Strategic ways to drive more free website traffic promptly

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, hence, the more traffic you can attract, the more successful your business will gain. The first step you must know if you want to get more new leads to your business is to increase organic traffic to your website. Organic website traffic is defined as visitors who come to your website and stay for an extended period of time. They read the content, return frequently, and take advantage of some of the special deals you provide on your website. In fact, to drive more free website traffic, there are a variety of effective ways. If you haven’t known yet, let’s read this article from AHT Tech JSC for more details. 

Why your website need more free traffic

To put it plainly, website traffic plays a key role in the success of your company. More traffic implies more potential customers who will buy things from your business or tell their friends about your website and its contents. In the other word, your website and brand will be unlikely to reach the general public if there is no traffic. 

Types of website traffic

Free website traffic

Free traffic refers to people who come to your website after looking for something on a search engine, clicking on an unsponsored or paid social media post, or visiting a site based on a friend’s recommendation. 

free website traffic

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is known as traffic that has been purchased. It is created as a result of paying for ad space on Facebook, Instagram, or Google’s search results pages. Not only that, paid traffic can also be obtained by purchasing advertising space on media platforms or investing in sponsored content. 

In reality, both sponsored and free website traffic have advantages and disadvantages. While paid advertising necessitates additional dollars, free traffic initiatives necessitate a lot of effort and time. However, the underlying purpose of both sponsored and organic traffic is to increase overall website traffic. 

Focus on high quality website traffic

No matter the type of traffic you’re focusing on, the most relevant and high-quality traffic to your website should always be your primary goal. There are many individuals who believe that free website traffic can’t possibly be as good as sponsored traffic. While sponsored advertising makes it easier to target the right kind of visitors, organic traffic presents that your branding and marketing are working. It is a great sign that consumers are looking for your website and online presence because they want to buy from you rather than your competitor. 

Strategic methods to boost more free website traffic

#1. Take advantage of social media to reach more traffic 

When it comes to exceptional ways to drive more free website traffic promptly, you should consider social media. In fact, this is one of the best types of free marketing strategies. With social media, just needing a simple thought or image, you can reach a wide target audience. The idea is to optimize the worth of your articles with the time of day you are posting to do this properly and for free. You should see a large rise in your social media activity and website traffic if you can give high value at a high-volume moment. 

drive more free website traffic

Besides, you may enhance the click-through rates to your website by effectively utilizing social media. As a result, it will bring more social followers to your website. Moreover, by creating social media profiles and actively posting, you will easily create a digital footprint that you can measure using Google analytics.

#2. Utilize hashtags to target content

If you are seeking an effective way to increase free website traffic, don’t miss adding hashtags to your social media postings. As a result, it will not only help you broaden reach and attract specialty audiences, but also categorize your material. Plus, posts are more likely to reach your target audience if they contain targeted keywords related to your products or services. 

Additionally, let’s keep an eye on your Analytics to discover which hashtags attract the most traffic to your site and observe the hashtag etiquette for each site. In particular, you need to use brief and distinctive hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Not only that, don’t forget to make a few branded hashtags that are specific to your company. 

#3. Implement On-page SEO 

With On-page SEO, make sure that you are using the Yoast plugin to increase the optimization of your website’s pages. This is a free plugin that is far popular and simple to use. In terms of the website’s content, it must be able to hold the attention of your visitors. In fact, you should keep in mind that among 10 individuals, there are 8 who read only the headline of your ad and ignore the remainder of the material. As a result, all you need to do is build a successful copywriting strategy for grabbing your reader’s attention and driving more free website traffic. In short, let’s take the effort to optimize your on-page SEO. And then, you will achieve an increase in visitors to your site as well as better search ranks.

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Backlinks refer to linkages from one website to another which are a critical component of SEO. Websites with a high link profile are considered more trustworthy and authoritative by search engines. The good links not only attract traffic, but also help you rank higher in search engines and improve organic free website traffic. What’s more, the strength of your link profile is influenced by your internal connecting structure. Internal links can assist you improve your SEO rankings while also making your website more user-friendly.  

back links strategies

#5. Focus on Content marketing and share engaging posts

Content marketing is an important and efficient method for increasing more organic free website traffic and enhancing SEO rankings. In particular, content needs to be educational, interesting, and keyword-rich is considered great. Hence, users will return to your website and share your material with others if you provide them with valuable stuff. Besides, although blog articles are the most prevalent type of content marketing, there are other ways to reach out to diverse audiences such as: Infographics, videos, case studies, e-books, templates and so much more. Furthermore, your content must have a range of lengths and formats in your content. Most importantly, don’t forget to use SEO keywords to create interesting headlines that stand out on search results pages and drive more visitors to your website. 

#6. Create a guest post for other websites

The main purpose of guest posting on other websites is to increase your reputation as a subject matter expert and strengthen your brand. You can compose these blog pieces on your own or hire a digital marketing agency with a professional content writing team. In reality, each piece of content is an opportunity to drive free website traffic and social media channels while also bolstering your position as a market leader. 

#7. Generate a content schedule

There is no better strategy to increase organic traffic to your website than to create high-quality content. In fact, generating more and more content with high-volume keywords is the only way to get ranked on search engines. As a result, building a content strategy as part of your content marketing is one of the greatest methods to start creating a continual stream of material. What’s more, its goal is to jot down all of the different content ideas you have for your website. Furthermore, you need to create a schedule for when you can write the material and start scheduling it out across the month. To optimize results, you can produce enough content for a few months ahead of time while also conducting quality-keyword searches to ensure your keywords are still relevant. 

#8. Make out of email marketing 

Email marketing is one of the best methods you need to know if you want to drive more free website traffic. By this way, those who have signed up for your email list are interested in hearing from you. In fact, you can utilize email for a lot more than just informing customers about sales and offers. Specifically, creating blog content that educates your audience about your products and distributing a link to the article via email are both effective approaches to improve website traffic. As a result, this may pique their interest in making a second purchase of your product or service. 

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#9. Paid ads

The next awesome way to fast drive visitors to your website is to employ the bought traffic strategy. The first advantage of paid advertisements is that they may be placed on search engines such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, or on social media platforms. Moreover, the platform you choose is determined by your product or service. Paid ads are worth-using strategy since they are simple to measure and track. Best of all, you may also control your budget, grow it as needed. Plus, use analytics tools to better understand your target audience’s behavior and trends. 

ways to drive more free website traffic

#10. Set up contests and promotions to build your rapport 

Coming to the next strategy to improve more free website traffic is to run contests and promotions. Thanks to this way, you can track and assess campaign interaction by developing a dedicated landing page with the promotion or offer. By establishing a contest or promotion, you can showcase your brand personality while also showing your community a different aspect of your business. In particular, a contest is also an excellent technique to increase the size of your email list. 

#11. Use online directories and review sites

In terms of this method, you should consider Yelp and Google Business as examples of digital word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, referrals can be a terrific way to get a lot of free website traffic. Best of all, review sites and directories also have a lot of domain authority in search engines. As a result, the free page of your company on their site may start to appear in relevant searches. Most crucially, make sure your contact information, address, and website links are all up to date in these listings.

#12. Research your competitors carefully

In order to make your plan as perfectly as possible, researching competitors as well as marketing strategies they employ is very important. Following that, don’t forget to subscribe to their email list, follow them on social media. Plus, you should have a look at their blog to see what kind of material and ads they are producing. 

A digital marketing company like AHT Tech JSC can assist you in conducting competitive research. As a result, it helps you save lots of time and effort while still giving useful information for refining your strategy. 

#13. Optimize performance of your website

Typically, visitors never like the feel of waiting for a page to load. Plus, you need to remember that the higher your bounce rate, the more people are clicking away from your site. On the other hand, this has a negative impact on your website’s SEO. This is because bounce rate is a major factor in deciding your website’s position in search results pages. Furthermore, most website traffic monitoring systems, such as Google Analytics, consider individuals leaving your website too soon to be a poor indicator. Simply speaking, this implies that these technologies will treat your website as if it had no sessions and that the traffic you are receiving is useless. 

Way to check, track and analyze website traffic

Major metrics

Although you may have some criteria that are specific to your company, there are a few general metrics that you should consider: 

  • Unique visitors

You need to keep track of all of the users that visited your website at least once during a given time frame. This allows you to determine the amount of returning and new users and consequently organize your marketing activity. 

  • Pageviews

Knowing how many times each of your pages has been seen over a given period of time can help you improve your website by allowing you to focus on optimizing each of the pages that receive the most traffic. At the same time, you can easily eliminate pages that never get viewed. 

Way to track and analyze website traffic
  • Organic search traffic

You can easily know the amount of visitors that come to your site through Google or another search engine. As a result, it will help you improve your content marketing strategy and SEO. 

  • Traffic channels

In case you have a large following on social media, watching traffic counts from other sources might help you figure out which social media initiatives are effective and vice versa. 

Alternatively, if you operate affiliate marketing programs, you can track traffic from your newsletters or affiliate sites. While more data means a more complete analysis, focusing on the data points that matter most to your company can help you become more successful and outperform your competitors. Furthermore, it is pointless to spend too much time examining the click-through rate of your “About Us” page if your Instagram posts are the main moneymakers.

Way to measure your website traffic

In terms of common tools for measuring website traffic, Google Analytics is perhaps the most widely used website traffic analyzer. Because this free tool is simple to use and provides consumers with a wealth of information on their website. 

Besides, Ubersuggest is a great option for anyone trying to achieve a balance between website traffic monitoring and SEO. This website traffic analyzer tool not only has reasonable subscription plans, but it also allows users access to a variety of instructional resources and research tools. 

What’s more, Ahref is also the best choice for you to effectively measure website traffic. If you’re a member of Ahref, you can utilize it to look at estimates of your domain’s organic traffic as well as your competitor.  

In addition, SEMrush, like Ahrefs, is primarily a search engine optimization tool. However, you may examine the traffic on your website using its traffic analytics data.

In conclusion

To sum up, in order to boost more free website traffic promptly, you can take advantage of a wide range of strategic ways, especially those we mentioned above. In case you are wondering whether strategies are suitable and bring the best outcomes for your website, let’s CONTACT US for free consultancy.