How to find a software developer: The effective strategies to get the best one for your project

How to find an affordable software developer for projects seems one of the most anxieties of any business. In fact, this isn’t as difficult as you think. The reason why you still haven’t hired the right person could be because you haven’t come up with an effective strategy. If you are wondering which strategy to apply, let ArrowHiTech help you through the following below. So, let’s explore them right now! 

Why is finding a talented software developer important?

As you may not know, it is predicted that from 2018 to 2022, the market for application software development is expected to expand by $37.74 billion. In fact, this growth is fueled by a variety of sources. In particular, it is thanks a lot to the aid of technological advances, platforms, tools, frameworks, rules, and best practices. 

What’s more, talented developments play a critical role and a must-have. Especially, when your desired end-product has any level of abstraction. Besides, as the software development business evolves, it is attempting to employ full-stack developers in situations where their abilities are important. Additionally, by taking advantage of AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, this industry is defining activities for intelligent automation. For more detail, such operations include code generation, spotting common errors, and so much more. Nevertheless, the more sophisticated software development increases, the more demand for talented coders among startups level up. 

how to find an affordable software developer

Unfortunately, hiring a competent software developer is a difficult task, not really simply as many people think. Because most people believe that by just writing a job description and publishing it on a freelancer site, they would be able to get excellent freelance developers. Finding experienced coders, however, entails much more than this. In reality, there are a variety of ways for you to find the suitable developers. However, in this topic, we will review for you some of the most outstanding strategies about how to find an affordable software developer for your project. Let’s explore in the following section. 

The effective strategies about how to find an affordable software developer

#1. Paying attention to Referrals

The first and also one of the best strategies you should apply is considering Referrals. For more detail, you can ask everyone around you for help to find the right developer. You should take advantage of these relationships well because the person they introduce will surely be more reliable. And, the most significant benefit of this method is that you will have direct contact with the developer. And, the person who suggested you to the developer may have previously employed him, so you can be totally assured.

Furthemore, if a member of their network recommends you, the prospective developer is more inclined to trust you and collaborate with you even if they have alternative offers. On the other hand, you must keep in mind that the diversity of your network will restrict the number of developers you can contact using this method.

strategies about how to find an affordable software developer

#2. How to find an affordable software developer by Freelance Platforms? 

If you are running a short-term plan or your project isn’t quite complex, you can hire a freelancer. In order to look for a freelance software developer, you should utilize a freelance platform. Although there are many possibilities available, freelance platforms are often divided into two types: general and niche. Now, we will go deeper into each type.

  • General

This category includes the most well-known freelance platforms, such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru. Software developers, among many other types of freelancers, can be found here. Besides, there is no fixed price, depending on each developer, the cost will range from extremely low to quite high. However, one big drawback of general freelancing platforms is that developers are not vetted. Hence, anyone can pretend to be a developer. Hence, you must always be vigilant to avoid being scammed.

  • Niche

In terms of Niche, niche platforms dedicated to locating freelance coders exist. Typically, these will have a more thorough vetting process and protocols in place to assist you in finding the best applicant. Although it may be slightly more expensive, this can drastically speed up the hiring process. 

#3. Meetups and Conferences for developers

If you expect to hire an excellent software developer and want to locate them in your area, creating or joining meetups and conferences for developers is the ideal strategy. To begin, you have to look for annual developer conferences or frequent tech meetings in your neighborhood on the internet. Besides, there are many other meetup categories. So, bear in mind that you may also search for the specific developer you’re searching for using terms like talents, tech stack, and programming languages. Then, all you need is to take part in the conference or meeting to hunt the suitable developer.

software developers

#4. Find on Forums and Communities for developers

Participating in developer communities or forums is another excellent method to employ. Best of all, there’s a chance you will find the developer you’re seeking or someone who can recommend one. In addition, examining candidates’ profiles and setting up an interview with those who pass your initial screening is useful. However, each developer community will have its own set of rules, so it is a huge drawback for you. Hence, this is the reason why before recruiting an affordable software developer, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to examine each forum, resulting in the hiring process more difficult. If you are interested in this strategy, you can refer to Reddit, Hashnode, CodeProject, and Dzone.

#4. Meetups and Conferences for developers

If you expect to hire an excellent software developer and want to locate them in your area, creating or joining meetups and conferences for developers is the ideal strategy. To begin, you have to look for annual developer conferences or frequent tech meetings in your neighborhood on the internet. Besides, there are many other meetup categories. So, bear in mind that you may also search for the specific developer you’re searching for using terms like talents, tech stack, and programming languages. Then, all you need is to take part in the conference or meeting to hunt the suitable developer.

#5. How to find an affordable software developer through Stack Overflow? 

Coming to one of the most popular developer communities on the internet – Stack Overflow. This community is where developers discuss code and engage with one another. So, to identify suitable prospects, browse for the most active members in specific categories, review their profiles, and contact those that pique your interest.

Besides, another option you can apply is to publish your job opening on Stack Overflow’s job board and see who responds. Furthermore, there is no denying that it has a significant benefit in that it provides instant access to a large number of developers. However, the disadvantage is that finding local developers to hire will be more difficult. Additionally, you must also consider the fee because they will charge a fee when you list a position on their employment boards.

#6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place for you to find the right software developer because most people use this platform to update their profile and work experience. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can easily see the CVs, research the candidate, and make an informed decision about who to call. On the other hand, many recruiters employ this strategy. However, it may appear overwhelmingly full of “spam” to developers, especially those who are solid developers, and may not be the ideal way to reach out to them.

#7. How to find an affordable software developer through Quora?

Quora, like Stack Overflow, is a destination to a talented community of software developers who love to share their knowledge. When looking for a developer, the simplest thing to do is seek for topics in your field of interest. These could be topics about developers looking for work or topics about a certain tech stack. In addition, thanks to Quora, you can find and interact with developers in your field with ease. While Quora has a lot of talent in general, you should keep in mind that many of the Quora developers work full-time at prominent businesses like Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft. So, maybe you will face a lot of importance in order to find the right person.


#8. GitHub

When it comes to looking at past projects and portfolios, GitHub is one of the most wonderful places for you to hire a software developer successfully. Although it may not be as effective as some of the other strategies when used alone, it is extremely effective when used in conjunction with others. What’s more, to make a better educated selection in the end, you should see the developer’s previous code, as well as the repositories to which the person has contributed. Not only that, you also have access to the GitHub Jobs board, where you may post your job and reach out to a wide range of people. 

#9. How to find a software developer by Medium?

In fact, there are many talented developers who are eager to share what they’ve learned and contribute to sites like Medium or Codementor’s blog. For more detail, you can seek suitable developer candidates on Medium depending on their area of expertise or tech stack. What’s even better is that Medium pieces tend to cover a wide range of software development topics. As a result, you will almost certainly discover someone who has worked with your tech stack.

Moreover, software developers that contribute to popular Medium sites such as Hacker Noon or Free Code Camp may also be strong candidates. Besides, when you’ve narrowed down to a few options, it’s generally helpful to widen your search outside of Medium, just like the other tactics. Furthermore, some developers tend to link their Medium profile to their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Therefore, it will allow you to see not only what they’ve written and their experience, but also discover more about them to help you decide who to interview. 

#10. Using Facebook Groups

Another wonderful strategy to find freelancers and developers in your neighborhood is to use groups on Facebook. Following that, you can look for development groups based on their region and/or the technology stack they use. First and foremost, you should join a few that are relevant to you and the positions you’re looking to fill. Then, keep in mind that some Facebook Groups may require approval from a group moderator before you can join. So, you should read and follow the rules carefully of each one before joining.

Moreover, it’s critical to engage with the community and provide value once you’ve joined the group in order to make you stand out among the crowd. So, you will surely grab the candidate’s attention quickly. After that, once you’ve gained a better understanding of the community, you can either make a public post about your job opening or privately contact some of the more active members. 

#11. Twitter

Another social media you can also take advantage of to hire software developers effectively is Twitter. You can find some developers with the appropriate expertise by searching for relevant tech stacks on Twitter and clicking on the “People” tab. Not only that, you are able to use hashtags to find the most recent or trending tweets about the tech stacks you’re looking to hire for. The best sign is that those developers could be well-known thought leaders, or competent developers who are always learning and sharing the latest information on various software development technologies.

However, we can’t deny that Twitter is still an awesome place to discover freelance developers. But, using it also means it will take a lot of time and effort, and the results might be hit or miss. So, in order to find the most suitable software developer and get the best outcomes, you probably need to combine this strategy with others. 

how to find an affordable software developer by Twitter

#12. How to find a software developer by Coding challenge Websites? 

In fact, only excellent developers with coding challenge websites are frequently featured on those sites. In particular, it’s a flawless site to hunt for freelance developers. Besides, you can search for developers by skill set and, in some cases, even examine the code they’ve produced. Best of all, TopCoder, Coderbyte, HackerRank, CodeChef, and even HireVue are great coding challenge websites for developers to check out, especially when looking for programmers. Not only that, some services, for instance, HireVue, are even intended specifically to provide coding tasks that you may use during the hiring process. 

#13. Paid Advertisements

The next strategy you can’t ignore to find the right software development is utilizing paid ads. Following that, you may simply target developers with a specific skill set through sponsored ads or direct advertising. Once the relevant prospects have contacted you, you will then schedule interviews with them to pick the best one. However, this method has a disadvantage is that you will incur upfront expenditures and may not ultimately discover the appropriate individual. And, there are many internet networks that you can use for paid ads: Facebook, Reddit, Google, and LinkedIn, etc. Local and independent developers benefit greatly from online media, whilst developers in your region benefit more from offline media.

#14. Seeking fresher developer Graduate

If you expect to seek fresher software developers to train from the start, you can contact new IT graduates. Also, you can cooperate with information technology faculties or clubs to recruit candidates right after they graduate. Not only that, you can also target specific training courses or bootcamps in relevant programming areas as part of your outreach. 

#15. How to find a software developer by job boards? 

Can’t help but mention Job boards in this topic. This is because they are known as the quick approach to locate developers who are actively seeking employment. First of all, the major benefit this strategy brings is self-evident. Because these people are already looking for work, you can undertake less screening work than with other approaches. Moreover, you can explore some of the sites worth checking out: Angel List, Dice, Monster, The Ladders, Mashable, Indeed, etc. Some of these job boards are particularly specifically for tech positions, which will help you access a larger base of potential candidates. Nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage of such employment sites is that there may be no vetting. So, this is the reason why if you combine this with the large number of applications, it may take a long time to effectively sift through everything. 

#16. Hiring Marketplaces to hire an excellent software developer

You can consider hiring marketplace as a great method to find the suitable developer. Because they will assist you with the vetting process by gathering much of the information you would otherwise have to gather from other sources. Besides, these are the opportunities for you to reach out to qualified individuals more quickly and accelerate your decision-making process. For more detail, thanks to them, you can easily post a job advertisement, analyze the candidates, and choose who to collaborate with on most hiring markets. For example, Hired, Triplebyte, Crunchboard, Skillgigs,, Product Hunt, The Muse, etc.

how to find an affordable software developer

#17. Staffing Companies

Asking staff companies for help to hire the right software developer is worth-trying way you can apply. Simply speaking, this is a fantastic option for you to seek for talented local talent to join your team. Besides, there are many agencies that will also assist you with other areas of the employment process, such as screening, interviewing and so on. However, you should consider carefully before hiring staffing companies because it will cost you a lot of money. 

Where can you hire affordable software developers with reasonable prices? 

Aside from hiring freelancers, you can also find the right developers from agencies or IT outsourcing companies. In the global market, there are a variety of companies in this field, however, not all companies are good. Hence, before choosing any company, you must examine carefully about its reputation, experience and costs to make the best choice. 


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In conclusion

To sum up, above are the most prominent and effective strategies about how to find an affordable software developer that ArrowHiTech recommends you to apply. However, in fact, maybe there are still many other ways. So, you should also actively research to find the best software developers for your projects.