Firebase: What is it and key benefits of using it for mobile app development


If you are wondering how to develop and monitor a mobile app, don’t miss out Firebase! As a matter of fact, it was developed by Google and is aimed at bettering mobile apps. Today, ArrowHiTech committed experts will explain why Firebase is the key to make your app successful.

BUT first, we need to examine what Firebase is, right? It’s like the foundation to build up the knowledge.

Alright, let’s get started. 

What is Firebase?

Similar to Google Analytics, Firebase offers optimal solutions that boost mobile app performance in both iOS and Android platforms. In particular, it offers database, messages, crash reporting and especially analytics. Thus, any related issues can be detected and solved via Firebase effectively.

Google analytics vs firebase: Which one is better for your mobile application?

Why Firebase?

Without further ado, let’s see how can Firebase help you through its top 6 ultimate benefits you cannot miss!

#1. Fix bugs and address issues

Firebase can:

  • Monitor errors (both fatal and non-fatal)
  • Send email alerts when errors are discovered
  • Help in data collection by enlisting all details about devices, as well as grouping issues in different categories
  • Generate crash and bug reports with the help of Crashlytics
  • Configure posts (remotely) so as to control accessibility and provide a list of events that happened beforehand.

More importantly, Firebase is FREE to report crash and bug errors!


It is Firebase’s main feature that can detect and organize issues to match your app’s status. What’s more, it even explains the error so that you can avoid it next time. Crashlytics surely fixes the stability issues swiftly and allows your app to run smoothly. 


#2. Synchronize data 

firebase sync data

Firebase helps synchronize data with real-time databases. In other words, app data is available both online and offline. As a result, you can literally connect with it any time you want. To clarify, Real-time work means every change is constantly updated and sent from all the devices to the home system. What’s more, Firebase allows the data to be accessed from different devices and interfaces, namely web browsers and mobile devices. In fact, you can also split data within the same project and even set rules for each case. In short, you can have and pass access on any tools at any time you want, which saves lots of time and work.

#3. Speed up the app development

Because Firebase is a NoSQL database with the most updated API connectors and wrappers, it provides a much faster speed. With Firebase, you don’t need REST APIs to connect clients with servers as Firebase SDK can do the same, or even better with less work and time!

#4. Boost database performance

firebase app

Now, app developers can easily monitor Firebase real-time databases at an amazing speed. In addition, real-time updates are much quicker than HTTP.

#5. Backed by Google Analytics

If you are looking for a solution to both apps and websites, then why not use both Firebase and Google? Google Analytics can estimate customer behaviors, report broken links, examine UI and UX to help you make the final decision.

  • Reporting scalability: up to 500 events, even custom ones
  • Audience segment: by these criteria: device info, custom events and user details.
google firebase

#6. Is feature rich

Here are some key points that guarantee a reliable base for cross-platform development:

  • Hosting: allow contents to be updated in CDN and offer support with domain, global CDN and SSL certificate
  • Authentication: with simple SDKs, it’s easy to use libraries to adopt authentication with mobile apps
  • Storage: powered by Google Cloud Storage, you can download files and contents.
  • Cloud Messaging: benefits real-time communication
  • Remote Configuration: changes are fixed in the existing version, thus, you don’t need to download a new version
  • Test Lab: code testing is much easier with Firebase
  • Notification: you can send user-focused custom notices to users
  • App Indexing: index your app in Google search means higher search ranking on Play Store and App Store
  • Dynamic Links: or smart URLs can present apps across the digital platforms: social media, web, app, email, etc.

Above are the top 6 ultimate benefits of Firebase that you cannot forget! 

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Bottom line

That is the end of today’s topic. ArrowHiTech hopes that you have learned lots of analytics terms and Ultimate comparisons to decide which is best. If you want to read more, don’t hesitate to visit our Mobile App Development Services! Finally, as always, we wish you the best of good luck and success!

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