, and all of them are very special that can make any ecommerce store stand out from the rest. Particularly, it is powered by the great combination of Ajax technology and several custom blocks. Moreover, this flawless theme is fully responsive. Hence, it will have a great look on every type of modern device including mobile phones, tablets, PC, laptops and so on.

Not only that, with only a simple click, you can simply switch to the responsiveness (mobile-friendly) option. In addition, thanks to Claue theme, you are able to customize the background as well as foreground color of many elements as you want. Also, it allows you to turn off or on the sidebar that appears on product pages. So, what exactly does our item offer developers features and modules? Let’s explore below!

#1. MGS Front-end builder

MGS Front end builder of Claue
MGS Front-end builder

As soon as you set up this Claue ecommerce website theme, you can create as many CMS pages as you want in the blink of an eye. Besides that, this Claue theme will assist you in quickly generating a homepage, landing page, ads page, content page, and so on at the front-end. Best of all, the speed of our new version is greatly optimized. As a result, you will hardly need to worry about slow or buggy websites. 

#2. Mega menu

best Ecommerce website theme
Mega menu of Claue

There’s no denying the importance of menus in any ecommerce website theme. In reality, many  big e-commerce platforms in the world such as Amazon, Walmart, etc offer a sophisticated mega menu that displays items from each category of the site. However, you don’t have to worry when choosing Claue theme for your business because it will help you design several types of menus in just a few simple clicks. Best of all, Claue theme enables you to specify the mega menu type and depth so that a user can view all of an item’s details. It allows you to give each category a unique label. 

#3. Powerful Ajax Shop

powerful feature of Claue  Ecommerce website theme
Powerful Ajax Shop

On some special occasions, you may want to use a banner image for your shop. Because as you know, banners are one of the most attractive things that leave a big impression on customer’s minds and make them recognize the category simply. And, Claue theme will be the perfect solution for you to achieve this goal. In the Claue Magento 2 theme, you can set a banner image for the category and enable the gorgeous parallax effect. Furthermore, you have many freedoms to add a slider or modify the category layout to ‘boxed’ or ‘full width,’ for example, in addition to the banner. 

More than those, you can specify the width and height of the images displayed on the Ajax page thanks to this theme. Not only that, there are also some functions, such as displaying the “Add to Compare” or “Add to Wishlist” buttons, displaying product ratings and filter toggles, and changing the location of the category description, among others.

best Claue Ecommerce website theme
Claue theme – Instant search

Instant search is known as one of the most outstanding features of Claue theme. Simply speaking, with lightning – speed search suggestions for products, categories, etc, this Magento theme will surely bring your visitor the best experience shopping when coming to your site.

#5. Other notable elements of Claue

  • Dark-light version
  • 100% compatible with smart devices and mobile-optimized
  • Product variation swatches
Ecommerce website theme
Outstanding elements of Claue
  • Lookbook collection
  • Instagram shop
Instagram shop Claue
Instagram Shop
  • Store locator
  • 360 degree view product
Claue Product 3D
Product 3D, AR models
  • Product 3D, AR models
  • Multiple header options. 

Steps to install and activate Claue ecommerce website theme

Set up process

Downloading the license code and purchasing certificate is the first necessary step before installing Claue theme. As soon as you complete the Magento Porto theme, you can either use an FTP tool or use the SSH of your managed Magento hosting to install. 


To activate the theme, log in to your Magento dashboard, click “Claue”, then click “Activation”. And, enter the license/activation code that you’ll find in the “license code” text file. For further details, you can visit Claue theme official documentation.

Support and Pricing

The price of Claue theme will vary depending on the layout you choose. This theme provides a ticket-based customer service. So, in case you need any support with a feature, all you have to do is create a support account and wait for a response from the support team. Above all, it’s extremely simple. 

Some outstanding reviews about our Claue Magento theme

reviews of Claue Ecommerce website theme
Outstanding reviews of Claue
reviews about Claue Magento theme
Notable reviews of Claue

In conclusion with Claue Magento theme

With those reasons above, we can proudly say that Claue theme is really the right choice for you to develop your business. With the price $129, (not including 30% discount), you can increase your brand awareness in customer’s minds and drive more traffic for your website.

Lusion woocommerce ecommerce website theme

Our second item will be displayed to sell on the upcoming Mid Year Sale Campaign named Lusion woocommerce theme. Not inferior to Claue theme or any other theme of its kind, Lusion has gain a lot of wonderful achievements on Themeforest such as:

Lusion Ecommerce website theme
Lusion Ecommerce website theme
  • As of June 2021, our Lusion theme has sold nearly 1300 sales 
  • Get 4.73/5 stars based on hundreds of customers’ ratings
  • Update new features regularly. 

Being one of the most awesome multipurpose WordPress themes on Themeforest, there is no doubt that Lusion is always loved by various ecommerce store owners. Also, Lusion is one of the professional brainchilds of ArrowHiTech that provides users with website design solutions for businesses. And, it is a guarantee that this theme will bring you the WordPress Ecommerce Theme’s super powerful features. 

In case you’re planning an online store yet haven’t had any idea to develop your business, Lusion is really the ideal choice for you. For more details, because Lusion is a versatile multi-purpose theme, you can effectively use it to sell any type of product. 

Exceptional elements of our Lusion woocommerce theme

#1. Core features

  • Fully responsive: Thanks to this special function, your ecommerce website will surely look stunning and run smoothly regardless of device. 
  • Freely customization: Lusion comes with 24+ wonderful pre-made homepage designs. All of them are extremely modern and special. However, if you aren’t really satisfied with them, you can easily change to them as you want to make your ecommerce website as outstanding and unique compared to any competitor. 
  • One-click Demo Importer: pages, posts, sliders, widgets, and so many more are already available from one theme importer
  • Friendly SEO optimization: through semantic HTML code and CSS, search engines can index your site quickly. Simply speaking, as you know, the better the SEO optimization, the more likely your Ecommerce website theme will appear on the top of the search engines. Therefore, it will help you attract more and more potential buyers and boost sales as a great result.
  • Unlimited Colors: multiple color palettes can be mixed quickly to change. 

#2. Mobile-Design First

Mobile design first of Lusion
Mobile-Design first of Lusion

It can be seen that the phone is one of the indispensable things in today’s modern society. Also, this technology allows people to conduct a variety of tasks at any time and from any location. Smartphones are so popular that practically everyone owns at least one. According to statistics, there are approximately 5 billion phone users worldwide. As a result, mobile design should be the first way if you are about to launch an online business. With these reasons, you should consider using Lusion ecommerce website theme thanks to a wide range of its advanced and modern functions. Below are some remarkable ones: 

  • User experience operations optimization
  • Effective Internet Support
  • Phone features available on websites
  • Cost-effectiveness (even cheaper than iOS and Android app design).

#3. Ajax Search Autocomplete

Ajax Search Autocomplete of Lusion ecommerce website theme
Ajax Search Autocomplete

Lusion Ecommerce website theme not only has an eye-catching layout design, but it also has a fantastic search feature. Besides, users are able to locate the goods they desire in a matter of seconds thanks to the rapid page loading speed and Ajax Search Autocomplete. 

#4. Product Hover Styles

Ecommerce website theme
Product Hover Styles

Let’s take advantage of Lusion if you’re selling multiple products. Simply speaking, along with the function named “Product Hover Styles”, Lusion will assist you to display your products in 8 different styles. So, when coming to your site, buyers can easily explore many other products without leaving the current page. 

#5. Other outstanding features of Lusion ecommerce website theme

awesome features of Lusion Ecommerce website theme
Elementor page builder
  • Mega menu
  • Fully compatible with modern devices and cross-browsers
  • Product Color Swatch
  • Quick view product
  • Fake Sales Popup
  • Elementor page builder
  • Powerful Shortcodes Support.

How to install and activate Lusion? 

Easy to install Lusion wordpress theme

To begin, enter Themeforest’s main website and search for Lusion wordpress ecommerce website theme Theme. After that, you must pay to have it downloaded to your computer. This theme may be installed in two ways: using WordPress or via FTP.

installation Lusion
Installation of Lusion

Activate Lusion Ecommerce website theme in some simple steps

As soon as you download Lusion successfully, you must be signed into your admin account. To activate the theme, go to “Settings” and then “Activate theme.” Also, don’t forget to include the “purchase code.” After that, you must save the Activate Theme and then enter the “purchase code” to complete the process.

activation Lusion Ecommerce website theme
Activation of Lusion

Supporting and Pricing

Despite its many smart features and amazing performance, the Lusion WordPress ecommerce website theme is reasonably priced. Surprisingly, you can own the Lusion and use it for only 39 dollars. In particular, in this Mid Year Sale Campaign event, you will get 30% off and as a result, the price of Lusion becomes cheaper than ever. So, what are you waiting for without buying it immediately? 

Our support is among the best on the market, with a resource website here where you can find FAQs and other info on changing and customizing your theme. In fact, ArrowHiTech is always customer-centric with the goal of giving them the best shopping experience and support. 

What’s more, in case you’re having an unintended problem, let’s create new subjects on the ArrowPress Support Forum, or send an email to AHT’s email address to get help. 

Some notable comments about Lusion wordpress theme

Remarkable reviews about Lusion
Remarkable reviews about Lusion
best ecommerce website theme
Awesome reviews

To sum up with Lusion wordpress ecommerce website theme

As similar as Claue, our Lusion theme is always the best option for any ecommerce store. Thanks to this powerful theme, the outcome and benefit you get from your website can be double, triple or multiple times than before. With the price being only $39, (not including 30% discount), you can own Lusion that is really cheap but more effective than any theme on the global market. 

ArrowHiTech JSC

In addition to Claue Magento ecommerce website theme and Lusion wordpress theme, we also have various types of services as well as many awesome ecommerce website themes that promise to bring you a lot of formidable results. If you want to dig down more to our services, let’s take a look at ArrowHiTech services