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AHT Tech And Larksuite Become Sponsors Of The Largest Annual Trade Show

March 20, 2023


AHT Tech

From the 5th to the 8th of April 2023, AHT Tech continue our quest to hit the biggest expos and conferences in the industry. This is the reason why we are thrilled to announce that AHT Tech and Larksuite will co-sponsor the Vietnam Expo 2023. Read on to learn more about the Vietnam Expo we are sending and what you can expect from the AHT Tech and Larksuite team at the event. And if you want to ensure you speak to our reps at the event, book an appointment with them now.

About Vietnam Expo 2023

One of Vietnam's largest annual trade shows, Vietnam Expo 2023, is hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is put on by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency in collaboration with other ministries, sectors, local administrations, and trade promotion organizations. From April 5 to 8, 2023, the Vietnam Expo draws hundreds of exhibitors, including domestic and international businesses from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, and Japan. Many products will be displayed, and hundreds of attendees will have the opportunity to discover trade opportunities to support exports, grow the domestic market, increase trade, and promote global economic integration.

Event Details

  • Name: The 32nd Vietnam International Trade Fair - Vietnam Expo 2023
  • Date: 5th ~ 8th April 2023 (Wednesday to Saturday)
  • Place: Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE), 91 Tran Hung Dao Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi., Vietnam.

AHT Tech and Larksuite 

AHT Tech and Larksuite are sending a stellar team of professionals to represent us at the Vietnam Expo this year. Thus you'll have the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to:

  • Andrew Quach - AHT Tech Director of Consulting and Onnet Consulting CEO
  • Donovan Low - Lark APAC Channel Lead

What Will We Bring to the Vietnam Vietnam Expo 2023?

As is customary, we are going big regarding what we're bringing to the expo. Which can only mean that at the Vietnam Expo, we'll be covering a lot, such as:

  • DX trends for 2023 and the upcoming years.
  • The future of digital workplace solutions that are transforming your business
  • Last but not least, a promotion offer especially made for who join the event:

Want to Learn More About AHT Tech and the Vietnam Expo 2023?

At AHT Tech and Lark, we see every expo as an opportunity to delight attendees, share our updates, and help the industry evolve.

We hope to see you there! Need more info? Get in touch with our team, or join us at the event. See you in beautiful Hanoi!

About AHT Tech

AHT Tech is a global premium group that provides world-class digital commerce and customer experience solutions. AHT Tech, with offices in 8 countries, has hundreds of professionals located in Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Germany and the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand focusing on reimagining client’s businesses in the digital economy.

About Larksuite

Larksuite is a platform for online collaboration that manages all organizational business activities and unify several crucial digital collaboration tools, including Calendar, Docs, Messenger, Meeting and Cloud Storage on a single platform to simplify daily operations. Instead of navigating out from the application and switching to a browser, Lark tries to get everything integrated into a single platform, without needing to switch apps or tabs.