Hire mobile app developer: Unique tips, places and costs to choose the perfect ones

In fact, hiring a mobile app developer is not difficult but it hasn’t ever been easy to hire a talented developer at a reasonable price. If you are planning to ask a mobile app developer for help, you must know several smart tips to hire the right ones as you expected. And, all helpful information about this topic will be mentioned through this following article. Aside from unique tips, we also deliver you the costs you must pay to hire mobile app developer. So, let’s explore right now! 

Unique tips you should apply to hire mobile app developer 

The study of Harvard Business School indicated that around 95% of new products failed as soon as they first launched. In fact, it is a large and alarming number. One of the main causes of these discouraging figures is that there are a lot of people who do not learn the essentials carefully, resulting in hiring an inexperienced mobile app developer. So, this is the reason why we created this article, because it includes several outstanding and unique tips you need to know before making a decision to hire a mobile app developer. 

Hire mobile app developer

Problem and Solution fit

To begin, identify your TA (stands for target audience) and its “pains”. Then come up with a solution. 

#1. Determine and research your target audience.

For more detail, you have to start with the fundamentals such as: age, gender, income, education, and occupation. Then, work your way down to the finer points including: personality, attitudes, values, lifestyle, struggles and so on.

#2. Verify the issue

After that, create a list of difficulties that your target audience might have in your sector based on the findings. Not only that, you also should interview from 5 to 7 potential clients to see if these issues are truly pressing. 

#3. Check the solution

After all, you should look for a smart and effective solution. Following that, conduct analysis of competitors in order to determine the factors that make your app outstanding and bring customers more benefits compared to theirs. Then, make a rough prototype of your MVP to see if it fulfills your TA’s requirements.

Product/Launch fit

At this point, you should identify the bare minimum of qualities that will attract your initial clients and publicize them. 

#1. Determine an MVP

Simply speaking, you should sketch out your MVP and its most important characteristics before going into detail. 

#2. Create a landing page

Thanks to a landing page, you can easily gain initial traction and collect contact information. As a result, you can nurture your potential customers into actual customers.

#3. Set KPIs

Then, you should establish metrics to gauge the success of your product launch. For more detail, they are: the number of subscribers, leads, conversions, and sales, among other things.

unique tips to Hire mobile app developer

Have a clear set of requirements and a plan in place – Hire mobile app developer

In addition to the two factors above, you should also have clear requirements as well as a roadmap in order to find the right mobile app developer. As you may not know, without having a well-defined roadmap is one of the most common reasons why most products fail. So, you should set your criteria to reflect the purpose and core features of your app. In particular is a precise description of your future app, this is because it is extremely critical to its success. In addition, in case you’re concerned that your invention will be stolen, have your potential vendor sign an NDA. Despite time-consuming, the discovery phase is crucial to your success. 

Perfect places to hire mobile app developer

#1. Freelancers 

Hiring a freelance developer will suffice in case you have a tiny project that isn’t quite complicated and doesn’t require an app development team, designers, or testers. The most popular sites for hiring mobile app developers are Upwork and Freelancer. Best of all, both two sites above serve as intermediaries between freelancers and employers, processing all payments and safeguarding both parties against fraud. 

In addition, both mentors and mentees are connected through Codementor – a commercial IT coaching network. In case you’re looking for professionals in a specific field to assist you learn new abilities, this is the most ideal destination for you. Not only that, if you need a small project or assignment completed, Codementor can connect you with independent freelancers.

Hire mobile app developer

#2. Distanced employees

What’s more, you should consider hiring a remote employee for medium- and long-term projects that require specific training. For instance, you can employ a mobile app developer on your own through LinkedIn. Best of all, you can hire a satisfied remote mobile app developer through many reliable services like Remote.com, Hired, and YouTeam. Now, we will review each one below.


The first one is Remote.com. First and foremost, this is a go-to source for full-time and part-time remote workers from all over the world. Then, you may either manually search for people on Remote or use the AI system to locate the best talent depending on the project duration, abilities, and payment model.


The next one we highly recommend for you is Hired – one of the most reliable and worth-using services. With Hired, both freelancers and full-time mobile app developers are available for you to hire. Besides, this is tailored to a given industry and locality, for example, some regions of the US, Canada, and France. Furthermore, Hired selects only IT professionals with degrees from top colleges and backgrounds in top organizations, with a 5% acceptance rate (Facebook, Apple, etc.). You may also hire a mobile app developer in your city thanks to using Hired.


YouTeam is known as a great platform that connects agencies and clients with freelance mobile app developers. Best of all, before being accepted to join YouTeam, all agencies and developers must pass a comprehensive check. And, they will be barred if their abilities do not match those advertised. In addition, YouTeam is a great solution if you require a developer team. Multiple teams working in the same workplace and used to collaborating can use the platform


Can’t help but mention Gun.io when coming to this topic. For more detail, this platform utilizes their own network of high-quality freelance developers to take on any software project. Besides, you can be totally assured when using Gun.io because it exclusively hires thoroughly vetted developers who have passed their technical examinations and gathered recommendations from past coworkers to validate their abilities and seniority. Additionally, they present prospects based on your project’s requirements and schedule interviews with the ones you like the best. Not only that, it also allows you to schedule your freelancer for the monthly hours you require, and change out talent as needed according to your schedule.

Companies and agencies that specialize in outsourcing

Aside from Freelancers as well as remote employees, you should also consider using an IT outsourcing company or an app development agency if you have a complicated project. One of the best benefits when hiring mobile app developers from IT outsourcing companies is you can take advantage of their extensive expertise working on high-profile projects. Furthermore, it also ensures that deadlines will be fulfilled, quality will be exceptional, and management headaches will be avoided. 

IT oursourcing

For instance, you can take a look at ArrowHiTech – one of the most reputable and popular IT outsourcing companies in VietNam that has many years in Mobile Application Development Services as well as many other services. We are proud to be the partner of a huge number of different large and small businesses both at domestic and abroad that bring them various solutions and excellent services. In addition, we also provide the Dedicated mobile app developer for hire with various talented developers that will never make you disappointed.

How much does hiring a mobile app developer cost? 

In fact, hiring mobile app developers has different costs between each area as well as country. For more detail, it will range from 100 to 200$/ hour if you hire a mobile app developer in the USA. Besides, the hourly wage for developers in India ranges from $15 to $100 per hour, depending on experience and skill level. On the other hand, if you hire a mobile app developer in VietNam, you will need to pay a lot less, but the quality of service is not inferior to other countries. And, ArrowHiTech is surely one of the most reasonable price choices for you. Now, you should CONTACT US for a free quote. 

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Which factors should you consider to hire mobile app developer successfully? 

#1. Type of app

First of all, you must determine that your app is going to be an extension of your business, or you will perceive it as a separate entity. Besides, you will build it according to straightforward or a complicated structure. Moreover, what is its category? You should prepare answers to these questions in order to hire the right mobile app developer.

#2. Experience and abilities – Hire mobile app developer

Simply speaking, you should consider what tech stack to look for based on the app type.

#3. Communication skill and the capacity to work from distance

As you probably know, communication plays an extremely critical role, particularly when dealing with offshore organizations. Before diving into the details, try to reach out to your potential vendor by chat, email, or phone to set up an initial appointment.

#4. Budget – Hire mobile app developer

Budget is one of the most important things you must focus on when hiring a mobile app developer. Following that, prices should be discussed ahead of time. Consider other costs, such as design, maintenance, testing, deployment, and other services, in addition to development. Furthermore, you should keep in mind to never put price more than quality.

#5. Timeline

Before deciding to hire mobile app developer, you should talk about the timeline and determine if it’s reasonable.

#6. Portfolio – Hire mobile app developer

In addition, you should examine a prospective mobile app developer’s portfolio. Besides, let’s download their apps in order to see if any are similar to yours. Then, evaluate whether they work as stated, if there are any flaws and see what values they can provide to customers. 

#7. References

Then, another important thing you should consider is seeking out references. Contact their clientele and examine review sites like Clutch or GoodFirms in addition to those listed on their website

#8. Seek for developers who can assist you

In reality, one and the same program can be coded in a number of different ways. So, consider what your mobile app developer for hire has to say if they have a better idea is really a great solution.

#9. Find and create long-term relationships

Even after the release, the development still continues. After analyzing the input, a vendor should correct any errors they missed, add new features, and make your app more user-friendly to meet the expectations of your clients. Hence, building relationships that last a long time are essential.

#10. Compatibility

Last but not least is the compatibility. Specifically, you have to ensure that language hurdles, time zones, different communication tools, and diverse values don’t get in the way of completing the project successfully.

In conclusion

All in all, ArrowHiTech hopes through this article, you will get more unique and special tips to make the right decision. Then, if you expect an affordable IT outsourcing company with attractive services that can solve all your problems, ArrowHiTech is surely the ideal choice. Not only in mobile app developing, we also specialize in many other fields, so let’s visit our website right now!