Google analytics vs firebase: Which one is better for your mobile application?

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For shop owners, you know that you cannot sell every product at the same price nor the same quantity. Thanks to today’s age of technology, you can easily check the statistics via some tools to make an optimal decision. Overall, this method works effectively for every industry that opens on browsers and apps, namely education, retail, health, economy and so on. In short, this article will present you 2 most powerful and useful tools: Google analytics vs Firebase

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What is Firebase? 

Firebase is a mobile and web app building platform created by Google. In fact, before Google’s ownership in 2014, it was handled by an independent company in 2011. 

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What is Firebase?

Google analytics vs Firebase are actually not different. In other words, Firebase is built on Google’s base. As a result, it can adjust itself to match Google’s standards automatically. 

What does Firebase do? It makes your app function in an effective way. To clarify, Firebase offers database, messages, crash reporting and especially analytics. When there occurs any issues, you can easily and quickly have access to that information via Firebase. To sum up, Firebase lets you build well-performed apps on both Android and iOS.


This is the main part of Firebase that can detect and organize issues to match your app’s status. Moreover, it even explains the error so that you can avoid it next time. Crashlytics surely fixes the stability issues swiftly and allows your app to run smoothly.  

What does Firebase Analytics mean?

Google analytics vs Firebase Analytics for Firebase offers unlimited reporting to hundreds events for FREE. In addition, it gives you and your visitors insight on the app performance to help understand the app!

Furthermore, what makes Firebase Analytics special is that you can monitor how the audience can fulfill your events. There are 4 main factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • Events: are focused on achievements or actions that you direct the audience to, namely landing pages or opening the app,…
  • User properties: are the user characters of favorite colors, styles, hobbies,..
  • Conversions: are when buyers purchase or download an item (complete any actions).
  • Audience: is the group of users classified by events or characters

These behaviours will serve a powerful purpose if handled carefully! 

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics provides SEO (search engine optimization), PPC advertising (pay-per-click) and content marketing. Thus, you can monitor numerous data sets to better user experience. What’s more you can develop campaigns like sales, discounts to encourage the behaviors. As a result, you can modify your app to suit every single client. 

To sum up, Google Analytics offers different useful ways to access and connect with clients.

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What is Google Analytics?

Which is better, Google analytics vs Firebase?

To have you make the final decision, here are some factors to judge that you cannot miss about Google analytics vs Firebase:

#1. Purpose

Firebase focuses on mobile development while Google focuses on analytics platforms. Therefore, if you need help monitoring your app, Firebase is the perfect choice as it is made for app behaviors. Whereas Google is more suitable for web-based sites. Its features such as SEO, PPC or content marketing aim at running campaigns and advertising more. So, if you want to update the ads game, go for Google Analytics.

#2. Report

Firebase is more of an event-based data model. In other words, its analytics surrounds people completing events. With Firebase, you can register at most 50 custom event perimeters. To put it another way, you can have 50 analytics on if monitoring app’s performance. Furthermore, in Firebase, you can monitor every user’s actions from the moment they open the app until the end. Those include updates, notifications, actions,…

While Google Analytics reports focus on the orientation which is what users do in each session, not as a whole like Firebase. Yet, you can set up only 20 events for free, you will need extra cost if you want more events. It can go up to 200 events! Nevertheless, there is no automatic event tracking in Google, which Firebase does.

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Which is best to choose?

#3. Limit

As for the available numbers of events, there is a limit. Firebase offers various actions like adding email, conducting search and so on for $0. The only restriction is its event names. In fact, ‘only’ 500 names are available. However, you cannot do that for free in Google.

Regarding Google Analytics, an extra cost is needed for the same function. You see, different pricing suits different needs, so do try to balance every element!

So far, above are the 3 factors that you need to consider. To recap, you need to list out what you need and compare with its strength and weakness:

  • Firebase Analytics is suitable for creating and developing mobile apps 
  • Google Analytics is suitable for monitoring and engaging websites
  • If you want to fully step up your game on both mobile and browsers, go for both Google analytics vs Firebase!

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