React developer: How to choose and hire them to make your projects successful

React has been climbing steadily since it broke 556 million downloads per month in March 2020. Moreover, React.js offers a desirable level of flexibility and performance for building scalable solutions with interactive UIs. No wonder a growing number of companies are beginning to embrace this technology. How to choose and hire a remote React developer which will take your project to the next level? We’ll provide you with all the necessary information in this blog.

  • React is highly performant. React.js utilizes a powerful reconciliation algorithm called Virtual DOM which is used to compare the current page structure with the planned page structure and update the right components as soon as your data changes;
  • React is scalable. It uses a single language for server-side, client-side, and mobile applications;
  • React is stable. React.js is backward compatible, which means it changes its interface rarely or not at all.  This allows legacy projects to be upgraded to the latest version of React.js without changing the codebase or by making only a few minor tweaks;
  • React is flexible. It can be easily combined with different state managers (e.g. Flux, Redux, Reflux, or Alt) and allows the application of  various architectural patterns;
  • React is component-based. It allows the creation of encapsulated components that manage their own state and composes them to make complex UIs;
  • React is SEO-friendly. It can be processed on the server and the virtual DOM will be rendered to the browser as a regular web page.


Why is hiring a remote React developer so hard?

#1 Everybody is using JavaScript today

React jsNode jsElectronReact Native and a few more awesome pieces are being used by top companies around the world. Doesn’t matter if we talk about the Fortune 500 businesses, startups or companies like Uber, Airbnb, PwC, Walmart, Netflix.

React developers and companies they work for

You can read more about who is using JavaScript to build their desktop applications with Electron, mobile applications with React Native or backend with Node.js.

You can call it hype-driven development. But in many cases, it makes sense because this technology can give you a huge advantage over your competitors:

  • Usability of the app
  • One codebase to rule them all – React Native gives you a mobile experience for iOS and Android so very often you can’t see the difference with a native application
  • You can tackle desktop with Electron (JS framework), web and hardware with Node.js and mobile platforms with React Native – so, you don’t need so many developers with completely different skills, which are really hard to find or replace. You simply hire full-stack developers to handle all of the cases.

#2 JavaScript is growing fast as hell

Based on the Stackoverflow stats, javascript jobs are now the biggest chunk of the internet’s jobs.

Remote React developer: Strategies to choose and hire them to make your projects successful

The number of JavaScript repositories has been the most trending and fastest growing for the past 2 years.

Javascript language growing trend

If we have a peek at Reddit, you can see that people are talking a lot about JS, React, React Native, Node.js etc.

The thing is that the JS-related frameworks are still quite young. In addition, there aren’t enough specialists or people who have used it for production-ready apps on a bigger scale.

#3 Hiring great people is quite difficult

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are and how many people you have hired, it’s simply really hard to be right.

For instance, Lucjan Samulowski, one of the co-founders of and Goldenline (Polish LinkedIn), a recruiter for over 19 years now, said that in his career he’s hired 400 people just for sales and fired 100 of them. Because they weren’t suitable with the company. With the 1st salesperson, he failed 6 times before hiring the right one. Moreover, he made this mistake in both companies.

react developer

So, even if you have a lot of experience, you should be really humble about hiring people. They need not only a good skill set but also they should fit in with your culture (which is super hard to define) and vision and be great team players.

How to Hire the Best React.js Developers?

Portfolio and References

The CV and portfolio of React.js developers can say a lot about their expertise. Firstly, pay attention to the candidate’s experience, whether he has at least two years of experience in working with React and developed various single page applications (SPA).

Secondly, the React community regularly releases new features and libraries. So, it’s essential for the candidate to follow the latest trends and monitor changes in React interface. Knowledge of the latest React-based libraries and tools can be a huge benefit as well.

In addition, you may ask for references or try to find feedback on your candidate’s work in the community and job forums. This allows you to have a better understanding of his capabilities.

Technical Skills any remote React Developer Should Have

  • Good understanding of pure JavaScript;
  • Experience in working with at least a couple of modern technologies such as Angular, Vue, Backbone JS, to have a clear understanding of React’s potential;
  • Knowledge of different architectural patterns compatible with React and state managers based on the Flux approach;
  • Background experience with adjacent technologies such as Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, HTML5, and some of CSS preprocessors (Styled-Components, CSS-Modules, SASS, LESS);
  • Knowledge of Jest for test coverage;
  • Experience with React Native;

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As you can see, the process of finding and hiring a remote React developer can be challenging. However, considering rising offshore locations and taking into account the above-mentioned information, you will experience fewer difficulties when choosing the right fit for your project.

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