Flutter framework: 30+ well-known mobile apps built with it

Cross platform app development frameworks help developers make applications that are compatible with more than one operating system. As that said, they can work well on different OS, such as iOS and Android. Nowadays, two popular frameworks for building cross – platform apps are React and Flutter. In this blog, we will deliver you 30+ apps built with Flutter framework

Firstly, we will come to the definition of Flutter before moving to 30+ apps built with Flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter framework

Firstly, we need to know what Flutter is. It is a cross-platform framework that helps you develop applications. The special thing about Flutter is that with just one code, you will be able to create apps for different devices. Moreover, apps built with Flutter framework will surely be Native

In case your application is programmed in Dart language, it will act identically on each mobile platform such as Android or iOS. What’s more, these applications might have the same efficiency to their native solutions

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Why should you use the Flutter framework?

Here are some outstanding benefits of Flutter framework

  • Hot – reload function. Thanks to this, developers can introduce changes in real – time
  • Material design widgets. This might be one of the useful functions of Flutter. You can easily create eye – catchy, stunning visual for your mobile app
  • High, great performance, logical architecture and thorough documentation
  • It has a beautiful, stunning UI. Then, you’ll have almost a native-feeling when working with Flutter
  • Open – source framework. 

Top apps built with Flutter framework

Flutter is one of the most popular cross platform app development frameworks in the world. It’s a trusty framework for many big brand like Google or eBay. The following are apps built with Flutter. Let’s explore.

Google Stadia

Flutter framework

In the apps built with Flutter framework list, we will mention Google Stadia. Google built a lot of mobile applications with this cross – platform framework. Then, we’ll dive deeper into these apps

Stadia is a streaming platform for gamers, available on both Android and iOS. Particularly, it was built with the Flutter SDK. The development team decided to use this technology during the prototyping stage of the project. Therefore, during the Stadia rollout, developers must admit that only mobile apps were using Flutter. However, Flutter has developed and gained support. Thanks to that, developers can code the apps built with Flutter framework like web or desktop

Google Ads

Flutter framework google ads

Moving to Google Ads – one of the most helpful tools for marketers. With Google Ads, Flutter framework helped with Google Ads management. 

Google Assistant

Flutter framework google assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant for smartphones and smart houses. Just ask it anything, and it will fulfil all your demands. Flutter also helps power an ever – growing number of Google Assistant apps

Klaster Me

Flutter framework klaster me

Besides other apps built with Flutter, Klaster Me is another mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS. With this app, you will be able to create, share and discover different forms of content, from images to articles. If you want, you can even create a page to display your content as well. Thanks to this, you can build your reputation within the community. 

Reflectly App

Reflectly App wasn’t created with the Flutter framework in the first place. Instead, its developers used React Native to develop it for iOS in the beginning. However, when it comes to Android, some issues happened. Then, in 2018, the development team decided to write it all over again with Flutter. Thanks to this, Reflectly App is available for both iOS and Android today.

Xianyu app

Flutter framework

Other apps built with Flutter called Xianyu. This is the second biggest retail platform of Alibaba group. It allows people to make purchases and sell products online at a reasonable price. In fact, Xianyu app has more than 50 million downloads as well as more than 10 million active users daily.

Alibaba used Flutter framework to build this well – known mobile since it helped them save a lot of time. Firstly, Flutter allows them to easily create and maintain the app with just a single codebase. Secondly, Alibaba already had a pre – made app. Thanks to that, they simply add more functionalities based on that framework to it. 


In the list apps built with Flutter, there is an app will help people find their partners called Pairing. Pairing is a matchmaking and dating app. It promises to create a safe environment for online dating. Moreover, instead of one – time relationships, Pairing aims at meaningful relationships. Besides, this mobile application is available on both iOS and Android

eBay Motors

Flutter framework eBay motors

Are you looking for apps built with Flutter? So you should choose eBay Motors. This app allows you to buy and sell vehicles with your smartphones. Also, this app has a user – friendly UI and is extremely easy to use. Just a few taps, users can browse the offers, post advertisements and bid for the cars they like. 

The main reason why eBay choosed Flutter to develop this app is its fast programming and stunning UI. In fact, at that time, the eBay engineering team had limited time to develop this app. Therefore, they need a framework that has fast programming as well as an impressive user interface. And Flutter framework is a perfect option


Now, let’s come to in10 in the list of apps built with Flutter. This is a well functioning event app for both Android and iOS. It offers users advanced RSVP. What’s more, in10 includes ETA tracking for simpler meeting up


Tencent is one of the biggest technology companies in China. This app is also in the apps built with Flutter list. They want to develop smooth, stunning and universal applications for their users. Then, they decided to rely on Flutter flatform, and get extraordinary results. Firstly, Flutter helps developers code faster, integrate better. Secondly, users can use Tencent’s app for many tasks, from work, studying to traveling. Tencent uses Flutter for many of their apps. For example, DingDang, AITeacher, K12 and so on

Post Muse

Flutter framework

Nowadays, we always expect stunning and exclusive images to post online. Therefore, Post Muse offers a lot of functions to help people get beautiful pictures. In particular, the app includes a lot of fonts, free images, photo frames and so on. Then, you can easily create personalized photos for posting

Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart – home lighting system. This is the app you should take a look if you are seeking apps built with Flutter. Therefore, you can buy lamps, bulbs and starter kits for your smart homes. Philips Hue uses Flutter for not only one, but two of their apps: Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth. These apps work as controllers. Then, they allow users to change and adjust the tone of the light and lamps. 


philips hue

Reflectly is a Health app. In fact, it’s more of a personal mental health companion. This app uses artificial intelligence to keep track of users’ daily thoughts and feelings. Then, it will structure and reflect upon them



Finnkino is the largest cinema chain in Finland. Thanks to the features of apps built with Flutter, Finnkino created inKino to help customers easily and quickly browse films and book tickets at their cinema chain. This app allows users to search for their movies and showtimes. Moreover, customers can book tickets through this app



This app will keep track of the amount of water users consume every day. Moreover, it will remind when users should drink water

Cryptomaniac Pro


Cryptomaniac Pro is a finance app. As that said, it provides users with detailed information about cryptocurrency signals, news and wallet history. But Crytomaniac Pro can bring you more than that. You can get access to more than 1600 cryptocurrencies.

With the help of apps built with Flutter, developers were able to release this app within 2 months. They own 4 apps built with Flutter framework. Also, this number is likely to increase even more

The New York Times

the newyork times

The New York Times is such a well – known, popular news channel in the USA. In 2019, The New York Times announced their KENKEN game available on web, and this was built with Flutter framework


Flutter framework Hyu

This app allows users to share their shopping data. Simply scan groceries receipts, then give your opinions about the shopping experience. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about leaked information. Firstly, the app will anonymize all the data for the market research. Secondly, the development team of the app grants users high security. 

Flutter framework plays an important role when building Huyu. In particular, the development team were amused by the speed of the process, and they even can’t believe how fast they could release this app.

Flydirekt app


This app helps you to find direct flight all over the world. Thanks to this, instead of asking flying agents, you can find the direct flight by yourself. Furthermore, you’ll get estimations without delay for every flight. What’s more, it can show weather forecasts in a particular place. Needless to say, this app will make your fight a lot more convenient

Music Tutor

music tutor

As suggested in the name, Music Tutor will help you learn to read sheet music at home. Besides that, you can have better sight – reading skills with the help of it. Thanks to the Flutter framework, the development team could bring out this apps built with Flutter framework to market in a short time

Birch Finance


This is a financial application that helps you with credit card management. For example, it analyzes expenses and presents which card was used for a specific purchase. Also, you can save a lot of money with the help of Birch Finance. For example, based on your shopping habits, it will suggest which cards are suitable.

Top Goals

Top Goals is such an ideal app for sport lovers in case you are finding apps built with Flutter framework. It lets you follow the live performance of your favorite team, react to the latest news and a lot more. This app was built, obviously, with the Flutter framework. However, at the beginning, the creator of Top Goal was quite skeptical about Flutter since it doesn’t use native widgets. But after some training, they quickly get used to it and surprised about the outstanding performance

Coach Yourself


If you like meditation, then Coach yourself is for you. This app is one of the apps built with Flutter framework. It promises to strengthen both your mental and physical health. Moreover, Coach Yourself is highly user-friendly. Simply choose a theme, then you can start your meditation session with customized options. For instance, you can select preferred sounds in the background. Also, it can track your daily progress. 


flutter app

Coming to another fitness and health apps built with Flutter framework. This app allows you to connect with sport coaches and sports centers. Also, if you want to look for training in your area, this app will come in handy



Hookie helps with social media management. In particular, it helps you to keep track and manage all your social media profiles within one place. Therefore, marketers or content creators will benefit a lot from this app. It makes creating, scheduling and publishing content easier than ever. Moreover, you can monitor the effectiveness of each post. Hookle is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business

Pawperfect Match

Flutter framework

Like other apps built with Flutter above, this is such an interesting app built with Flutter framework. Pawperfect Match helps homeless animals to find their new homes in the UK. When users go into this app, they can acknowledge all the information of the adoptable animals, from height, weight and health condition


AppTree is an ideal mobile application for enterprises in the list of apps built with Flutter framework. It includes almost all common business ap functions. For example, labor entry, audits, data collections and so on. 

Toughest App

Interviews can be intimidating and stressful. Then, Toughest App can help you best prepare for this. Also, it includes brain exercises. In particular, you can find many common questions that will be helpful in your job interview. 

Weight Tracker app


Coming to another apps built with Flutter framework – Weight Tracker app. Right from the name, you might know that this app will keep track of your weight. But Weight Tracker app can bring you more than that. It can also track progress as well as goal motivation

SpaceX Go

SpaceX go

This app can provide you with all information about SpaceX. Therefore, you will surely get all the details of previous and upcoming rocket launches. Besides rockets, users can also get accessed to other transportation vehicles, such as ships, capsules and so on.


Flutter framework

Grab is a popular, well – known ride – hailing application which offers food delivery as well. The development team decided to use Flutter framework for its food delivery service. Thanks to that, restaurants can add their menu items, managing orders and see their incomes

In conclusion

Above are 30+ well – known apps built with Flutter framework. If you want to get the best of Flutter, and create stunning apps with it, don’t hesitate to contact us

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