Effective mobile app solutions for real estate businesses to gain profit

If you want to develop your real estate business, then one way to do so is to expand it through real estate mobile apps. In this article, you will find some of the trending real estate mobile app solutions that comes with online auction apps, virtual tour apps, property renting apps, locality review apps, and many more.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for real estate businesses

Here, we are going to see and explore some of the benefits of these mobile apps solution in the real estate sector.

real estate mobile app

Extend the market reach

The millennials and Generation X is all about mobile phones. Half of this generation often search their homes via the internet. This proves how effective the online marketplace is for people these days. Every agency cares about the reach that it gains. It is crucial to have a lot of exposure, and one sure shot solution to get that is by app marketing. One listing that you post on an app will reach all user who have downloaded it.

The increased reach will help in improving the opportunity of selling your house or any other property. This way, it will be an effective addition to the business. Not only young users, but the people of all ages are also shifting towards the internet world lately, and it is better to have a real estate app design with various funtions ready.

Better Customer Support

Before and after purchasing a house, it is very crucial to offer the users with the required support all the time. It is certainly not possible to attend user queries every time, and this is the reason why you should build an app. App with a chatbot will be useful in answering user queries whenever required.

The improvised AI and big data analytics will help in resolving some major problems of the customers. Moreover, it will also help in allowing them know that you are busy now, and you will address their problems as soon as possible. This is a straightforward and convenient method to reach clients. Better support will certainly boost your credibility before customers, and this is something that we all need to take care of.

Swift sales of properties

The mobile apps solutions for real estate business will not only support in reaching out to the clients right on time; they will also be helpful in selling the properties soon. As these applications will have notification alert, whenever you list a property online, it will reach all the customers who have your mobile app. This boost the reach of the property and whoever likes it can purchase it immediately. Selling the houses as fast as possible is indeed a great trait in the real estate industry, and you will be able to master it with the support of these mobile applications.

Offer customer feedback

For any business, user feedback is an asset. It is very crucial for the business people to know and understand their customers and needs from time. The customer feedback will help in satisfying their requirements and supporting them with the exact service they need. This is the main reason why customer feedback matters, and it is not possible to visit a client every time you make a sale right.

So this is the reason why you can use this real estate app as your way to get in touch with customers and support them with the required service. Moreover, adding a feedback section in the app where users can drop their feedback, queries or any other thing that they need to convey to you and use this as a solution to address the various problems they are facing. Besides, taking customer feedback and offer the solutions that they need will boost customer satisfaction and improve your reputation too.

Act as a Direct Marketing Channel

Well, there are a lot of marketing method available out there, but none of them is as effective as getting in touch with the users directly right! This is the reason for adapting yourself with this direct market channel.

This is an effective way to get in touch with your clients via the app and solve them personally. With the support of mobile apps, you can attract a large market by talking to potential customers. It is a great way to interact with users. Moreover, you can link the app with social media channels and start posting on your social media channels via the app. This is the great method to connect with customers

Solve Paperwork with Ease

As you know that, the real estate industry relies heavily on paperwork. It is both imperative and important for you to make sure that the paperwork is done right on time. The entire paperwork can become complex with time, and the best effective method to fix this issue is with the support of apps.

The real estate app will solve the complete paperwork by itself. You have to scan and upload documents in the mobile app. It will segregate the details and share them with the required customers in time. This way will decrease a lot of time and stress that real estate bussiness face with ease.

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Real estate mobile app solutions ideas and types

A custom real estate mobile app can perform a variety of task and supply many purposes. As a result, before starting with the developmental process, you should first classify your app’s type, purpose, and funtions. The following are a few examples of real estate app solutions that are currently available.

Property management

These app solutions are created to offer property managers with a common understanding of what is going on with their properties at any given time. They could utilize the app to see maintatence requests, when rent is due, and advanced analytics of their business.

Buying or renting a house

Buyers and renters can search for their new home by entering their criteria, such as location, price, and amenities. Results will automatically populate depened on their needs and provide them detailed information about each listing. Zillow and Trulia are two of the top best home searching apps. Other mobile apps have been quick to challenge them as competitors,

Support for real estate agents

This type of solutions can be appled for a variety of purposes, such as communicating with customers, managing documents, and simplifying the listing process. This type of approach can significantly decrease an agent’s workload and help their job easier.

Connecteam is one famous example of this type of ap solutions. It has communication funtions, schedule managing, a database of forms, automated reports, and interesing listings.

Home valuation

By utizing public and private data on housing trends and past sales, real estate bussiness and real estate investors can track the true market value of a particular property. The same type of data can also be helpful to forecast future home values and to decide what elements that would drive those predictions.

A good example for a home valuation application is HouseCanary. It utilize algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze crucial insights and information from a large database of residential properties, and educates its customers on trends.

Virtual tours

Both sellers and agents can use 3D tours that can generate a more genuine experience of watching properties online. Furthermore, according to Zillow’s research, homes with virtual tours were saved and favorited 33% more than homes without. Another study also show that more than 85% of millennial customers want to see 3D virtual tours when looking for a house.

Matterport is a powerful real estate software that can generate virtual tours with just a smartphone and some photos.

How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

real estate mobile app

So, now you know why your real estate agence should invest in building mobile app, you might be wondering about the cost. How much does it really cost to build a real estate mobile app? Well, to be honest, there are many elements that affect app development costs. In common, the real estate app development cost based on the following factors:

  • Features set
  • Design
  • Device (iOS and/or Android) and Technology
  • Hourly rate of the development company

The hourly rates largely depend on the location of the mobile app development company. For example, companies in North America usually charge between $50 to $250 per hour, while you might find many affordable options in Southeast Asian. Consequently, many agence often outsource to Southeast Asian countries to reduce the cost. Vietnam is in the spotlight when it comes to cost reduction since the average salary in Vietnam is lower than others, has a dependable and reliable workforce. Are you ready to create the powerful real estate mobile app solutions ? Do you want to transform your real estate business digitally? Get in touch with us.

We – Arrowhitech are an award-winning web and mobile app development company with vast experience in developing innovative applications for real estate businesses. Our team of skilled mobile app developers can help you turn your ideas into a digital reality. Let’s talk about your project.

Concluding Lines

The real estate app saves time, provides support on a 24×7 basis, offers services without mediators, and simplifies purchasing /selling processes. All you need to consult a reputed and reliable real estate app development company to build a successful real estate app that has all these funtions and excellent functionality.