Free content management system: Top 10 best platforms to build the website and manage content with ease

When it comes to building a content-centralized website, it is the best option is usually to opt for a content management system. Having a custom website developed without a solid maintenance budget for the future can have a huge effect on your business operations in the long run, whereas most of the current CMSs today are open-source and easily maintainable, not to mention free content management system.

Free content management system
Free CMSs

After all, by using content management systems, your site will be much more flourished and noticeable than ever before. However, choosing which CMS to use has never been more challenging, due to the sheer number of options available. So now, we – ArrowHiTech would like to introduce to you guys the top 10 best free content management system platforms to build a website and manage content with ease. Let’s go!

#1. WordPress – the best free content management system

This CMS boasts the largest market share among its competitors by far, and it’s easy to see why. Sites of all sizes rely on WordPress to help publish, manage, and organize the content of a wide variety; articles, tutorials, photos, videos, stories, and much more. WordPress is not only easy to learn but also highly flexible towards beginners and experienced users alike. Moreover, the platform also gets regular updates and features a large and helpful community.

#2. Magento

Whether you’re looking for a small business solution in an environment where nobody really understands technology, or you’re working from a corporation that needs a professional enterprise eCommerce solution – Magento is likely to be a choice that won’t disappoint you in either way. This is widely considered to be one of the best free content management system platforms.

#3. Shopify

Shopify is another free content management system that is more focused on helping freelancers, small businesses. It also helps corporation size businesses that need reliable and secure eCommerce platform services. Moreover, this platform has been around for long enough to be respected as one of the leading eCommerce content management platforms. Besides that, Shopify offers a range of designs that you can fully optimize yourself.

#4. Joomla! – one of the best content management system platforms

Joomla is for those who are looking for a little bit of a challenge when it comes to content management, at least in terms of coding power. In many ways, the developers built Joomla with medium to large-sized sites in mind. Joomla’s codebase is much more sophisticated than that of WordPress, but it comes at the benefit of more scalability and more back-end integration. This free content management system is probably due to the long-lasting CMS platform.

#5. Drupal

Drupal is another name that carries a lot of weight in discussions about the best free content management system platforms. It is because of how widely adopted it is to professional coding standards, a lot of engineer and developer-type webmasters have adapted to Drupal as their primary content management platform. After all, while it lags behind WordPress and Joomla in market share, that doesn’t make it any less notable.

#6. Typo3

This is the best free content management system with scalability as its main selling point, and it caters to enterprise-level websites. For example, if you want to use a CMS to build an intranet, Typo3 would be an excellent choice. This is thanks to its integration of features that would otherwise require extensions or plugins. Moreover, the developers made TPO3 highly flexible. You can also extend it using new functions without writing any program code.

#7. Craft CMS – one of the fastest free content management system platforms

Craft CMS offers you the freedom you deserve when building a website for yourself or your friend. Not just that, you can actually create all kinds of websites, including eCommerce. After all, the free forever plan is quite limited, still, it offers you tons of material to start with the page establishing process immediately. Your site will be launched in a pinch, and quickly grab the user’s attention.

#8. Wix – the online free content management system

Wix is by far one of the most popular website builders out there with millions of users worldwide. It is considered as a content management system. But, it is not a standalone one, meaning that you are tied with their service. However, keep in mind that you can’t decide where and how to host it. This makes it much easier to set up and use than most but might become pricey as your business and traffic to your website grows.

#9. Contao

With Contao, you are on the right track to creating unique websites and web applications. It is a free content management system that gets you going in no time at all. The features of Contao are numerous, which make sure you get the most out of it when working on your project. With that in mind, Contao has top-notch editing features, amazing site structure, form generator, responsive images, built-in file manager, and more.

#10. Serendipity – the small but emerging free content management system

Serendipity is a user-friendly CMS that’s perfect for small blogs. This is considered to be one of the most light-weight content management systems for users when they first want to develop a content-centralized website. When it comes to functionality, you can extend what the platform can accomplish using themes and plugins. Moreover, you can look for front or back-end specific plugins, which makes finding the tools you want simpler.

Final words

To sum up, this blog above is the top 10 best free content management system platforms to build a website and manage the content with ease. All in all, while the best CMS options have their supporters and detractors, you don’t want to make a decision lightly. Depend on your variable mileage, we highly recommend that you test out more than one CMS before settling down with your favorite.