Esports apps: How to create it to get the big opportunity for app entrepreneurs

Esports apps industry is a multi-million dollar a year industry. It is reported in 2020, total esports revenue will top $1 billion. Due to this popularity, many of the top esports apps make a large amount of money too and the huge sums of money involved. Therefore, innovating in esports is a great solution to add positive value to our global society. In this post, we will provide you more information on how to create an esports app. Let’s check out our article to find the answers to all your questions

What are esports and why create an eSports app?

Esports apps

Esports used to mean PC or console games, but with the introduction of smartphones, esports has shifted to mobile. Besides, it usually include multiplayer and support all the functions of traditional sport such as teams, leagues, coaches, competitions, and prizes. Esports become famous among amateurs a couple of years ago. And only when skilled players started streaming their games on streaming platforms, esports became a professional form of sport and a common kind of entertainment not only for players but also for viewers. Top esports games

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike
  • Fortnite
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch

Types of eSports apps

There are different types of mobile apps for eSports in which some apps include functionality from different form, others select to be more specific and cover one or two tasks.

  • Tournament streaming apps
  • Forum apps
  • Betting and gambling apps
  • Team management apps
  • Statistics and tracking apps

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How to create an Esports apps

Step 1. Write the best plan for you.

Many people overlook the need of drafting. But actually, drafting is one of the most first steps there is. You have to think things through and set some goals for the future of your esports apps. What market would you like to launch in? Are you building an app for iOS or Android? Is the app going to be free, is it going to be a premium app download and will there be bought in the app?  

Questions like these are crucial to ensure your vision clear and focused. This will make the development process easier and much more likely to succeed with the result you’re hoping for. Also, you need to research the market. Who are your competitors? And how can you make an app that’s better than theirs? 

Step 2. Pick Functionality and Get feedback

From here, it’s a good idea to make a storyboard of your app. This will help you make sure a logical flow for your players. Then you have to start wireframing. Find the suitable software for this process. Then you have to start delineating servers, data diagrams, and APIs.

When you’ve created the demo for your app, then you need to receive some feedback. This part of the process should be focused on the features of the app. Then you can start to design your app. You should also start thinking about registering in one (or both) of the markets.

Step 3. Customize The Design and Launch

Now you’ve finally at the point in the process where you can start designing the appearance of your app. This is of course an essential step, so take your time with it. It’s the design of your app that’s going to make people download it. Afterward, people will keep using your app because of the functions. But you attract them with the design. Ensure that you test the design on a group of diverse and honest people. Now you’re finally ready to do some beta checking on the app. 

When the beta testing is completed, your Esports app is ready to live a life of its own out there on the market. You will probably have to make some changes and upgrades along the way. You should also keep updated on the latest business news from the world of E-sport, so you know if there is a circumstances where you need to check the features of your app.

Must-have features for an eSports app

Esports apps

With powerful features in your app, you can grab a share of this growing esports pie. Take a look at including the following features:

  • The simplicity of the ’User Interface’ (UI): Best esports apps should be easy-to-use and functions a simple UI.
  • Calendar: Each calendar day should list all events while the time-based listing is highly suitable
  • Tournament status: The app should clearly layout which tournament is in which stage and which stages are still pending.
  • Newsfeed: The app should contain crucial esports news in the users’ news feed. It should include news circulating on social media since these are important outlets for esports news.
  • Chat rooms: This allows users to communicate with other esports enthusiasts so that exchange notes about games, tournaments, etc.

How much does it cost to develop an esports app?

Development TimePrice
Designs3-5 weeks$1,500+
Mobile App10+ weeks per platform$12,000
Backend~2 months$5,000
Admin Panel1+ month$3,000+
Total3-4 months$20,000+

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eSport App Development Toolkit

Esports apps

There are several solution to create your eSport app. You could select to develop everything from scratch or apply a fast-track approach and start with a white-label solution. With the former, you have all the necessary features readily available, and all you need to do is created on the foundation and customize the app.

However, most business prefer to custom develop their eSports app to grant completely control and flexibility on the end product. If you plan on taking this solution, all you need to do is integrate API and SDK to get your eSports content up and running. Some of the most preferred solution in this field which are

  • Wowza GoCoder SDK with Wowza Streaming Cloud
  • Abios Esports API
  • PandaScore API
  • Amazon GameOn

Wowza GoCoder SDK with Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza is a cloud-based platform that makes a suitable choice if you wish to design a video streaming eSports app. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and permit 4K streaming, timed metadata, and playback.

Abios Esports API

Abios is an excellent environment for gathering and showcasing eSports data, statistics, and news. Also, it provides statistics, event or eSports data, live streaming, data categorization, tournament results, and widespread game coverage.

PandaScore API

PandaScore is same as Abios which comes with strong capabilities to cover popular games. It is empowered by AI, which gather and categorizes data and records it through detailed documentation. You can select between the many free and paid plans basing on your eSports app requirements.

Amazon GameOn

Amazon GameOn enables developers to design an eSports app where users can gamble and place bets. It will permit you to set up leagues, multi-round tournaments, and leaderboards. The players can compete against each other or invite other partners


eSport servers play an important role in defining the overall experience of the app. Slow servers will dispirit users from trying out your app. It is a perfect solution to use cloud servers as they provide a high degree of scalability. Furthermore, servers such as Wowza Streaming Cloud and Amazon GameOn are suitably build for the eSports app. However, if you are searching g for other options, check out for servers with the following functions:

  • Low-latency synchronization
  • Scalability
  • Administrative user and storage management
  • Security
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Wrapping Up

To develop an eSports app for fans, look at traditional sports applications like ESPN and see how they transmit content. But include a special twist to your esports app to make it unique. Focus on your content, design, and the convenient communication between fans so they don’t leave your app to discuss things.

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