How mobile app solutions can transform the fitness & sports industry?

The popularity of fitness and health apps has skyrocketed in 2021 as a result of self-isolation due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, if you are planning to release a health fitness app, it is high time to quickly conquer the market. You are a fitness industry — a gym, yoga or fitness studio, health club or just interested in how exactly fitness mobile apps help to improve reach and retention, this post is just the key for you.

Fitness mobile app: Market Overview for 2021-2025

fitness mobile app

when gyms and fitness studios have been closed for months due to the COVID-19 virus, users around the world have started to actively adopt fitness mobile apps solution in order to stay healthy and in shape.

As indicated by the report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global mHealth market is growing at a CAGR of 44.3% and is estimated to reach 111.8 billion US dollars by the year 2025. Moreover, new data from the Adjust marketing platform revealed that the trend towards self-development has gradually moved from New Year’s resolutions into quarantine next years, attracting even more users to use mobile apps in the Health & Fitness category.

Genuinely, these smart mobile solutions have raised the guidelines of wellness as users nowadays follow the best diet and exercise plans ready for their use with just an easy steps. Are you seeking for healthcare app development for a startup? Then, this is a great time to enter the healthcare industry.

Types of Fitness Apps

Fitness mobile apps typically belong to the following categories:

  • Training and workout
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Branded fitness club apps
  • Wellness apps
  • All-in-one apps

Let’s have a closer look at these categories.

Training and workout

This type of fitness app provides workout plans and videos with explanatory comments. An effective app from this category should be able to adapt to the user. For instance, it should generate an individual training plan basing on the goals and initial data, as well as easily monitor the athlete’s progress.

Diet and nutrition

A nutrition-related mobile app should also be tailored to its users’ requirements and offer a universal set of such crucail tools as:

  • a calorie counter,
  • a collection of video recipes,
  • a progress tracker,
  • tips on supplements and sports nutrition.

Branded fitness club mobile apps

Gyms and fitness clubs use this kind of apps for better and more productive interaction with their users. Such mobile apps should be able to: 

  • Provide a convenient method to pay for subscriptions and personal training, 
  • Offer helpful articles and video instructions, 
  • Track individual progress,
  • View live streams from training sessions or seminars.

Wellness mobile solutions

This category includes meditation, yoga, and exercise mobile apps solution with spiritual practices. Most often, these apps post videos and photos with the exercise techniques, motivational content, and various timers. Other features of wellness apps can be as follows: 

  • Sleep tracking, e.g. Sleep Cycle;
  • Meditation practices, e.g. Oak; 
  • Mindfulness, e.g. Zenify.

All-in-one mobile solutions

This kind of apps include the features of some fitness app categories at once. For instance, it can be a personal app from a famous athlete, which would reveal the secrets of effective exercise technique or a balanced diet, and other tools. Moreover, the more features an app has, the more convenient it’s monetization is, within which you can enable each features for a separate fee. For example, you can adopt the freemium monetization model, which will provide users free access only to basic functions (e.g. counting of steps). At the same time, you can offer paid access to advanced functions (e.g. a detailed overview of calories burnt during each activity or detailed sleep tracking). 

Furthermore, owning one universal app instead of three is much more convenient for users. However, developing and maintaining such mobile apps is significantly more expensive.

How mobile app solutions can transform the fitness & sports industry?

fitness mobile app

Offline businesses in the fitness industry can have many customers, yet the number is always limited. Such fitness businesses encounter many limitations: from their strong dependence on location to space in studios to the number of clients their coaches can work with. Therefore, biding a fitness app significantly solve the situation

Stay stable in any situation

The COVID-pandemic warned us that you never know how things are going to be tomorrow. Thus, it’s important to always have a backup plan. For you as a fitness business owner, a mobile app can be a great solution. Whether it’s a global lockdown or severe weather there’s always your fitness app that permits customers to use your services anywhere. Besides, with such a solution, new customers can join your community despite everything.

Work with more customers in a shorter time

If you’re an owner of an offline business in the fitness industry, you understand how time-consuming providing private or group classes and workouts can be. To properly support every class participant coaches have to spend quite a while talking to each one of them during and after it.

With an app, it’s not a problem to give classes to a much wider users with less hassle via live streaming, for instance.

If it’s a private class it’s easier for a coach to hold classes one after one via an app:

  • No time needed for the way to and back.
  • More flexible timetable.
  • Ability to control workload.

Besides, spaces, where classes take place and equipment, need to be cleaned and disinfected after every single one of them.

However, when people take it online (meaning from their homes, yards, parks, and so on) it becomes of no importance, at least, not as often as after offline ones.

Consequently, it’ll significantly improve time-efficiency and allow you to hold more classes in less time.

Real-Time Tracking

With mobile app solutions, real-time tracking of your health and fitness has become possible. The fitness mobile apps supports the tracking of health data in real-time. Moreover, with proper monitoring, you can easily make crucial changes to your workout plays and stay fit.

Easy access to fitness routines

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or an individual with fitness goals, mobile app solution can guide you the right way. You no longer get struggle to find out a suitable personal trainer. An appropriate app can provide you all thing according to your needs. With convenient access to fitness, meeting your goals becomes easy.

Offer Tailored Content

Whether it is about fitness or sports, everyone likes to provide updated information. The mobile app solution will support you in offering relevant content to the customers. When it comes to sports, there are apps that can keep users updated about all the latest news happening in their favorite game. Starting from scores to live updates and information about who wins and who loses, the apps provide all to the users.

Build realistic fitness goals

Setting fitness goals and achieving them is one of the big challenging tasks for most users. But a number of mobile app solutions have developed that support users in setting realistic goals and gain it. Also, the applications help you set realistic goals within your desired time frame. They take you to the next level only when you achieve the target of the previous level. As a result, it helps in keeping the users motivated and make sure sustaining the exercise regime.

Monitors diet and makes healthy

Diet is highly essential for a sportsperson or any individual who want to keep weigh. A balanced and healthy diet not only helps in decreasing weight but also helps in enhancing overall health and fitness. When you want to know about what to eat and what to not, the mobile apps can support you. The apps can offer you with diet charts, healthy food, and even essential information about the number of calories that you can take in a single day.

Connect with People with Similar goals

Whether you are interested in sports or fitness, mobile app solution can help in connecting you with users having similar goals. Through interaction, you can avail of a number of ideas and suggestions that can inspire you. Moreover, such apps help in building healthy competition among individuals.

Easy Access to Information

No longer do people have to invest a lot of time in order to access the essential information. With mobile apps, a single click can provide you all the information that you have been seeking for. Whether you need information about your favorite sports or live updates or fitness facts, mobile apps will offer easy access to all such data. With reliable and factual information, the mobile apps can provide you tailored content as per your requirements

Connect with Like-Minded People

As you know that, whether it is in the fitness industry or the sports sector, people likes to connect with like-minded people. The sports apps can allow you to connect with the fans of your favorite sports. It provides you a chance to achieve more knowledge about the game and celebrate success together when your favorite team wins. On the other hand, the fitness mobile solution support you to connect with individuals with the same fitness goals. With a competitive spirit and access to more fitness techniques, staying healthy becomes simply

Gain New Insights

The fitness apps can offer you incredible new insights. The apps can update your knowledge with new facts about the sports that you never knew before. Also, it recommend you new techniques that can improve your workouts and make them more interesting as well as effective.

Cost of Fitness App Development


So how much does it cost to develop the best workout app? The costs depend on the required functions, mobile platform, complexity, required tech stack, and even the location of your development team.

It is most convenient to base the app development calculations on an estimate of the specialist’s work time. For this, we need to regard only the “net” hours. Here are the approximate figures for each stage of the fitness app development:

  • Preparation of the project (identification of needs, preparation of technical specifications, structure, basic capabilities) – about 50 hours.
  • Design (UI and UX) – about 100 hours.
  • Backend, Frontend and Mobile development  – about 250 hours.
  • Integration with third party services like payment platform, analytics, push notifications, etc. – about60 hours.

Remember that the numbers can vary significantly depending on the app’s complexity and rates of the development firms you work with. 

If you are a business owner in the fitness and sports space, reach out to our team for any and all help in regard to software development. We are experts in mobile app development. We will be able to help you bring an idea to life, so contact us to create your fitness mobile app today!