Flutter animation: Simple explanation to make your applications more interactive

flutter animation

A mobile app without animations is like a house with only bricks and walls. In other words: blank, plain and empty. Who wants to buy that? Likewise, who wants to use an app that’s boring and bland? Thus, don’t worry because ArrowHiTech is here to guide you through Flutter Animation!

Animation is simply the movement when you go from a page or object to another. For this reason, attractive and unique animation 100% boosts the Flutter app UI and UX. It is, if not, the best way to make your app outstanding!

Here is today’s CONTENT in a nutshell:

  1. Tween Animation
  2. Physics-based Animation
  3. Components
  4. Animation Patterns

Regarding UX, there are many types of animation. However, Flutter loves and optimizes two main types only. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Tween Animation

The full name is in-betweening animation. First, the animation begins with a start value. Then, it goes through intermediate values and will eventually reach the end value. Just like the name itself, the start and end points must be defined! Moreover, the timeline and curve that determines the speed and curve of animations is also provided. All the transition calculation throughout the process is included in the framework.

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Physics-based Animation

Compared to Tween, this type of Flutter Animation makes the app more practical and interactive. Some typical examples are: falling, swinging, pulling, etc. – movements in general. For instance, when you drink tea, the water from the glasses will swing slowly down, not right away, you know what we mean? Or when you drop a ball to a surface, it will surely bounce (for a few times) but not sit still right away, right? This is where physics-based animations come in handy!

physics-based flutter
An example of Physics-based animation

Flutter Animation Techniques

There are two methods: implicit and explicit.

To create explicit animation in Flutter, you need to learn about Ticker, Animation Class and AnimationController.


Ticker sends a signal at a consistent duration. The thing is, if each Ticker happens at different times, they will automatically sync in some time.


Animation represents a value that can be modified. addListener() and addStatusListener() are 2 main ways. To clarify, when a value changes, addListener() is for notifying all listeners added. Similarly, when the status of the animation changes, addStatusListener() is of service.

The most common classes are:

  • Animation<double>: replace a decimal number with another in a period of time
  • And, Animation<Color>: replace between two color values
  • Animation<Size>: replace between two size values


The basic steps are:

  • First, set parameters such as duration and vsync in AnimationController.
  • Next, add listeners
  • Start the animation
  • Then, perform action in callback methods
  • Finally, dispose animation

Furthermore, Flutter also has 2 other types that are just not as popular:

Curved Animation

This type can be applied to a non-linear curve with an animation item. We usually use it to show progress and changes

Hero Animation

hero animation

Hero Animation is that 1 element of screen A flies to screen B when we go to the next page of the app. The most typical examples are logos and icons. Before, we think that they stay still – without animation. As a matter of fact, they do, they are animated in hero type!

Animation Patterns

Some common patterns are used regularly. However, the way to combine them will make a huge difference in users’ experience. If you are not familiar yet, these are some common ones and links to learn them further:

  • Animated list or grid: adding or removing elements from list or grid. See the example from Flutter right here!
  • Shared element transition: is the Hero widget that we mentioned above! Click Flutter’s Hero animation
  • Staggered animation: from a big one that breaks into smaller motions. Go to: Flutter’s Staggered animation

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To Sum up

Today, we have delivered an article on Flutter Animation. ArrowHiTech hopes that you find it useful and helpful for your business.