Flutter limitations: The most common ones you need to know in 2020

Flutter limitations

If you have read our other Flutter articles, you will know that Flutter is a powerful platform to develop an app on both web browsers and mobile. BUT, everything must have a ‘but’, right? Indeed, Flutter is effective and very cost-saving, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will think of it the same way. For that reason, ArrowHiTech presents ‘Flutter Limitations’ – an article to help you think twice!

Note that, we are not telling you ‘Flutter is not effective’ or ‘Don’t use Flutter!’. Everything has its own pros and cons. Thus, to fully examine a thing, we need to look at it in multiple perspectives.

And now, let’s have a look at some limitations of Flutter latest version 1.20 (8/2020).

Flutter Limitations

#1. Few third-party packages

Because Flutter is relatively new, third party libraries and widgets are rather small in figure. Moreover, some widgets in Flutter are available to one platform only. As a result, some developers may not choose Flutter but wait for its time to ‘grow’.

However, some third parties still give out amazing UI packages that you can find them acceptable!

#2. Inability to call Native APIs from Dart directly

Actually, Flutter can still interact with Native APIs. Yet, this limitation is rather small and easy to fix. You can just use a plugin or hire experts to have the work done in no time.

#3. Requirement of Dart for development

Dart – a OOP language that is easy and fast to learn. Similar to Flutter, Dart is still new and not as common as Java, JavaScript or C#, … Thus, not many developers opt for it.  

Question: What is Dart and why does Flutter love it?

flutter limitations dart

On the other hand, Google is now doing their best to better Dart and popularize it. Maybe learning Dart beforehand can help!

#4. Lack of code push

This limitation is one of the most common ones as we have heard lots of complaints about this issue. What is code push? It allows us to push patches to an application immediately, hence saves time and work because no usual app store release is needed. As Flutter lacks in this field, all updates must go through the traditional release process, which may take days for iOS.

#5. Little overall Support

Again, because Flutter is quite new, it lacks support. Now, the only support that is given to Flutter is through its community. This limitation is just a minor issue, though.

#6. Few digital platforms

It means that Flutter is restricted to use for tvOS, watchOS, Android Auto or CarPlay. On the other hand, for Wear OS/Android Wear, Flutter does support, but not too much. For this reason, you must use native code to solve this limitation.

#7. Limited complexity

3D modeling, Unity integration, game engines in Flutter fall quite behind. Furthermore, lots of ad mobile platforms also do not support Flutter. 

#8. Vector graphics and animations support

In fact, Flutter has much better vector graphics and animations now. The only limitation is that some files don’t exactly render with current plugins. 

However, Flutter’s Support for Lottie is excellent. Hence, the changes will take place soon and successfully.

Recap: 8 common Flutter Limitations – You don’t need to be worried!

flutter limitations worry

As you can see, most of the issues come from the fact that Flutter is new to the industry. By nature, there is still room for trial and error. We expect Flutter to be a blooming factor soon, as it is backed by Google – one of the most powerful companies in the world. Because of that, why don’t use it now to take the lead?

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Final Words

That is the end of today’s topic. ArrowHiTech hopes that you can see some Flutter limitations to best decide which to use for your app. Finally, as always, we wish you the best of good luck and success!