Top 15 best GUI testing tools you need to explore in 2020

GUI, or graphical user interface is one of the UI forms that lets users interact with devices via graphical icons, colors and buttons. Sometimes, they do have sounds and visual effects to make it more outstanding. Because GUI is so user-friendly that it has become a trend in 2020’s technology. As a result, you will need powerful GUI testing tools to make your apps more attractive.

Today, ArrowHiTech presents the best 15 GUI testing tools that you cannot miss. Before heading into the main topic, let’s see its basic information first!


What is GUI testing?

GUI Testing is the procedure of testing the app’s graphical user interface to detect errors and faults in the designing process. Furthermore, it also estimates some controlling elements such as menus, text boxes, lists, layouts, colors, formats, etc.

The great thing about GUI is that it can be executed both manually and automatically which saves you much time and effort. When performing GUI testing, here is a recommended lists on what should GUI testing:

  1. Elements’ sizes and positions
  2. Messaging errors
  3. Shortcuts
  4. Numeric fields: date, price,…
  5. Navigation: link, landing pages
  6. Screen validation
  7. Text and image alignment
  8. Data integrity
  9. Abbreviations
  10. Progress bars

GUI Testing Methods

First, Manual Based testing! Testers can apply their own knowledge and simply test graphical elements according to business’ demands.

Second, Record and Replay! Automation tools will capture steps during Record. Then, the recorded steps perform during Replay or Playback.

Third, Model-based Testing! In other words, system behavior. There are 3 smaller types of this GUI Testing methods:

  • Domain model: based on the app’s domain
  • State-based model: based on GUI states that exercise approximately once
  • Event-based model: based on GUI events that occur approximately once
GUI Testing Methods

Moreover, they all have to meet these requirements:

  • Firstly, model is built
  • Secondly, Inputs are specified
  • Thirdly, expected outputs must be determined
  • Then, tests are executed
  • Actual results must be compared with expected ones
  • Finally, future actions are decided

Top 15 GUI Testing tools you cannot miss in 2020

1. Abbot Java GUI Test Framework

As the name suggests, it only tests Java GUI. This GUI testing tool is used with compiled code and scripts. What’s more, it provides unit testing for AWT and SWING as well. You can use Abbot for free as it is an open-source framework that also includes key features, namely Record and Replay.


Above all, this is one of the best GUI testing tools as it can test a wide range of platforms. With robust tracking tools, RAPISE can also test GUI on mobile, desktop, brower, Java apps, and even REST and SOAP APIs. It is also fast, simple and easy to test. Plus, the latest version also has a scriptless keyword framework.

3. CubicTest – Gui testing

CubicTest is an Eclipse plugin that non-tech users can also use. Instead of test scripts, it uses model testing and can enable web app test-driven development. Moreover, CubicTest has their own exclusive case designs that do not need specifications as well as manual test scripts.

4. AutoIt UI Testing

Above all, this is one of the GUI testing tools that has freeware scripting languages to automate Windows GUI and general scripting. With the combination of Windows manipulation, both mouse movements and keystrokes, AutoIt is a self-contained commercial tool. For instance, some key elements that it offers are:

  • Built-in Editor
  • Basic-like Syntax
  • Function Set
  • And so many more…

5. FitNesse

For Collaborative Acceptance Testing Able apps, FitNesse is a great option for multiple devices. Because it is lightweight, and scalable on both machines or servers.

6. eggPlant UI Automation Testing

Created by TestPlant, above all, this is a commercial GUI testing tool that can be used for the entire testing process. Moreover, to send mouse and keyboard commands, it uses VNC. EggPlant is also highly scalable and integratable as it can test any devices, OS, technology on Jenkins, IBM RQM and Micro Focus QC.

7. TestPartner

TestPrtner is a commercial automated GUI testing tool both designed and developed by Micro Focus

  • Follows business process through both visual and storyboard oriented approach
  • Then, provides VBA scripting and facilitates teamwork for users, developers, and testers.
  • Automates regression testing and generates an object-oriented script

8. Jubula

Jubula is an automated GUI testing which is used as an alternative for GUIDancer

  • In detail, it is as better as GUIDancer. Moreover, it is used to perform functional GUI testing
  • It can also serve integration, system and acceptance testing

A free tool supports both Windows and Linux platform. It also provides toolkit support for Java Swing applications, SWT applications, Eclipse RPC applications, HTML and iOS application

9. GTT

GTTis GUI testing tool used for Java Swing based application

  • Firstly, applied to test-driven development and comes with capture and replay functionalities for GUI testing
  • Secondly, it is an open source tool that uses Jemmy events as its event model
  • Thirdly, for verifying accuracy it uses view-assertion and model-assertion mechanism

10. IcuTest

Above all, IcuTest is a unit testing framework for GUI testing that helps to create simple and manageable tests

  • Most important, it is a proprietary tool which does not support record and replay feature but performs testing automatically and rapidly
  • Provides both wide code coverage and finds bugs quickly
  • No need to start the entire app for testing and can also test individual GUI components

11. QF-Test

QF–Test is a professional automated testing tool for web, Java & Windows application’s GUI. To clarify, it is an powerful and robust tool for Java Swing, AWT, SWT, Eclipse-plugins, RCP, ULC, Captain Casa, WebStart, JavaFX, JxBrowser, SWT-Browser, JavaFX Webview applications.

  • Cross-browser on all common browsers for also all common AJAX toolkits and frameworks like Angular, React, GWT, etc. Webswing and Electron applications.
  • This GUI testing tool both support cross-browser testing and provides reusable tests.
  • Moreover, native Windows applications like Win32, .Net based on WPF or Windows Forms, Windows Apps, UWP, and modern C++ applications.
  • PDF documents
  • It is also available for both developers and testers, proven user-friendly with comprehensive documentation.

12. Telerik Testing Framework

Telerik Testing framework is a free tool that has rich API for preparing maintainable functional test cases

  • Firstly, it helps to set dynamic page elements, animations, and custom UI controls
  • Secondly, it comes with cross-browser compatibility and automates tests for AJAX, HTML5 and XAML application
  • Thirdly, it integrates with visual studio and handles JavaScript events

#13. Telerik Test Studio – gui testing

Telerik Test Studio is a proprietary Windows-based tool for web and desktop

  • Used for functional testing, performance testing, load testing and testing mobile apps developed by Telerik
  • Moreover, enables scriptless record and replay functionality and facilitates cross-browser testing
  • Supports HTML, AJAX, Silverlight application testing and automated data-driven testing
  • Integrates with both Bug-tracking tool and Micro Focus Quality Center

14. Tellurium Automated Testing Framework

To clarify, Tellurium Automated Testing Framework is an open-source automated gui testing framework for web application

  • Firstly, it is developed from the Selenium framework and built on UI module concept available for developers and testers
  • Secondly, Tellurium works in two modes first one is a wrapper to the Selenium Framework and the second one uses Tellurium Engine
  • Thirdly, Tellurium UI templates have been used to represent dynamic web content and support cross-browser testing

15. TestStack.White Framework

White is an open source UI automation tool written in C# and based on Win32, WinForm, WPF and Java SWT

  • It much depends on (based on) .NET hence do not require any scripting language
  • Both handles complex UI automation and enables consistent object-oriented API
  • White has been replaced by TestStack.White

16. UI Automation Powershell Extensions

This is free tool contains UI module that helps easy implementation of GUI automation testing

  • It is based on UI Automation library which is part of .NET Framework 3.0
  • Moreover, currently supports Win32, Windows Form, Java SWT and Delphi applications ( Delphi applications allows to create GUI or Console application)

17. Watir

Watir stands for Web Application Testing in Ruby is an open source used for automated web browser testing.

  • Written in Ruby, it supports all apps regardless of technology.
  • Categorized into 3 main categories such as Watir-classic, Watir-webdriver and Watirspec.
  • Both proven as lightweight, powerful and easy to use.

18. Coded UI – UI testing tools

This tool generates automated tests for user interface of your application. Generally performs functional testing for your UI including individual UI control you have used.

  • Focuses on validations and other logic involved in UI design and also can be used for creating data-driven tests
  • It requires Visual Studio Enterprise as it is part of Visual Studio IDE and supports Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Commercial tool can be used by tester and developers and used frequently

19. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

  • Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) was well known as Micro Focus QuickTest Professional
  • New form of the tool incorporates best features of QuickTest Professional, WinRunner and Micro Focus Service Test
  • Micro Focus UFT provide a strong and effective framework for GUI and API testing
  • This gui testing generates functional tests performed automatically causes an increase in speed and cost-effectiveness
  • Proprietary tool that gives best results in Regression Testing and helpful to record each action performed by user on GUI

20. Cucumber

  • Cucumber is a free use open source Behavior Driven Development tool
  • It requires the use of Ruby
  • Apart from Ruby it can support other languages and applications too
  • Executes plain-text functional description as automated tests
  • Supports JVM, .NET, Python, Adobe Flex, PHP, WebDriver, Selenium, Waitr etc
  • It focuses on system behavior instead of GUI testing specifically

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