Flutter Package: Useful knowledge and Simple, Effective way to add to your project

flutter package

Flutter is a powerful platform that surely betters your app or web performance. Despite being relatively new, it offers lots of outstanding functions and features. As a result, its position and use keeps increasing day by day. That’s why today, ArrowHiTech committed team would love to introduce Flutter packages!

What is it and how does it help in your current situation you ask? Please read till the end to have all the questions answered in a detailed way.

And now, let’s begin with

What is Flutter packages?

What to do when there are so many images, videos, docs on the same folder? Simple, make sub-folders! 1 folder for image, 1 for video and 1 for doc. Likewise, now we have Flutter packages – a group of similar items. To clarify, Flutter Packages contains different types of classes, interfaces and so on.

Moreover, Flutter offers shared packages that are contributed by community developers, like open source libraries. For this reason, we don’t need to make everything from scratch. In the end, it saves lots of time and money.

General Structure

We have 4 types:

  • lib/src/*: contains Dart codes privately.
  • lib/mydemo_package.dart: a main Dart code file and can be imported into apps via this code: import 'package:mycustom_package/mycustom_package.dart'  
  • lib/*:  a directory that contains the public code and can be accessed by: import 'package:mydemo_package/sub_folder/custom_file.dart'  
  • pubspec.yaml: the project’s configuration file and it contains:
  1. General settings: name, version, description etc.
  2. Dependencies of the project
  3. Assets: videos, images, animations, etc.

Types of Flutter packages

Learn more about Dart: what is it and why Flutter uses Dart?

  • Dart Package
    • A general package
    • Written in Dart
    • Available on both web and mobile platforms
    • Contain some Flutter specific functions
  • Plugin Flutter packages
    • A specialized package (include an API)
    • Written in Dart and relies on Flutter framework
    • Can be combined with Android (via Java/Kotlin) or iOS (via Objective C or Swift)
    • For example: battery and image picker plugins.

How to use Flutter packages?

Go to pub.dev to see the whole world of Flutter packages. There are Flutter favorites, Top packages for Flutter and Dart. Furthermore, if you are looking for specific ones that are compatible with Android or iOS, or you want to look at most scores or likes etc. just choose ‘Sort’!

sort flutter package
Optimize ‘Sort’

Manage package

Package versions – Flutter packages

For range constraints, you need to define the max and min version like so:

  url_launcher: '>=5.4.0 <6.0.0'

For constraints with caret syntax, the process becomes easier and faster to code. Yet, it still brings the same result.

  collection: '^5.4.0'

Want to know what ‘caret syntax’ is? Visit Flutter official docs now!

Package dependencies – Flutter packages

If you want to update to a new version, you can run flutter pub upgrade

Some extra dependencies that you can check out:

  • Path
    path: ../plugin1/
  • Git
      url: git://github.com/flutter/plugin1.git
  • Git (on a package in a folder)
      url: git://github.com/flutter/packages.git
      path: packages/package1

Publish Package

Like what we have mentioned, many developers also upload their Flutter packages as part of the community. Similarly, you can also upload yours on pub.dev so that others can use them as well. 

Firstly, run this command to analyze package’s phase:

$ flutter pub publish --dry-run  

Then, to publish package, run this :

$ flutter pub publish  
publish flutter package
How to Publish Package?

2 key steps to add Flutter Packages to your project

Step 1: Search for a suitable package

A faster way than pub.dev is to visit pub.dartlang.org. In fact, they are the same Flutter’s search engine, but the latter provide all 100% score so that you can choose among the best of the best. If you have any idea, type right in the search bar for the same optimal result.

Step 2: Install the Flutter packages

Firstly, add 2 lines to the `pubspec.yaml` file to make a dependency, Here, pay close attention to indentation. For example, a ‘stripe_fl 0.1.0’ will run like this:

dependencies: stripe_fl: ^0.1.0

Then, click ‘Get Packages’ at the top of the pubspec.yaml page. 

Lastly, import the package to main.dart file. Simply adding it to the top of file / the file you want to put that package in. For example:

import ‘package:stripe_fl/stripe_fl.dart

That’s all you need to do! 2 simple and easy steps can make such a big difference. 

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